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  1. At least Gase said at his exit meeting with Bell that he would. view Bell's Pittsburg tape to see howhe might able to incorporate some of that stuff next season, you can't make this stuff up. Maybe if the Jets paid Gase another several mil he would have reviewed Bells Pittsburg Highligts before last season, not sure how anyone can defend this, but I very much look forward to any responses.
  2. I thought he would be a total self centered A hole, but he's a great teammate and a lot of fun, his coaches and teammates loved him in Pittsburg, the steelers tried to acquire him at the trade deadline last year and he would have been traded if not for the dead money in his contract, foolish Gase mis used him last year.
  3. Gonna be almost weird having a good O line, assuming it will be.
  4. It was great when the dirt infield was still there, as a mets fan so many memories on that infield, used to get on the field with a few seconds left on the clock always a lot of fun sprinting on an NFL field as the players wait for the game to end, got into the Jets huddle as they were standing waiting for the game to end, my father told me that fans exited Ebbets field by walking out on the field through outfield exits, back then you could interact with players on the field after the game, said Dimaggio stepped on his foot after a game.
  5. It would be interesting to see what other stadiums have, Im sure they all have a police office and holding tank, I used to go on the field at Shea after games, the rule was if you make it on the field they let it go and you hang out on the field and go wherever you want for as long as you want, but if they catch you before you go on the field, you got arrested.
  6. You're right, Prescott doesn't possess any special skills, they should have cut bait and went after a vet like Bridgewater, a guy who can actually play the game well, Romo was the same type of player, how long will the Cowington's go before they get a real QB ? They're going on a wing and prayer if they sign Prescott.
  7. Most stadiums have a police office and a holding tank, but this is hilarious, I bet a lot of opposing fans who were making noice for there team ended up in the gallows! LMFAO
  8. He's gotten a free pass just like A-Rod, yet Bonds is banned, brandy and old benicheat suck.
  9. l'd like to see that exchange, seems like the perfect personality match for Gase. Jamal is our 20m a year diva, we don't need an 6 - 8 sack a year guy for 20m.
  10. People don't realize newton had rotator cuff surgery, like Pennington, he has also had several other surgeries and all have taken there toll, if he has a great o line and OC he can be successful, just like any capable QB. He's a pathetic diva as far as his personality goes, just like his head coach.
  11. He sucks as an OC but he is rich as hell. oh yea he's also an A-hole.
  12. Belecheat would be banned for life from the NFL if the NFL had the same standards as MLB for cheating. Different league, different standards. He has gotten off too easy for what he has done, and it goes all the way back to when the Patriots cheated to beat the Raiders in the snow back in 2001. The guy is pure scum.
  13. Mosley still isn't healthy although cleared, generally if a guy is not healthy after this much time, there's a chance he never fully recovers. Don't take Mosley ever playing at 100% for granted, I'm not sure he makes it back, I hope and pray that he does, I remember a guy named Lance Mehl, he was an inside linebacker and was all world, the best in the league, Jets were unstoppable with this guy, then one day he blows out a knee, and he's gone for good. Arian Foster was unreal, until his groin injury ended his career.
  14. Zac will want a similar deal because he is just as good, sort of.
  15. This guy thinks Jamal is worth any amount, he shows Jamal's career highlights, I suppose he's wort extending or at least trying to get signed long term, JD may be waiting to cut Winters so he can use that money. If this guy is right JD will sign him, not sure I agree Jamal is the best in the league at his position.
  16. Sanchez was very immature when he was with the Jets, but what really killed his career was going out with the actress Eva Longoria, I garantee he was up all night with her everynight and definitely the night before the butt fumble, she was the worst thing to ever happen to Sanchez.
  17. He is a college qb, never had NFL talent, guys like that can beat horrible teams if they're on a good team, but that aint sayin much.
  18. then later calls himeslf a legendary contrubuter lol

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