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  1. All Dolphin writers and fans feel the same way about Gase, you should trademark mega-homer. LMFAO
  2. Sam makes the worst woman in the league, and yes that is a good thing.
  3. or he walked into the GM's office and said "How bout an extension ?|. GM: Don't let the door hit you on your way out Bitch.
  4. Yep probably a strategy of some sort, either that or the old " It seemed like a good idea at the time"
  5. heard Manhiem Steam Roller blaring from a beamer while in line waiting to get into Met Life last season, pretty sure it was SAR.
  6. Great job Green Bean, you have great on air talent, truthfully after reading your articles the last couple of years its a bit of a surprise, keep up the great work, I"m not sure anyone in the business is doing work on your level, yes, there was Howard Coselle, and now, Greenie.
  7. Hang in their Jet Nut, you got this, Namath, Riggins,, Emerson Boozer, even Caster and Bell, back to the good old days, lets all look forward to enjoying this upcoming season and I look forward to reading about your speedy recovery.

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