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  1. The firing gives everyone else an excuse, everyone from the GM down should be on a short leash.
  2. Newsflash! The Jets have a better Defense🙄
  3. I am SOOOOOOOOOOO sic of this BULLsh*t!!!! Darnold looked like he just hired on, Gase has his hat pulled down to his nose so we can't see his crazy eyes. WTF. If I'm Joe Douglas I tell Gase lose Monday night don't dare show up Tuesday morning.
  4. My only concern for Sam was the fact he played awful!!
  5. My only concern for Sam was the fact he played awful!!
  6. I hope it's not serious Buster good luck in your recovery. I forgive you for all the torment you have caused with all the dumb penalties, take this time too figure out the difference between a good penalty and bad penalty.
  7. What a ******* disaster all of it, the everything is not getting any better how do get worse game after game?

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