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  1. Vote offense. I've always said if we are gonna stink lets at least stink in more exciting fashion. Being down two scores and essentially knowing the game is over is no fun at all. Also means our QB might be good and that's the hardest piece of the puzzle to find as have all learned the hard way.
  2. Wilson: It's true he might struggle under the pressure of an NFL defense trained to try and kill him. Trevor Lawrence: It's true he might struggle when not playing in the ACC where his team is 5X more talented than the typical competition. Mac Jones: It's true he might struggle when not throwing to his #6 overall WR, his #11 overall & Heisman winning WR, handing off to his first round running back, or being protected behind what will end up being 3-4 first round offensive linemen. Trey Lance: It's true he might struggle playing foot ball in general since he has played on
  3. I think writing players off after one year that was totally disrupted by Covid is very jets fansian. It's depressing already give the new regime a chance they've made a lot of good strides...
  4. can't really say that his o line was nfl caliber but that michigan, clemson, and alabama defenses were college kids right?
  5. For the life of me I can't understand why Mitch Trubitsky signed with the Bills. I would've been very happy bringing him in on a cheap one year deal and compete with the rookie. He'd be cheap, has been better than Sam, and would be motivated to rehabilitate his image for one year. If he didn't win the job that is even better and now you have a pretty talented backup.
  6. Read his book. Good story teller. Thinks a bit too highly of himself. Worships Bill Belichick and uses his prior relationship with him at every opportunity. No surprise thinks Jets are dysfunctional boneheads. Unfortunately for us on that point he is mostly correct.
  7. Not to overstate the obvious but it also benefits a young QB not to have to throw 50 times because his defense stinks. See Burrow, Joe as a recent reference...
  8. So sick of this discussion. We all watched Sam Darnold play (when he wasn't sick or injured) over an extended period. Why is it everybody's responsibility but his how poorly he played? Joe Douglas could bring in Jerry Rice and Calvin Johnson to help support him and he would still not see them running wide open down the field. Or miss them outright throwing off his back foot. Or maybe we should bring in the Cowboys offensive line from the 1990s, the Steel Curtain from the 1970s and Bill Walsh to coach and then maybe we would get an idea if Sam was any good. It's onward and upward boys.
  9. 1). Joe Flacco was better (by a lot) than Sam Darnold playing with the same lousy weapons, O line, and incompetent coach. I wonder if any of these guys watched the Patriots MNF game and didn't notice this fact. 2) It's been stated ad nauseum that Joe Douglas values draft picks more than anyone. Since it is clear he can get a haul for the 2nd pick isn't it equally clear that he thinks Wilson is going to be excellent if he makes that pick? That he thinks the team will be better long term with Wilson over Darnold plus all the extra picks. It's his ass on the line so lets let the man do
  10. Very well said. You take two dogs from the same litter. Lets call one Josh Allen and one Sam Darnold in this example. You place one in a safe and loving home. That dog feels safe and secure. You feed him. and walk him and train him. He turns into an all-time great dog for 15+ years. The other dog get placed in an abusive home. He is left out to wander and forage for food. He is screamed out and physically beaten to the pojnt if you go to pet him he flinches. That dog is damaged beyond repair. You can try to rehabilitate him or even move it to another home but it will never recover
  11. The PSLs are unfortunate and that contributes to the transient nature of game day "fans" as many of the lifelong blue-collar fans from Shea were priced out. The schedule this year also does not help. 3 of first 9 games are at home when weather is warmer and optimism is higher. Of the final 5 games 3 are at night in late November and December. Even the Pats game which I never miss is on the Sunday night after a 4 day Thanksgiving break which is a tough pull coming from Long Island. In a nutshell this whole season just plain sucks.
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