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  1. Patriots 5 home games of first 7 is truly outrageous. the last few years we seem to have 2 of our first 6 games home and make it back up in december. not only does that suck for a strong start and resulting confidence/momentum but as fans in the NE Sept/Oct games are far more enjoyable than having 4 games in Dec/Jan.
  2. Like it. Just wondering if we can get another safety with one of our 2nd rounders. That guy liked safeties even more than his beloved coffee.
  3. I was so happy to have our next "qb of the future". Told anyone who will listen that it will be nice actually rooting for wins and not watching our draft position on tankathon. Still feel that way (though less so each week) but it is a nice consolation that we have other teams we can now root to tank for us. Thinks are looking up
  4. It was truly remarkable how a professional GM at the highest level of the business could take two players at the same non-premium position with picks 1 and 2. he league must have been laughing their freaking butts off at the total incompetence. Makes drafting interior defensive linemen in the top of the first round 3 out of 5 years almost seem smart by comparison.
  5. Been trying to figure out why the talk of a Maye trade? Coming off an injury at a non premium position with half a season left and no contract for next season. What's that worth? I'm thinking a 5th or 6th rounder from a contending team meaning its pretty much worthless.
  6. seemed to be one of Hurts' more reliable targets. odd that they would dump him. they must go to the same "how not to develop young quarterbacks" seminars that the jets attend...
  7. Really pissed re: Elijah Moore. Got blasted head to head at the center of the play but of course no penalty. I know we are the worst, least disciplined team in the sport and that the only penalties we merit are meaningless makeup calls once the game has been decided but that was a blatant no call and now our guy is knocked out.
  8. So if I am correct (and I seldom am) at Week 3 of the season we are currently without our starting: LT (key contributor) DE (key contributor) Both safeties (one key contributor) ILB (key contributor) 2 of 3 key WRs RB (Coleman) Also lost 2 or 3 key reserve pieces on our O Line That's 9 or 10 key players we were counting on. Was gonna always be tough sledding but now we are looking at climbing the Materhorn each week. Gonna be a looooong season...
  9. The issue that continues to repeat itself is misalignment. Yes it is nice that we finally have a proper reporting structure and the GM was actively involved in the head coach decision. What sucks once again is that the players we have obtained for the prior regime were based on an evaluation of how they would fit into the prior coach's system. So we now have a highly drafted mauling left tackle who will be asked to play in a zone blocking scheme. We have a highly drafted, athletic stretch the field WR who we are now asking to play the role of a technical route runner. It goes on and on a
  10. I re-watched the condensed game last night on NFL Gamepass. 38 mins pretty cool. I concentrated on the O Line. Totally agree with Bart Scott. Play after play Becton, instead of power blowing vertically, would lift up and try to move horizontally for the zone block. He looked slow and lost. Not sure what you do in this case, it is another cost associated with changing to a CS that employ a new scheme that requires different attributes. Hopefully they can get it straightened out and try to maximize the strengths of our current players (at least until they can be replaced) because our O
  11. I wish everyone would stop calling him injury prone. Anyone who saw him get rolled on from behind can't possibly think there was anything he could have done to protect himself. I thought for sure he was done for the year so 4-6 weeks is the best possible outcome imo.
  12. I guess the question of whether our cuts are mistakes are if they are picked up by any one of the other 31 teams. If they are not why would we be upset that the Jets didn't hold onto them. It's gonna be a season of growth with a bunch of pain mixed in. I'm expecting the team to play very hard, stick together during tough times, and hopefully see some development from guys like Wilson, Elijah Moore, AVT, and Bechton. This year was offense next year we have plenty of ammo to fix the holes on defense. The team JD inherited was a colossal mess 10 years in the making. Letting Mac run that la
  13. Its pretty unbelievable. Like The Sixth Sense "I see dead people." I don't know which is worse the drafting dept or the marketing dept. Please lord next big breakout I want to see Woody Johnson in the picture...
  14. Unfortunately Cimini just reported on ESPN Radio that Bechton may have taken a hit to the head and they are looking at possible concussion. Might be cause of the puking. If I recall last year Q Williams had the same thing happen. Any more injuiries and I'm gonna be the on that pukes
  15. Such bad news. Just saw a lot of him on One Jets Drive and he seems like a really great guy. Working out like an animal, smiling all the way. Just a real shame. Hope he can come back from this.
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