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  1. A few thoughts on this during slow season: -I admire the honesty. Lets bring a hot 25 year old into our house and ask our wives to mentor her in all the things we like. See how that goes. -It would have taken little to sound a bit more gracious: "it's my job to make sure he never sees the field. Having said that I will always help my teammates any way I can" would be simple enough. -Of all the wives and GFs of athletes I have seen his is still the hottest ever. That and $38 million per year should fund a little "pinch me i'm so blessed" graciousness. -His interception at the end of the Bengal game was the second worst I've seen besides Favre's pick in the NFC championship game when he already had minny within field goal range and could have run it even closer instead of making that throw.
  2. I totally agree. Felt that way with Tyreek Hill as well. We need to hit those picks. Take Drake London at 10 and pay him a rookie contract or if you prefer one of the kids from Ohio State. Use the money elsewhere and maybe hit on one of the 2nds we were willing to trade as well. I don't understand the thinking of trading high value assets and then having to pay a massive contract unless we are talking QB.
  4. As a PSL guy and long time season ticket holder I can honestly say I have no idea why I continue to buy my tickets. Maybe its FOMO: the day I give them up is the day they start playing big games people actually want to attend (as opposed to asking me why I am wasting a perfectly fine day trekking to our dump of a stadium to watch losing football). Maybe its Stockholm Syndrome. Maybe its just a bad habit like nose picking. Anyway I will pay the new price because I'm like one of those dumb but very loyal dogs. Maybe this year will be the one where we have our first home playoff game since 2002 which is truly mind boggling. I was at that one and it was a glorious day 41-0 over Peyton Manning and the Colts. Anyway thanks for listening I feel a little better now.
  5. Here's what I think we would have all liked to hear: "Listen I can stand here and talk about process, growth, and experience. I know firsthand it is true and while it is hard to see on the field I see it in my head and I know it's close. Having said that I am sure people are still sick of hearing me and coach keep spewing the same party line. I know I have not played great and I need to show improvement on the field or I am going to start to lose the confidence of my team. I've told my receivers it's gonna get better and I'm saying the same things to the fans. Until then I'm gonna keep a bit quiet and let my play do the talking."
  6. Watching Herbert is both impressive and depressing. Can't teach 6' 6" and he's got a gun but its his accuracy and vision that are most impressive. The fact they took 4 players over him just goes to show how tough it must be to assess the position. I am equally sad to admit how happy it made me to see Mahomes bounce a wide open screen pass for a TD on a key fourth down. First time we can make a legitimate comparison between him and Zach.
  7. Never heard of a defensive scheme predicated on good play of your quarterback. So by that logic does that mean the success of our offense is predicated on special teams providing them with good field position?
  8. At least our receivers are safe because they can't catch anything...
  9. I looked into this. They are doing in person practices but all meetings are remote. Better but probably not enough to make the slightest difference anyhow.
  10. I would not be that keen on on another O Lineman in the first but I will say this: if our QB is going to continue to look so damn skittish in the pocket than as GM I would do everything within my power to build a fortress in front of him because if he fails we're looking at a never ending rebuild at the end of which I will no longer be employed.
  11. So here we are again. Discussing the merits of a mock draft with 4 weeks left in the season when we don't know what our draft position will even be yet. Next comes the invariable discussions as to whether we are bad/stupid fans if we root for the team to win. What an absolute train wreck we are. I watched the Rams/Cards game last night and boy it looked like fun. Packed house screaming from play 1, stars making plays, beautiful pass completions all over the field. It's literally looked like an entirely different sport. Sweet baby Jesus please let us have games like that one days soon. We deserve it!
  12. I wish Costello would ask him one more question: Coach how is it possible that the team so frequently can force third and longs but can virtually never stop it? I swear I have been watching football 45+ years and in all that time I can never recall a team as bad on third and longs in my life. And its not even close. Maybe over the course of a season a decent team will give up a third and fifteen or twenty once or twice. We have done it like 10-15 times already in 9 games. It is truly pathetic.
  13. Was a nice throw on the one he got hurt. Maybe the injury explains why he couldn't be bothered to stretch his hands out let alone dive. Saw him on One Jets Drive and was very likable guy but outside of the Titan game his season has been a pretty big disappointment. Hope he has a big bounce back year in 22.
  14. Didn't enter my mind at the time but bringing in an unvaccinated veteran qb (mid-season no less) to stabilize and/or create some leadership was pretty foolish. The guy can barely even take part in meetings and now this. Really hard to understand the logic...
  15. So HUGE I heard the networks asked the league to flex it. To 7 am...
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