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  1. Respect is earned, not given - and you're the one that called him, a sixty year-old man, a youngster.
  2. So, this is all CJ's good work and we should just overlook the last two years because he's a youngster who was learning on the job, an intern as it were, and ownership is not the Jets problem. Wow!
  3. If that's your rationale and what you want to believe, fine. I can't wait until he grows up.
  4. Until we see the results, i.e. wins, there is no way of knowing if we are in better shape. Also, we are supposed to overlook CJ's incompetence from May 2017 to May 2019, because he's "growing"? What is he, a 60 year old plant? Then again..
  5. I actually like the analogy, but maybe limit to a kitchen renovation.
  6. CJ is 60 years old, and because he is "involved in all aspects of the $3 billion dollar family business" doesn't make him competent.
  7. Lost me when I read : "Namath said Jets fans need to put their trust in owner Christopher Johnson despite their skepticism."
  8. tuffhand

    Tony Pauline Tidbits

    And wasn't there concern about Paradis physically?
  9. By the time they hire a GM he will have shaped the roster to his liking and, if he continues, remake the scouting staff - but he just wants to coach.
  10. I think that would be considered cruel and unusual punishment.
  11. tuffhand


    Gase is an alpha male, alpha males don't like other alpha males.

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