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  1. That anyone can consider Sanchez the second best quarterback in Jet history.
  2. Pray tell how he would make a good club president?
  3. http://www.nytimes.com/1995/01/08/magazine/how-the-49ers-beat-the-slary-cap.html?pagewanted=all
  4. Pats aren't the only cheaters, just the most recent. http://yourteamcheats.com/SF
  5. Guys can surprise you. Look at this stat line: SEASON GP CMP ATT CMP% YDS AVG TD LNG INT FUM QBR RAT 2012 3 33 48 68.8 466 9.71 4 77 3 1 77.7 101.6 2013 5 81 155 52.3 854 5.51 4 62 7 3 41.7 58.4 2014 6 126 204 61.8 1710 8.38 10 81 9 2 52.0 86.4 Not real impressive and I wouldn't expect this QB to be a viable starter, and neither did a lot of other people. It's Kirk Cousins. I don't know if Hack is any good but maybe he still has a chance.
  6. In fairness, half the time Mac gets the blame and the other half Bowles gets the blame. Of course, this is all predicated on the assumption that they never talk to one another.
  7. So about those Safeties

    And that's why you're not the GM
  8. Giants look like they're tanking lol

    and the media loves him.
  9. I don't want to say it but

    People need hope, it's what keep them going no matter how faint or unlikely it is. I want to believe, but I can't.
  10. Maybe not a JAG but not elite, and the past two years have not been good. Having said that, the NY media loves him so they tread very lightly with their criticism.
  11. Coslett was a genius - in his own mind.
  12. Grade 1 MCL sprain for petty

    Bozo's have feelings too.