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  1. tuffhand

    Paradis signs with Carolina

    North Carolina has a state income tax.
  2. You don't roll the dice at three.
  3. tuffhand

    **** the Saints

    I guess you don't remember the old days, like Ben Davidson breaking Namath's jaw.
  4. tuffhand

    How does the NFL deal with that no call?

    I didn't see any blow to the head, a blow to the chest, yes.
  5. tuffhand


    White album is not that good.
  6. tuffhand

    Enunwa Extended

    Guy's like him, veterans on the down side of their careers, need to go. They've gotten accustomed to losing.
  7. Check Reggie's draft record.
  8. You shouldn't put yourself in a position to let the refs beat you. Play to win.
  9. tuffhand

    Notes and an article

    This doesn't make the Gholston pick any better or the Hackenberg pick any worse, they were both bad, but whiffing on the sixth pick is a lot worse than whiffing on the fifty-first.
  10. tuffhand

    Notes and an article

    Now it all falls into place!
  11. tuffhand

    Notes and an article

    frpm Cimini's article on top 10 Jet draft busts: "Vernon Gholston, OLB, first round (2008): The scouts didn't consider him worthy of a top-10 pick, so they were miffed when general manager Mike Tannenbaum and coach Eric Mangini picked him anyway at No. 6. How bad was Gholston? In three years, I compiled as many sacks as he did -- zero." Later Mangini admitted that he questioned if Gholston had the "love of the game" but "he checked all of the boxes". Jerrod Mayo, Branden Albert, Dominique Rogers-Cromartie and Aqib Talib were drafted after Gholston in the first round. When you pick a player "because he did well two years ago in college" but "was trending down" - that's a calculated risk.
  12. tuffhand

    Notes and an article

    Gholston was drafted sixth because of his combine, not because of his performance on the field, and was predicted to be a bust by many NFL personnel. When you're drafting at six you don't take a "calculated risk", you take a player. Hackenberg was a calculated risk and was taken based upon what he showed his freshman year. What proof do you have that Mac passed on Watson and Mahomes because we had Hackenberg?
  13. tuffhand

    Notes and an article

    Gholston was the sixth pick, Hack was fifty-first. No way the Hack pick is worse.

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