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  1. 4 hours ago, Warfish said:

    Waiting for what?

    You're entitled to your opinion, even if it's based on a partial or inaccurate reading of the history of the term or the reasons why it's universally considered a racial epithet.  Your individual choice to be offended or not isn't relevant to the term or similar terms anymore than my opinion on a word changes what Miriam-Webster lists as that words definition.  

    As a similar example, African American rappers can say N*gger all they like.  It's still a racial slur and no one would call a Pro Football team the Lynchburg N*ggers today.

    If you'd like to read further, I would suggest here for a good start, but the topic is broad and the available historical readings many.


    With that said, it seems your not the only Iroquois who sides with the 'Skins.


    Given's the Washington Redskins deep and broad racist history as a franchise, and the majority-minority city they represent, and their primary motivation not being "honor" but cost and profit, you can decide for yourself to like it or not, to take the team at it's word or not.  But none of that changes that the name, the word, is a racial slur in 2017, and has been for the vast majority of it's history. 


  2. On 11/17/2017 at 10:08 AM, Bugg said:

    Reese was part of the Jints' front office for a very long time.Objectively they have done pretty well until now.And looks kinds like somebody is steering the ship into the Darnold iceberg, which isn't the worst of ideas under the circumstances.  And certainly better than the Jets. Ideally even if you don't want him to be the GM, he would make a really good club President. And one with a chip on his shoulder about the guys who fired him across the parking lot. Problem is again the Jets' structure is by design a mess. 

    Pray tell how he would make a good club president? 

  3. Guys can surprise you. Look at this stat line:

    2012 3 33 48 68.8 466 9.71 4 77 3 1 77.7 101.6
    2013 5 81 155 52.3 854 5.51 4 62 7 3 41.7 58.4
    2014 6 126 204 61.8 1710 8.38 10 81 9 2 52.0


    Not real impressive and I wouldn't expect this QB to be a viable starter, and neither did a lot of other people.

    It's Kirk Cousins.

    I don't know if Hack is any good but maybe he still has a chance.

  4. 3 hours ago, RESNewYork said:

    Why would it make me feel better? Im not saying to blame Mac. But it's outrageous how everything a fan doesn't like about the Jets is pinned on Bowles. 

    Great with Darnold. Was just asking since I don't watch much college ball

    In fairness, half the time Mac gets the blame and the other half Bowles gets the blame. Of course, this is all predicated on the assumption that they never talk to one another.

  5. 6 hours ago, BigRy56 said:

    The 2 Superbowl upsets are going to get him in, but I've never viewed him as an elite quarterback. He's been a top 10 guy at his best.

    If Joe Flacco got hot for another year and won a Superbowl, they are career equivalents IMO. Eli will get in, Flacco wouldn't. Eli's wins were all-time upsets and he's a Manning.

    Maybe not a JAG but not elite, and the past two years have not been good. Having said that, the NY media loves him so they tread very lightly with their criticism.

  6. 8 hours ago, Joe W. Namath said:

    Derek Carr was a 2nd round pick because his last name scared teams off.  If his last name was smith he would have been the number 1 pick.  He is an elite talent.

    Hackenberg cant even break the huddle correctly. 

    These comparisons you homers make are laughable.

    The idea that the Carr name scared people off is absurd. This is a league where you can abuse and/or rape women and still go in the first round or and commit murder and make the HOF.

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