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  1. Say what you want about Rex, but at least you could count on him fielding a good defense.
    Bowles has been as usesless as t!ts on a bull, even with all of the high 1st round picks and FA cash we’ve invested on the defensive side.

    from what I recall , his defense was great except for when the game was on the line. time after time defense would give up a game winning drive .

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  2. If we’re redrafting, White, Watson, Lattimore, Kamara, and Hunt are all superior picks. Hooker was looking ed reed esque before his injury, Adams was solid but needs to step his game up

    You have to throw the rbs out of the equation because clearly you can find them later rounds . Hooker was on play but he’s a pure centerfielder with injuries concerns. Jamal Adams is versatile , natural leader and had no red flags . Obviously his play could have been better this past season. So basically it comes down to not drafting Watson. Watson had a great game tape and experience , not sure what they didn’t like about it.

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  3. The thing I like most about signing a FA QB like Cousins would be that it immediately frees up our #6 pick and both 2nd rounders to upgrade other parts of the team.  Moving from #6 to #3 or #4 would have a cost.....moving higher than that would be exorbitant and likely not even possible.  Cousins is a very good QB who doesn't have the Bust risk that any of these rookies have, even Rosen and Darnold.  Sign Cousins and then go BAP at #6, possibly an OLineman or stud pass rusher.  Then come back early in Round 2 to get a RB and another piece, maybe a CB.  That would be an excellent offseason IMO.
    I think RB Barkley will be out of reach at #6 but there will be other guys available early in Round 2.  Just look at this year's top rookie RBs and where they were drafted.  We passed on Alvin Kamara, Kareem Hunt, Dalvin Cook, etc.
    Signing Cousins gets the Jets an instant starting QB with no Bust risk and, as importantly, unlocks the Draft for us.  JMHO.

    This is my rational for signing Cousins. He’s not elite but I think he’s better than the tyrod taylor , alex smith types. He’s definitely better than mccown . I think they can be a 10 win team with Cousins. Jets easily could have won the Saints game and Chargers game with a competent QB. This also leaves the whole draft for other positions...Oline/edge/rb/cb. Why the hate ? He’s improved statistically and his surrounding talent level has been questionable . Unless you trade up for the top pick, these qbs prospects all have question marks.

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  4. Positives : really enjoyed a win early in the season when it's going to be a gloomy season.
    -young guys stepped up and like to see the growth of the young bucks
    - probably only win 2-3 more games at most. 2-14 still a shot at top 2 picks
    Negatives - i want to see Lee dominate with his speed , hasn't really happened yet

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