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  1. Signing Gase was also the worst thing that could have happened to him after the wheels fell off in Miami. He felt validated in believing that his coaching style, playcalling and bumpy interpersonal relationships were never the problem and empowered to rinse and repeat. A year or 2 of eating humble pie as a position coach under a good head coach like Andy Reid would have served his long term career much better than the mess he's leaving now.
  2. If I were Khan, I'd inform Marrone that if he delivers Lawrence he will be given a 1 year extension to work with him and prove himself; if he doesn't, he's a Black Monday casualty.
  3. If Douglas goes winless in his first stint as GM, it's his own Scarlett Letter. Also factor in that much of what he was credited for in Philly is also going to hell in a handbasket. By calling Gase the solution, not the problem, Joe's either braindead or in reality reports to Adam.
  4. If I were Lawrence's dad (or Field's dad for that matter) I would encourage him/them and or their agents to make it clear that my son is not going anywhere near the worst HC in the league who has done his darndest to ruin at least 2 developmental QBs... and can't play-call his way out of a paper bag!
  5. But there were so many red flags as already noted with Gase that the Johnsons deserve what they got. What's not been mentioned yet is Chris Foerster, the Phins OLC cavorting with hookers and tapes of him in Davie snorting coke.. right under Gase's nose, so to speak. He who ignores history is doomed to repeat it: George Santayana
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