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  1. Youre gonna have to ask Darnold, pretty sure he sees them.
  2. My 6 yr old nephew came to me the other day with a deflated football because he wanted to toss the ball around in the yard, so I proceeded to inflate the ball which was leaking air and I told him sorry bud but it's not going inflate but we can still throw it like this. He says "No, I don't want want to be like Tom Brady"
  3. Some of you guys are stuck in Gase Land where the slot is the primary option. Unfortunately Crowder is a casualty of scheme. The scheme requires versatility to play at different spots, he does not offer that. On ourlads, slot receiver isn't even listed as a position on the 9ers depth chart...
  4. The GIF Guy (@IHaveFourBalls) Tweeted: KHALIL MACK IS A BAD MAN. Tossed Tristan Wirfs like it was nothing at all. #TBvsCHI https://t.co/r4aZp9zz3l Domination
  5. 7am actually, then 8am once you mainlanders get your hour back. London games start at like 3 am
  6. This. Add also: If he pans out he brings the franchise Superbowl win #2
  7. Once again, I wasn't bagging on Zach for being inaccurate. I don't dislike the kid at all, in fact I believe he will be quite successful here. I was merely pointing out your flawed concept of good ball placement for quick slants being high and away. You want the catch to be close to the body so you can tuck and protect the ball quickly to turn up the field for YAC or brace for a quick contact because as you stated coverage will be tight that close to the LOS. If the receivers arms are fully extended it is not an accurate pass and leaves you susceptible to the outcomes I stated in my first post
  8. My mistake, I meant to quote this post. I wasn't criticizing Zach's throws, but since you put it out there the video you are referencing I did watch, did you? Or did the very first pass the receiver had to jump and spin to catch not count. Or the second one where the receiver had to hop and reach. They were far from "perfect" placement.
  9. That is so ridiculously wrong. A quick slant you want the ball in the upper torso area, in front of the receiver. Placing the ball high means the receiver has to break stride to jump or reach thus negating any YAC potential and increasing the potential for tip interception/PBU or worse, injury.
  10. In no way did I suggest that TEs aren't integral to the scheme. My point is that of the TEs you suggested, they are all decent to good receivers but questionable to bad blockers (except for ertz, who just old and an injury liability). Hence their usefulness isn't going to move the needle and are in no way as direly needed as you are making them out to be, especially if we have to trade for them.
  11. I don't think a pass catching TE is as important to this offense as you believe it is. Solid inline and down field blocking are far more important. We're not the 9ers and we don't have George Kittle. This idea some of you have that we are trying to create an identical copy of San Frans offense is dumbfounding. Shanahan wasn't force feeding Tamme and Hooper in Atlanta and they did just fine (offensively).
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