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  1. Right because we are supposed to turn over a completely talent deficient roster in one off season and all his FA pick ups and draft picks need to perform at all pro level out of the gate. Only then can we trust in JD. Oh and the almighty future seer JD should have looked into his crystal ball and only drafted the players that aren't currently injured because he can like totally do that. Right? What were you realistically expecting this season? Another mac attack FA spending bonanza to make us "competitive", which is the exact reason we're in this predicament in the first place.
  2. Come-on guys. It's really simple to see his genius, Gase is just trying to get his best player on the field (Mann).
  3. I think he definitely has top 16 arm talent, not elite but definitely above average. It's his bottom of the league throwing mechanics that make it look like he's throwing with post injury pennington velocity.
  4. So basically, if a candidate is worried about how they are gonna get fired why would we want them in the first place. If someone was confident in their ability to be a head coach these things would not even be an issue.

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