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  1. Because most just watch highlights, which generally means it's first read big play. If you're having to get to you third or fourth read in college it's probably not a highlight worthy play. The rest is just bias for or against. Fields has pro level physical skills: touch, ball placement/accuracy, good deep ball, incredible athleticism. Most of my negatives on him have to do with decision making and trying to do too much on his own. Always looking for the big play instead of taking what's there. Was a little down on him after the NW game, that said I still have him 1b to TL and would be happy if we drafted him.
  2. So 2 of 7 picks from the 3rd-5th round haven't suited up and contributed. 3 are starting, 5 have "suited up and are/were active" what exactly is your point?
  3. No training camp, no preseason. You expect 3rd -5th round rookies to be playing at an all pro level out of the gate (with our genius coaching staff no less)?
  4. After Fields last 2 performances, I'm all in for this. Grab a wr and rb with second 1st and second and a center in the third. James Morgan time!
  5. I wouldn't say it's a Tebow level of fandom, but there are a lot of people in Hawaii who don't really have a "team" and just follow Hawaii players.
  6. No thanks. The badwagoners here will come out in troves and I won't be able to find Jets things in the clearance bins for half off anymore.
  7. It was sarcasm... referencing his many posts alluding to such.
  8. Are you delusional or just ignorant? The Big Ten has had 11 AP top 25 teams at the end of the season in the time TL has been playing. ACC grand total of 3, 2 of which were clemson. Sure the SEC is a beast. Sorry to inform you Notre Dame is not an ACC program outside of this covid year (will your head implode if they beat Clemson with TL playing, since it was all because he wasn't that they lost?). TL has had multiple interception games against your "powerhouse" ACC defenses of Louisville, Georgia Tech and Syracuse (the only actually decent defense he played of the three). Last year against any defense worth a damn, posted sub 56% completion percentage (which is made worse by the offense he runs which majority of his passes are at or within 5 yds of the line of scrimmage) And we're supposed to be impressed by that? He is a great prospect no doubt, but no where near the "generational" prospect of your frankly creepy adoration. He is the product of a system which employs superior talent against what in your words are "crap defenses". To which you will reply: but..but alabama, to which I will reply: Sam Darnold had an exceptional game...one time in college...in the rose bowl...big whoop.

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