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  1. Amari Rodgers Malik Taylor Cameron Batson Chester Rodgers Isaiah McKenzie Jake Kumerow Daurice Fountain Jaelon Dardon Tyler Fountain According to your logic, all of these players are better than/contribute more than Berrios correct? (Hint those are #@5/6 wrs on playoff team rosters)
  2. Like this analysis. London more so reminds me of a slower less athletic Eric Decker. Possession guy and RedZone threat at the next level.
  3. Burks is definitely intriguing and his upside is AJ Brown/Deebo Samuel type player, but I see a guy thats going to take a year or two to develop due to his raw/lack of route running ability. I can't imagine many here having that kind of patience if we took him at 10. Look at all the top WR's in the league (Kupp, Adams, Diggs, Hopkins, Jefferson, etc) they all have one thing in common, elite route running. I'll take the guy that can create his own separation vs a big fast guy that needs to be schemed open. Wilson is my guy if we go WR early.
  4. 4 rd draft... interesting drops, but I'll take it.
  5. I think the LT situation in Jax should be monitored over anything. Cam Robinson is FA coming off the franchise tag. If they choose not to franchise him a second time or lay down a big money contract for him, Neal may be in play for them. Could very well put Thibs or Hutchinson in reach at 4.
  6. Supposed to be, I'm golfing today so hope so lol.
  7. For me, he is the most complete WR in the class. Best route runner of the bunch, great speed and YAC ability. Has multiple years of production to back it up. My only concern is he is a similar player to Elijah Moore, but he is versatile and fits the scheme well. Olave is a burner and is an excellent route runner, but lacks the YAC ability and physicality I feel is needed in our offense. I like Williams alot and think he may end up being the guy from the class. Elite speed and good route runner, just scary with only one year of actual production, but he has all the tools. Needs to ref
  8. My wish list: 4. Edge - Hope Thibs or Hutchinson is there, if not Karlaftis 10. WR - Garrett Wilson, OSU 35. LB - Brandon Smith, Penn State 38. TE - Trey McBride, Colorado
  9. Drink it how you like it. The average consumer isn't able to discern the broad range of flavors that takes years of training your palate to differentiate between. Even at that every person is different as it is a sensory memory which will be different depending on individual experience. I've witnessed a guy request Hennessy Richard over packed crushed ice like a snowcone. To each their own. Cheers!
  10. Quite simple, teams are not required to report injury details to non-activated players, even if they are practicing. He is on IR therefore they don't need to provide injury status.
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