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  1. NoBowles

    Me thinks Eagles win SNF

    Could you imagine if we ever had a good coach and a good QB at the same time?
  2. NoBowles

    They're killing my QB!

    Holy Hell bit! My first real job I was 21 years old. I was making the least amount in the whole company. I worked my ass off and did such a good job that they had no choice but to pay me. Over the next 6 years I doubled my salary every 2 years. Are you really saying its excusable that he isn't developing or learning on the job because of what he is paid? WTF kind of logic is this man?
  3. NoBowles

    Folks: We Have a Franchise QB.

    I’ll never understand fans trying to dictate other fans fandom in one direction or the other. How dare you think so and so is good! how dare you think so and so is bad!
  4. Holy hell, your posts are like millennial buzzword bingo
  5. When Shane starts rooting for Darnold, that’s when we have a problem. You should have seen what he did to the 2015 Mets, he single handily took them down with one post. He may actually be the devil.
  6. All good, my fantasies revolve around threesomes with fitness babes, not juiced up men
  7. No, I don’t play fantasy football
  8. I guess JJ isn’t familiar with Qbase huh?
  9. NoBowles

    Folks: We Have a Franchise QB.

    I guess you’ve never heard of a little thing called QBase have you buddy??

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