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  1. NoBowles

    Forums upgraded to 4.3.4

    So I guess 4.3.4 is working, thanks Max!
  2. You have a sibling who breed? thats messed up
  3. NoBowles

    Jameis Winston Suspended 3 Games

    There were so many red flags on this guy coming out. I never understood why he was so highly rated.
  4. On the run, nonetheless
  5. I heard buzzing today and then I got stung by a wasp, ******* hurt like hell too
  6. Imagine how good Sanchez would have been had he not been held back by one of the worst coaches in NFL history? Anyone know Rex’s record without Sanchez as his starting QB?
  7. NoBowles

    Happy Father's Day

    My Father made me a Jets fan, **** HIM!! JK pop, love ya, hope to be half the father you were.
  8. This x 1000 this single Woody move set the team back at least 10 years. best part was all the Jets fans duped by Rex claiming Rex was a great coach and woody got it right.
  9. Is this really the best JN has to offer?
  10. There is a Canadian pro football league?? Seriously?
  11. NoBowles

    Worst Takes

    “Geno Smith is a great QB, he just needs weapons to prove it.”
  12. Ive said this many times with regard to Rex and Bowles. These guys who consider themselves D gurus do not want dynamic offenses. A dynamic offense is the worst way for your offense to look good in this day and age.