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  1. Is it safe to say that FedexField can’t be considered a safe space to millennials?
  2. I even write about Tom in my work emails, should I stop doing that?
  3. I have tickets already for game, but I’m definitely stopping by the gang. Not sure which me will be there though, that’s a game time decision
  4. Putting an athlete over your package for protection might be a bit bulky and uncomfortable?
  5. Having expectations for the upcoming season is tricky. New systems on offense and defense. No idea of what injuries we will have. No idea of how our schedule will play out. Only expectations should be improvement for Darnold and being able to say at the end of the season, we definitely have our guy. Also, would like to be able to say we have competent coaching, and a core building for the short term future with a few added pieces. what does that amount to from wins and losses? If it’s worse than 7-9, and not a lot of injuries, I’d say we had a disappointing season.
  6. Wouldn’t it just be easier for OP to just call Shane and ask him if wants some head?
  7. LOL, I don't get mad about baseball, I don't really care much about it. It's become a joke. But you have to admit, the Yankees must have an enormous PED bill.
  8. They should let them go and save the money on the steroid bills. They already must have other worldly PED bills with all the juice heads on that team, might as well save some PED money if they aren't using the players.
  9. I asked him to measure his hands, and he walked away calling me joewilly12 or something like that
  10. You do resemble a younger, less masculine, Trump
  11. NoBowles

    NHL Draft

    Devils and Rangers pick 1,2, two very good prospects available. Will be really interesting to see how this plays out Friday night and in the future. As a long time Devils fan, I am torn, but think Devils have to go Hughes. But the prospect of Kakko going to the Rangers and becoming a star and better than Hughes scares the crap out of me. No sport compares to the NHL, by far the best sport on the planet.
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