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  1. Turkey Day Football Games Thread.

    Wow, good one
  2. Turkey Day Football Games Thread.

    Great, and we would still have a crappy QB
  3. Pretty sure that’s our very own August
  4. Chiefs sign Revis

    Remember, if Geno paid his debts, Ryan would never have touched a football for the Jets. Therefore, Geno screwed is much worse than Fitz
  5. Chiefs sign Revis

    Ok, I’ll get the payment out as soon as I get it
  6. Chiefs sign Revis

    I do, I want to see you properly compensated
  7. Chiefs sign Revis

    Huh? They exploit you by not paying enough for your contributions
  8. Chiefs sign Revis

    Wait, weren’t you wishing injury on Fitz every week last year?? Lol
  9. Chiefs sign Revis

    JN has exploited JW12
  10. Turkey Day Football Games Thread.

    If Prescott was drafted by the Jets he would be The black Bryce Petty
  11. Turkey Day Football Games Thread.

    Shocking, Prescott sucks without a dominating running game.
  12. Everyone has been saying that for 30 years, i wonder when the future will actually be here.....
  13. Here’s how I would play this... Baby, it’s obvious that my physical traits are all you are interested in.. there is more to me than my 8 pack and my bulging pecs. I need you to love me for my brain as much as my body, and I need you to understand me at a deeper level. You wanting to make me go to that game shows you just love me for my hot bod.