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  1. Lol, you two crack me up
  2. Has anyone in the history of message boards ever got so much out of so little material? It’s like 57,632 combined posts on 2 jokes
  3. Anyone else like all 4?

    Vick, great player? Seriously? Potential HOF? I hope they legalize weed in NJ soon so people can stop breaking the law Other than some insanity, your proving my exact point. The number of players who are universally agreed are can't miss prospects, AND PAN OUT, are very few and far between. It happens, but its extremely rare. Even Peyton was debated between the colossal bust Leaf. Very few players are can't miss prospects, and hit. It happens once in a generation at most.
  4. 2018 Mets thread

    Last night is a perfect example of why I just can't get overly excited about this team, and IMO, it goes back to ownership and the GM. This team won't go the extra mile to solidify the bullpen, and bring in the extra bats. They are content to get 60-75% of the way there, but won't do what it takes to go all the way. They are still in a great spot with the great start, but this pen is going to be minced meat by July. Best we can hope for with this team is fighting for a wild card spot in late September.
  5. Anyone else like all 4?

    Of course, I would too.
  6. Anyone else like all 4?

    Who are the surefire prospects of past years, that have actually panned out? A lot of people had a lot of questions on both Goff and Wentz, more on Wentz than Goff. To quote the human pin cushion, most people are misremembering the quality of past QB drafts
  7. Anyone else like all 4?

    Who was the last QB who was universally loved and panned out? It happens so infrequently, the last one I recall was Luck, and its debatable to even say he panned out. Most really liked Winston, and he is a bad season away from being a career backup. On the flip side, There were a lot of people who did not love Wentz or Goff, and both look really good. Carr went in the second round, as did Garrapolo. This sh*t is a very inexact science. Its a combination of the right skill set, in the right place, with the right coaches at the right time. Sit around waiting for a universally loved QB prospect, and you become the Browns
  8. Are the Jets worth doing that to you? Enjoy Nicaragua with your girl and the surfing. Life is too short to let the Jets ruin that.
  9. Anyone else like all 4?

    Im eagerly awaiting the positive rep dbates will give you for this post, it's well earned, after all.
  10. Anyone else like all 4?

    Look at you and Shane cracking each other up at the expense of a foreigner..... I wonder what HRC would think of this behavior???
  11. Anyone else like all 4?

    ^ ^ Smarter than the rest of us.......
  12. Anyone else like all 4?

    I could be mistaken, becasue English is my second language, but I believe its for all intents and purposes. But I will leave that to the smart people like you and your BOYZ
  13. Anyone else like all 4?

    Its really 3 words squished together, with one making zero sense whatsoever. I don't know the English term for that, but you nailed it.