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  1. The problem, as usual with the NFL, is the subjective nature of these calls, and what seems to be totally biased. There is a total lack of consistency with officiating and rules interpretation, and while I would like to attribute that to bad refs, I think its more game manipulation by the refs and the NFL. How many times do the Pats come out on a bad end of a call?
  2. NoBowles


    That is how Bowles keeps the defense on its heels
  3. NoBowles

    FIRE MAC AND BOWLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If we win we have a better chance of retaining Bowles and mac
  4. NoBowles

    2018 Mets thread

    I heard on wfan that the Mets are getting turned down left and right for GM candidate interviews. Basically that the Mets are allowing a GM candidate interview other potential candidates or some sh*t like that. Doubleday warned us about what was coming with the Wilson’s. These guys are the absolute worst. It’s tragic that in this market, what the Mets have become. Sad thing is they are a few good moves from being competitive next year, and if they ever got in playoffs with their starters they could be dangerous
  5. Can I get my amazon gift cards? I won at least 250k on those. Amazon shopping spree will be so epic
  6. NoBowles

    Yankees - 2018 and beyond

    Its been reported that the black market for PED's has a huge oversupply right now. With the Yankees season ending, they have enough PED's to turn the entire state of Florida into Lou Ferrigno for 2 months.
  7. Lets not act like the Jets are stable just yet. We have a terrible GM/HC combo. It looks like we may have found a good QB, but that terrible GM/HC combo can ruin that very quickly. We have an awful owner. I am enjoying the Giants looking bad, but this can turn bad for us quickly.
  8. NoBowles

    The Giants are 1 and 5

    I think Eli is incredibly overrated, and always has been. He has not changed, the team around him has. He has never been a mobile guy, just a relatively strong arm and pretty accurate guy. If you look at his few years between Plaxico and Cruz/OBJ, he was very pedestrian. He is a guy who if you give him a strong team around him, he can perform at a high level. BUT, he was never the type of QB to carry a team, he just was never that talented. They put a line in front of him, with the weapons they have on offense he would be fine. He is what he is. He can drive the really nice car well, he just can't take the beater car and raise its performance
  9. NoBowles

    The Giants are 1 and 5

    Their oline makes ours look stellar
  10. NoBowles

    Thursday Night Football Eagles-Giants

    Did Rex even want a QB? I think if he could play without a QB he would
  11. NoBowles

    Thursday Night Football Eagles-Giants

    My buddy is a big Eagles fan. At the game tonight. Just texted me he has been spit on, and had a beer thrown at him. Nonstop cursing at him all game. All class my ass. F the giants
  12. NoBowles

    Where the F is Tom Shane?

    Ok, I can’t do this anymore, I am T0mShane, this is my alter ego. Thank you all for you’re thoughts and well wishes. Hey @RutgersJetFan and @dbatesman, how about a little, im back nookie?
  13. Pigs don’t go on social media, so you may be right

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