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  1. Another option would have been to fire the bozos who have no idea what they are doing (aka Mac and Bowles) and bring in people who do, draft and develop a QB and have 4 years of him on a rookie contract. Or we can Jet on and keep the bozos, and spend an ungodly amount of money hoping to go 9-7 if everything breaks right every year. JET ON!
  2. Someone should have called Dyfus on your parents! This is child abuse!!
  3. You guys are over thinking it, Bowles is getting what he wants. Mac and Bowles both suck.
  4. Optimism as a fan is relative and individual I suppose. For me, I am interested in a championship, everything else is blah. So I want to see a regime that has a plan, and the ability to win a SB, or I want them gone. Some fans are happy with competitive seasons. I am not if they aren't in what I believe to be a path towards a SB. But I do get that not everyone shares my approach.
  5. I do believe that the Johnsons insisted on that stupid competitive rebuild, and told them to try to win now. Many don't think so, but I do believe that. That said, I have seen nothing from either of them to make me think they should get a chance to do a rebuild.
  6. I can't say what I would do now, because its not logical for this regime to do what I think should be done. Which is draft a QB and hope to develop them and put the right pieces around them, using the FA dollars to put good young people in key spots. But the time for that was a few years ago, not now. I also don't think Bowles has any interest whatsoever in drafting a young QB and developing them, so its kind of pointless. I am of the opinion that we are entering a 3-5 year period where we will be between 7-9 and 10-6, with zero real chance to do any damage in any year, and hoping for week 17 win with help to sneak into the playoffs. Its depressing, but when you have awful owners, this is what you get.
  7. As long as the Johnsons own the Jets, this will never change. We have had two atrocious owners, its not rocket science. Bad owners hire bad coaches and bad GM's, and stick with them when they shouldn't.
  8. What we should have done is fired Bowles and Mac, and let the new regime pick a QB and develop one. Then use the cap space to put pieces around the QB to help him develop and become successful, with smart contracts. Getting good young players. The Cousins model is the only outcome that could come out of Bowles and Mac, who have ignored the QB position for the first 3 years outside of drafting Hackenberg and Petty. You don't go into year 4, with 2 of 3 losing seasons, developing a young QB. This regime is clueless, and we will essentially be locking up 5 years of this hoping to sneak into the playoffs if we get no injuries and all breaks right, with a first round bounce.
  9. Once they resigned Bowles, this was the only possible outcome. The reality is Cousins at that contract and Bowles are a perfect fit for one another. Bowles wants to go 9-7 or 10-6 every year, and with Cousins maxing out the cap, that is our upside. There is zero chance they are going to start developing a QB in year 4 of the regime. The stupidest thing we could have done was extending Bowles and Maccagnan, and they did it. The rest is just wreckage following the crash.
  10. You know he just fired his offensive coordinator for passing too much? And the offense was far better than his defense?
  11. I like Mayfield, but you really think Bowles wants anything to do with him? Not a chance.
  12. The sad reality is you don’t develop a QBs starting in year 4 or a regime. You do that in year 1 or 2. Unfortunately for us, it’s Cousins or bust, which is likely busy or bust.
  13. There is literally no other choice. Bowles wants zero to do with developing a QBs. We just resigned Bowles. It is what it is.
  14. I don't like it one bit, but if it pisses off T0mShane and dbatesman, I am in like Flynn!