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  1. Need to make sure you haven't frequented this one?
  2. Look at you, sharing your fantasies with JN, good for you, you go girl. No im getting the MMA thang
  3. How about the venm diagram for both??
  4. I’m in, just before I do, alternate accounts, or alternate personalities??
  5. NoBowles

    Butt Fumble

    They are completely irrational, and way too self impressed to realize how irrational they actually are
  6. NoBowles

    Butt Fumble

    Says the guy who goes on hiatus for months while hitting the refresh button on his whereabouts thread 9782 times per day, only to return when the whereabouts thread falls off the front page.....
  7. Not sure what I’m getting banned for, but knock yourself out if you feel like it. It’s been a while since I’ve beem banned for no reason and I was starting to develop some self esteem issues. Enjoy Mexico! Don’t have the ice in your drinks!
  8. NoBowles

    Kap and NFL Settle

    I’m obviously not nearly as smart as you guys, but If this is so obvious, and Kap is such a SJW, why did he settle? Shouldn’t he have exposed them rather than settle? I mean this discovery would have exposed the racist NFL and America would have been a better place for it....
  9. Im trying, but my ban button is not working
  10. Ill volunteer to be a mod, so I can ban myself nextime

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