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  1. Draft day joe, same team me and you, let’s go Jets!!
  2. NoBowles

    Why do you hate Leonard Williams?

    Hot shirtless sweaty football players?
  3. NoBowles

    The NFL Draft just doesn't matter

    I guess you haven’t heard of a little thing called SPARQ huh pal?
  4. I say we post a shirtless pic of every player as they are drafted tonight in this thread
  5. NoBowles

    5 year anniversary of the Idzik 12

    It’s amazing how many fans want to use Hackenberg as a way to give Idzik a pass for Geno. Geno was awful, should have been a 4th round draft. Had the jets not taken him he wasn’t going even in the second round
  6. You haven’t heard that a QB can play defense too??
  7. NoBowles

    5 year anniversary of the Idzik 12

    Because we liked the next class better, and let’s drop Mahomes, he was never a realistic option and zero chance he thrives under Bowles. The real question is why did we pass on Watson, and I’m still not sold he is a legit franchise QB and I think Sam will have a much better career
  8. NoBowles

    The case against Williams is weak

    Terrible coaching??
  9. NoBowles

    5 year anniversary of the Idzik 12

    When you draft a QB in the top 2 rounds, you have hopes of them being a starter for your team. Neither is a starter for the Jets nor any other team. They both suck, they both were terrible failed draft picks.
  10. NoBowles

    5 year anniversary of the Idzik 12

    Neither is a QB for the Jets anymore. We wasted more years on Geno than we did on Hackenberg. They were both awful picks, saying Geno pick was 100x better is a huge stretch IMO
  11. NoBowles

    5 year anniversary of the Idzik 12

    Im not so sure about this..... From the standpoint of which one had a better chance of succeeding, perhaps, but IMO, a QB is binary, they are either legit, or they are not. Best bet is you find one, 2nd best bet is you find out quickly you don't have one. Hackenberg made it clear immediately he wasn't one. Both were 2nd round picks, Geno higher, we wasted more time with Geno than we did Hackneberg, they both busted miserably. To call Geno a better pick is a stretch, to call him 100x better, I just don't agree at all
  12. NoBowles

    Happy Birthday Freeman McNeil

    One of my favorite all time Jets along with Tooooooon. Does he post here?
  13. As much as I would love this, I would be absolutely shocked on many levels.
  14. NoBowles

    LeVeon Bell Tweet

    I’d like them too, but only if you are less than 10% body fat, I don’t like fatties

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