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  1. rangerous

    4 years of undisciplined football.

    oh boy. bowles is really getting it after the two losses. can't say i disagree with what's going on. the defensive scheming did look pretty good in the first half but then gave up just too many stupid plays in the second. i'm not going to say the jets need an offensive minded coach. a good coach is going to know all aspects of the game and will have served in a number of capacities on his way up . but it sure seems bowles isn't getting his players to play smart football. this is a huge problem.
  2. rangerous

    Bowles got himself fired tonight

    valid point but the only way for him to learn is by doing. he's making throws that should be caught and the receivers aren't getting open. he's also not getting time to throw. i will say that it wouldn't be bad if bowles did take him out and put mccown in to better understand the game.
  3. rangerous

    Next 4/5 games are gonna be UGLY

    we'll see. stranger things have happened. but the bright side is they'll get get some pretty high draft picks.
  4. rangerous

    Bowles got himself fired tonight

    bowles has clearly dropped a notch or two. and so has mac. both of these games could have been wins. they can't use darnold as an excuse because he doing pretty darn well. the rest of the skill guys with the exception of enunwa and powell just aren't there every game.
  5. there's really not enough of a track record for any of the players to tell for sure. darnold seems to have a really good grasp of the game and is playing with below average pieces. mahomes has a decent team around him. mayfield also has some really decent players to throw too. after 10 years of being cellar dwellers the browns do have some very good players in spite of the rotating door in the front office. garapollo? kind of like the browns talent wise.
  6. yep on robbie. i don't know if he's running good routes or the plays aren't going to him. the fumble was bad. that was a key play. he needs to get involved in the offense.
  7. rangerous

    I've defended Macc

    wasn't kerry rhodes also in the fourth? or brad smith?
  8. rangerous

    Baker looked legit

    i don't know about him not seeing his receivers. the receivers aren't getting very open and he was under pressure the whole game. they were able to run better which shows the oline is getting the message. now they have to play better than maybe their collective talent lets them.
  9. rangerous

    Baker looked legit

    he got good pass protection when he came in too. as you say he throws a fast ball and is very accurate. the browns didn't make a mistake drafting him. his receivers also did a better job of getting free.
  10. rangerous

    I've defended Macc

    yep. i think that 3rd and 4th pick could have easily gotten one or two good olinemen. i'm kind of disappointed the way stewart and hansen turned out. one guy? okay. that's the luck of the draw but both? it used to be the 4th round is where the jets would find some decent players.
  11. rangerous

    We're really missing Kearse

    totslly agree. as much as enunwa is a pretty darn good receiver at some point teams will start to key on him more and darnold will need some reliable receiver. thus far pryor hasn't been very reliable and anderson hasn't been thrown to much. and the way the oline is blocking he needs to throw those quick slants or get into play action to get the ball deeper.
  12. rangerous

    Browns game bulletin board material.

    the bounty guy? he's a schmuck but he does know how to blitz. on the other hand the qb stats when they do blitz really aren't that bad. kind of explains why they're 0-1-1. let them get their egos up. if the jets play a good game with no turnovers they will likely win.
  13. but it's the same for all of the guys mentioned except the bellichicken's father. they're all a bunch of self serving people who really don't care about anyone but themselves. and the fact that the bellichicken and brady still exist together is because of kraft who may be the biggest egomaniac of the bunch. at least kraft made his business empire the hard way and no doubt had some hard fought battles along the way. imo it was a mistake to keep brady and launch garapollo even before he stated out so well in san francisco. the fans would've forgotten brady just like montana or manning or whatever big name qb was ever traded. heck anyone remember namath?
  14. he had leo dropping back too. i don't know enough to say it's a good thing but shelly was a pretty decent athlete and the lb's weren't so why not. i want to see this team win the games they should and especially play hard against division opponents.
  15. yep. about the only thing is anyone can say is the team didn't have the players to fully run bowles defense. it's not a great excuse. the really good coaches can make do with what they've got. i guess we'll just have see after the next 14 games.

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