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  1. hopefully he's gotten his personal act together. his style will probably translate pretty well in canada just like flutie's did.
  2. maybe playoffs aren't the yea/nay criteria but this team has got to play a lot better. like the article said, the defense has to play much better and while some of those blown late leads can be pinned on the offensive issues a lot were just plain bad defense. bowles is supposed to be defense guru. he wanted and needs good safety and corner play. no excuses this season. and let's not forget the special teams needs to play better as does the offense.
  3. agree on carpenter but i'd include burriss. he's got to play much better than he has shown thus far.
  4. let's hope he has a much better playoff and injury record than romo. there is a reason why romo was undrafted.
  5. yep but really as long as allen wasn't on their top 3, they were going to get a really good qb. and yes mac deserves some credit for knowing who and who not to talk about trades. as they say a good deal is one that helps both parties. the colts got draft picks to help out theiroline and the jets got the best qb in the draft.
  6. don't kid yourself. it all depends on what anderson does this season. if he can be that scary player, he'll get the scary money. about the only thing that will keep him out of the money is if mac decides he's not going to pay so much for his wr corp. he'll give him an offer and let him walk.
  7. rangerous

    Nathan Shepherd signed

    mac's draftsare still being reviewed. but the first rule for a gm is to not let those players that fall into their laps get away. i suspect some gm's would've passed and drafted for need. and as we saw with darnold, two gm's did pass him by. how smart are they?
  8. rangerous

    Nathan Shepherd signed

    he's about the same size as wilky. i realize he's from a d2 school but it's not like temple isa football powerhouse so maybe the jets got the big fish in the small pond.
  9. rangerous

    Rotoworld: NFL's Best GM's 2018

    totally agree. another point is just about all of the top ten gm's have a good qb.
  10. that's why it's such a crap shoot. richard dent was an 11 th rounder back in 83. he turned out pretty well. jerry rice came out of a small school. scott mesereaux went to southern CT, another small school. it's all about getting the big fish in the small pond.
  11. maybe that's how mccown finagled 10 million out of the jets when last season he got 6+. i'm not sure this is good strategy. mccown may be a good mentor but i remember namath was only good at showing todd the bars of nyc and todd didn't show a thing to obrien and so on down the line.
  12. maneesh is talking s**t again. what does he think this is, star wars? is bates supposed to be yoda? granted the jets coaching staff will need to teach darnold the pro game but at this stage they will need to adapt their system more to darnold than vice versa. there's only so much they'll be able to do with him (or any qb prospect).
  13. piece pretty much sums up the overt talent the jets have. hansen looked to be coming on last season. mcguire may not be so bad now that he has a year of experience. the list, except for enunwa, also underscores the level of talent mac has brought in over the past three drafts. these are 7 bona fide starters on just about any team. is that enough? maybe not, but not all teams can get so many really good players in a couple of drafts like the cowboys did or the steelers did back in the 70's.
  14. let's hope it's not sam the sham or benedict darnold.
  15. it could be he needed the right players for his defense. getting adams and maye is a huge part as is getting two good corners. i don't know all of the nuances but it appears the talent is better suited this year than any previous one even with the loss of shelly and wilky. on the other hand, bowles has had 3 seasons to get this right and this should be the last year he gets the chance.