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  1. The reason is that draft picks will be needed to keep the ball rolling. Granted we are all hoping the next draft will yield more Wilson, sauces and hall but that’s a little unrealistic. Maybe as much as going to the show twice let alone once.
  2. Just say no. The jets don’t need the distraction.
  3. It used to players went from corner to safety as their skills declined. The big question is why hall hasn’t been used much of late. Sure he’s playing behind sauce and reed with little opportunity the come in but he’s been near invisible.
  4. I don’t see a lot of players that Douglas wouldn’t use in a trade scenario. I can see gWilson, bhall, and sauce as being the only true untouchables. All of the others are fair game for trades, especially one that will change the team for the better. As for Johnson, he showed some good ability but will need to show more to push Lawson out.
  5. From what I saw adams seemed to be making play in the limited action he saw.
  6. Back up should be Zach. Even though this maybe his red shirt year they’re going to be working with him throughout the season. They need real game experience to verify that he’s making progress.
  7. Tall wr who can catch, run the routes, and block. What’s not to like.
  8. Lots of talk about drafting a center but do they really want to start a rookie on the oline? Sure center is the least important oline position but it still makes sense to have a vet in place. They could bring back McGovern for short money ( maybe) and then draft a guy.
  9. I don’t think Douglas ought to dangle the 13 pick unless it’s a swap of 13 for 15 and maybe a late round pick or even a player. The jets need that first round pick.
  10. That season was an indication of jets leadership. Someone must have know Favre hurt his arm yet they kept on trotting him out. I guess that says a lot about Clemens. But still, who kept Favre in the game? Mangini? Schtty? And then, if I can recall correctly, schitty changed from a run game to a passing game against Seattle even though jones was running pretty well. He had Favre throwing in what were bad weather. Somehow schitty stayed and mangini was launched.
  11. Didn’t McGovern already sign with Detroit? I think the big issues are qb oline, and wr. We all know the deal at qb. Zach really can’t start but he can be back up. I’m guessing they draft a qb to develop alongside Zach. Oline has the players but they need to get time as a unit. Obviously some concern about becton. Wrs probably need one more solid guy either to replace Davis or play slot behind Moore. We’ll see if nasrildeen can play more than spot duty. The dline can be an issue without enough bodies for rotations. I’m guessing they’ll draft dline.
  12. In all fairness it takes a few years for these guys to mature. Can’t say obj is going to cause lockeroom issues or not. But if he still wants to play and isn’t injured he’s at least worth looking at.
  13. I hope you aren’t too surprised when becton plays the whole season, Rodgers is qb, and Zach comes in and shines during spot relief. Many say things can turn on a dime why not on the jets for once.
  14. Nice list. Maybe Johnny hector, victor green, Dave Jennings, Marvin jones. There are a host of other players that didn’t get the attention they deserved. But the real issue is the jets have only been able to put so few players in their own ring of honor.
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