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  1. rangerous

    Jets Biggest Rival

    imo it's the doltfins. they had some pretty interesting games in the 80's and then there was the monday night miracle. plus the doltfins had some pretty dislikable players like marino, duper, clayton, zack thomas, etc. the patsies don't seem to be as much since they had some serious doormat years in the 70's, 80's and 90's. but they also had some pretty successful ones in those decades too. now they are so dominant it transcends rivalry.
  2. not surprised at anything being alleged at wfan. sid was on with imus as was bernard and they would make fun of anyone about anything. beningo is just another schlock sports guy and what allegedly happened is believable.
  3. rangerous

    Is Revis a lock for first ballot HOF?

    i tend to agree. he needed a couple more seasons and he also needed to be on a more successful team.
  4. rangerous

    Revis officially retires

    no doubt. the guy had a few tremendously awesome years as a cornerback.
  5. rangerous

    Revis officially retires

    okay. most likely he'll get into the hof. is he going to retire as a jet? patsie? buc?
  6. another reason why this is bowles year for the defense. imo the dline had far too many resources devoted to it at the expense of the lb's and db's. now it looks like the db's have gotten straightened out and the dline is close to where it should be. only the lb's are suspect. this is apparently bowles wants for the defense. lots of fast tweener players who can cover as well as tackle and shed blocks. we'll see. if the defense pans out then the the season could be really good.
  7. a little soon to be putting mcvay in canton. just two seasons ago it would be finding the next dan quinn or ron rivera. the thing is the offense always has the advantage because they know where the ball is supposed to go. the defense has to react to what the offensive players are doing. with regard to coaching styles a good coach is a good coach regardless of what side of the ball they have coached. defensive coaches know what kinds of offenses give defenses fits and vice versa.
  8. just about to say the same thing about the older players. by rights player rankings need to be adjusted for the eras in which they played.
  9. rangerous

    Breaking Down Enunwa By Route Type

    enunwa just seems happy to be playing the game. he doesn't seem to take plays off and it's great to see players who are there day and day out. here's to hoping he can come back strong.
  10. rangerous


    they need one side of the ball, defense or offense to be in the top ten. if they get that, it could be a really good season. imo this is the defense's year to shine. no excuses about over the hill players or dline dogs.
  11. the steelers are playing this smart. bell is going to be one year older after this season and probably on the decline. there's no reason for the steelers or any team to give him elite money for past performance. it's a show me league. however, it would be too bad if bell did get injured. hopefully he still plays with good technique and training to avoid injury.
  12. rangerous

    Is Robby Anderson a One Trick Pony?

    nice write up. robbie may not be elite but he at least is someone the defense has to pay attention to. with a better qb and pass protection plus a complimentary wr like enunwa, robbie should do much better. he seems to have some good fire in spite of throwing his helmet etc.
  13. maybe but the tennis may give rosen much better footwork (and mechanics). nothing wrong with players being good at more then one sport.
  14. maybe but giving geno much credit for getting that team to 8-8 is a discredit to the rest of the team. sanchez was a better qb than geno and, as i recall, was performing well in pre-season that year. the fools are anyone who thought geno's 8-8 year portended better records to come.