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  1. i had to look stu up. the jets (titans) did draft fred cox who went on to be a pretty good kicker for the vikings from 1963 to 1977. i get the point about nugent being the only one but still, i wouldn't consider him a bust.
  2. fred cox? stu crum? i had to look them up. the jets have only drafted 3 kickers. actually fred cox might've been the biggest bust. drafted by the titans he played for the vikings to 1977.
  3. c'mon, nugent wasn't a bust. he was just picked too high in the draft. he went on to have a nice career with the bungles and then a little with the patsies. you can also say the same about kyle brady. picked way too high for what he was but had a decent career.
  4. give sanchez his due. he came up big in 2009 and 2010 in the playoffs. of course he had a good team around him but still, darnold couldn't do so well and neither could geno.
  5. i like playing becton and at tackle. move moses to rg and put becton at rt. leave fant and avt alone. of course this assume moses can play guard. moses does have some issues playing tackle.
  6. sar1 is going to circle back any minute.
  7. as i recall his run block games are so-so. he's kind of the opposite of van roten in that van roten has good run block grades and bad pass block. and let's not forget he's playing next to avt who is having a great season all around.
  8. apparently becton is going to be out a little more. i watched a video on jets X and they were a little critical of moses' pass blocking. basically they said moses gets his hands up too high to effectively control the pass rusher. this might mean that they can move moses to rg, fant back to rt and becton at lt. that could work.
  9. are you saying wilsons int in the atlanta game was a target to moore? that ball was at least 2 or 3 yards beyond moore's reach.
  10. totally agree with this. there was a time when the nfl wouldn't dare touch gambling. karras and hornung were fined for betting on their own teams. the whole fantasy sports thing is out of control too. i don't need some dopey espn show saying what fantasy players i want or need. and where do the refs fit in? i swear the refs are bought and sold in the nba. can the nfl be far behind? but you know, if i can recall correctly, the nfl calls their games exhibitions so they can get away from being sued for a bad outcome.
  11. well, he is what he is. he was a decent player for the jets and actually did earn whatever honors he got. he did not earn his hefty pay check with the sea hawks and the jets are lucky to be rid of him. ultimately he would've been a huge cancer. but what's with these lsu players of late? you look at obj and adams and you gotta wonder if they're worth keeping past their rookie deals. and a guy like landry, who was a bit of an azz as a doltfin, is actually playing very well for the browns.
  12. okay , the sunday's game broke well for the jets. as i see it they should be able to win 5 of their next six given the way those teams have played so far. so let's see them start to win. start with the patsies.
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