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  1. rangerous

    2019 Free Agent Tracker

    good points all. i guess one question about picking up a guy like bell is the team ready for his kind of game. i think i'd rather them getting their oline and even dline in order before springing for a guy who is worth more to a true contender. but who knows. mac could use the money on someone much worse.
  2. kindof still depends on how accurate allen can be. the guy has some serious mobility and right now he relies on it too much. let's see him next season when he may get his accuracy up and game sense. i wouldn't take him over darnold though.
  3. rangerous

    **** the Saints

    don't you just like the gregg williams defense? in all fairness those hits were allowed back then. and even there some still wouldn't be roughing because the hit was almost at the same time as when favre threw the ball.
  4. rangerous

    Building a team through free agency

    i'm talking about the 53 man season roster change. if you want to account for the 90 man spring roster then the churn is considerably higher than 10 players. the point still remains the same either way because there aren't enough draft picks to account for the turnover.
  5. rangerous

    Building a team through free agency

    okay wise guy. you're right there are 7 rounds but how many players do teams churn through each year? you think 10? more than 10? less than 10? since the average nfl career is around 4 years or so it's over 10 but below 20.
  6. rangerous

    Building a team through free agency

    it's easy enough to do the math. each year a team needs to replace 10+ players and there are only 6 draft rounds. the rest have got to come from somewhere.
  7. i wouldn't sell anderson out just yet. we he and darnold were used properly they both did pretty well. imo he's just tired of losing and a change in scenery or coaching staff should do wonders.
  8. i hear you. unfortunately he's the guy in the chair so we better hope he does well.
  9. rangerous

    2019 Free Agent Tracker

    imo they should be looking at the guys coming off their rookie contracts or those that finally made a good splash after being a free agent or bouncing around on 1 year contracts. that guy humphries has patsies written all over him as edleman's replacement. an edge guys would be nice but they seem so one dimensional that they can be controlled.
  10. rangerous

    2019 Free Agent Tracker

    larry fitzgerald is/was an excellent receiver who would've been great to get for darnold had this been maybe 3 years ago. good for him for sticking with his team. he doesn't seem to be the type who wants the big big money that the other clowns want.
  11. we'll see if they made the right move keeping mac. he still needs to show some significant improvement in drafting. he needs to nail the first rounder plus make above league average picks with the two thirds. no more reclamation projects or picks of guys whose draft prospects dimmed because of serious injury or other issues.
  12. i just posted nearly the same thing. he liked taking on zach thomas.
  13. i remeber how mawae used to like going against the doltfins and controlling zach thomas. that miami team was just so full of loud mouths and mawae silenced them.
  14. i'm thinking gruden isn't so pleased with carr but it should be pointe out that carr had his best season thus far. it's kind of hard to believe they make a change. but i can certainly see them taking a qb high if they see one they like.
  15. another little tidbit. i read somewhere that kirk cousins swears by mcvay when they were together in washington. well peyton manning swears by gase. who ya gonna believe?

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