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  1. way too early to know where mims will fall out. of course we all want him to succeed and he should justify his draft position but some guys just don't or can't take the pressure of the new guys coming in. either way it'll be a win for the jets. mims turns his game around or he gets beaten out by someone else. either way the guy in his position will be better.
  2. last season was just one of those really off years. those drafted players had no real chance of show casing any skills they had given the way gase ran the team. i suspect not all of douglas' draft choices from last season will pan out but three, becton, mims and mann made good to very good contributions and it looks like hall and davis will too. that just leaves morgan, zuniga and clark. we'll see soon enough if these guys are keepers.
  3. i can see the jets being resistant to the offsets but the signing bonus was set and zwill was going to get that money anyway. admittedly shelling out 22.9 million all at once is a pretty big nut but the jets should easily be able to cover it.
  4. These guys are never going to be toned. Benton is simply a mountain of a guy. If he takes his game seriously he’s going to be a force for a long time.
  5. No sense in trying to argue this one out. As I said just about every jets fan would’ve preferred the bellichicken to any other coach since parcells. Hard to say he’d be chosen over saleh because of age etc. this whole coaching thing just isn’t that successful without players. Want to say the patsies were just all about Brady? You can’t. He was certainly a big part but he also had a good supporting cast. They go hand in hand. And good teams will attract better players.
  6. Good for Poole. No sense in dissing the guy for shining elsewhere. The jets thought they had his position covered.
  7. Where would he go? You gotta think he wants one of the western or California teams and those slots are taken. The only remotely vulnerable one is Carr with the raiders.
  8. I don’t know if overrated is the right word but it’s clear he needs some good players to win. He’s the focal point so he gets credit for the wins. Somehow he also deflects the blame when he loses.
  9. Don’t leave out burgess Owens. Great jets safety then won a ring with the raiders and in now in Congress.
  10. On paper, I suppose you can argue that fitzy was the best choice. My point is fitzy and Mac, because of the drawn out negotiations and fitzy finally strolling into training camp created some dissension within the team. Geno was able to win over the team in the spring and summer and then created more dissension when fitzy reported. This is my opinion. I doubt if Bowles or Mac would confirm but it sure seemed like Marshall was getting into it with Shelly and the hit man.
  11. Fitzy and Mac did this to themselves. Fitzy signed late and Mac didn’t have the stones to tell him to kiss off. Bowles didn’t help either by anointing fitzy as the next seasons QBs before he was signed. Consequently geno was the QBs through all of the ota’s and won the job at least in the eyes of guys like hit an and wilky and Shelly. When fitzy came back the team was divided and he just wasn’t good enough to win them over, especially when decker went down and Marshall was injured.
  12. I don’t see where this is all that much different than any other top draft pick. As long as he gets to camp on time it’s a non issue. As for whatever these offsets are or mean, it sounds like he wants his guaranteed money up front and paid over year 1 or 2 and then the balance, which will be pretty low, in years 3 and 4. He’s probably setting up the renegotiation/extension after year 3. It’s almost a moot point because it’s doubtful the jets are going to give him at least 3 seasons before offering an extension or even fifth year option. We’ll see.
  13. yep. probably true. the people inside knew it was him and didn't let him in. that speaks volumes.
  14. wilson is only one guy on the team. of course we want to see him do well. but it all comes down to him not looking good until the rest of the teams looks good. i think he'll do well with the players douglas is bringing in. of course i also felt darnold would also do better. so we'll see.
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