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  1. yep or maybe a poll of potential hc's from the pro and college ranks. i don't think gase is going anywhere, at least until after next season.
  2. i know i've said it before, the best thing was seeing jason taylor yukking it up when the doltfins built up their lead and then crying like a baby at the end when they lost.
  3. on the other hand, it's not a bad idea to have a guy in ones back pocket in case a player goes down or even for competition.
  4. yep, it was one of the talking heads but they were commenting mainly on the strength of schedule. i don't agree because i don't believe there is much carry over, year to year, of team strength with a few exceptions like the chiefs, the patsies (of late), steelers, ravens. the rest of the teams have up and down years.
  5. in order to use te's the team needs the scheming to use them. and if they can't pass protect then it's that much harder since they may have to keep the te in to block. imo fixing the oline will do wonders for freeing up the te's.
  6. i don't know. maybe the position usually doesn't garner many sacks. or maybe his possible suspension is being factored in. i think i saw enough of him throwing aside centers that he can be seriously disruptive.
  7. i think the only guy who goes over is qwill. he had 2.5 last season in what many would say was a bad year. adding 2+ isn't that much of a reach.
  8. i can't see darnold throwing for 4000+. imo he's not going to have more than 30 attempts per game and that translates to about 240 ypg. herndon may get quite a few tds. griffen had 5 or so and he didn't come on until late. i think we're going to see the te's get involved in the passing game. bell probably isn't going to get more than 20-25 touches per game. he might get over 1500 yards.
  9. whatever happened to alan houston? as i recall he signed a guaranteed contract and then promptly was injured and couldn't play.
  10. about the only thing you can say against gase is that bowles didn't exactly have a great cast to work with either. he did have a winning record in year one but after that did nothing. and it's pretty clear that mac did a horrible job of bringing in good players, especially those needed at key positions. let's see what gase can do. if can build on the 6-2 finish then the jets probably found their keeper. the key will be having a team that is consistently good in all facets. and i will say i think it's huge that they didn't have a turnover of position coaches.
  11. i liked robbieh too. there's something about an udfa that makes the team and does pretty well. i guess it's all about rooting for the little guy. but when his production is objectively compared to other wrs he falls off pretty far, pretty fast. and isn't that the whole point? obviously perriman is coming off part of a season where he did well and he needs to build on that production if he wants his next big contract. we'll see. it's too bad the jets haven't been able to train together yet.
  12. i don't claim to know the intricacies of nfl offenses but it seems like darnold getting mono and losing herndon didn't help things. the oline was a problem but that was a constant the whole season. the mono knocked out darnold for half of the year. when he finally came back with strength he made good use of griffin, crowder, and robbie. i know some will say the last 8 was against bad teams but darnold still posted top 10 qb rating and the team finished 6-2. so, imo, gase does know how to construct and run an offense. last years teams was just missing so much and then at inopportune times so they could never get enough consistency. as for bell and gore in the backfield or split out bell, whatever works. herndon and griffen coming back should help this too. throw in the whippets the jets have at wr and things could get interesting.
  13. about the only down side to flacco is that he won't be ready for game 1. shouldn't be too much of a risk.
  14. how can this be? wasn't mac a super scout? this udfa scene is intriguing. it's possible that players will deliberately be undrafted so they have more freedom to go to the teams they want. if the jets pay more they should get more attention.
  15. yes. it was a groin injury and he had surgery on in december. he's still not 100%. time will tell. he certainly showed some serious ability in that one game. he'd keep adams in the defensive backfield.

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