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  1. one thing is that the jets had a good draft back in 2000 that brought them ellis, abraham, chaddy, and becht. those guys played pretty well. it looked like the jets finally struck qb gold with chaddy. and then in 2007 they did well draft brick and mangold. the point is some multiple highly placed draft picks can really improve a team. here's to hoping they make good choices with their first and second rounders. and, btw, it looks like maye has broken the jet second round draft pick jinx.
  2. i agree with this assessment. hindsight is 20-20 but watson got injured and there was no guarantee he would've started the way mccown was playing. As for hack, i still want to think this guy can play at a high level but it gets less clear as he continues to remain off the field.
  3. and? just to state the obvious, mac gets the players but bowles is the guy who puts them on the field. for all we know mac can be drafting really good players that aren't being used properly. oh, the 3 game win streak was a tease and they have won a few games more than they should've but they still have a poor oline and still need a starting qb. at this point we can only hope that mac's assessment of the players closely matches bowles'. if it doesn't, uh-oh.
  4. agree. they have to rely on woody to step in and make a decision and he's just not competent as a football guy. i can certainly see where petty doing well for these last couple of games can cause a shake up.
  5. okay, what sample size did mariota have? winston? wentz? goff? the point is there are two ways to look at this, from a fans perspective who only sees game days and from a coaches who sees the guy every day in practice and also on game day. imo, and i sure don't know, if hack or petty didn't start during the season it's because the coaches thought mccown was the better option. it's all water under the bridge at this point. will hack be ready for next season? who knows. petty? at least we'll see him on game day for a few games. and if he does do well then whatever thinking they had in starting the season with mccown goes out the window. hindsight can be a b**ch.
  6. in all fairness, no fan has a better idea of what the players on the field are capable of doing than the coaches. he's the one calling the plays and knows what plays the jets can be successful running. yes, saying he decided to pull back and run because there was no hope is wrong. in this regard it's up to the guys on the sideline to keep the team fired up. morton is up in the booth.
  7. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    right. they need to play to his strengths. the one thing he has that mccown didn't is a good arm. he can get the ball downfield. does it translate well into a wco scheme? maybe. jerry rice didn't rack up all his receiving yards on 5 yard dump offs. but even there we've seen kearse, anderson and even asj being sent off on deep routes so the plays are there. use them.
  8. Marrone

    right. there are lots of reasons why some teams succeed and others lose. some just luck into great players and others luck into poor players. i will say the jets have more than their fair share of bad first and second rounders though. and when moving onto coaches, bowles was 10-6 his first season with a vet team and then had issues with that same vet team the next season. who would've made that bet in 2015. and who would've made the bet that mccown would win 5 this season? but the uncertainly also means that the jets really should've tried to see what they have in petty and hack beyond the preseason if only to be better prepared for next season. i would've been happy with marrone as coach. he seems like a no nonsense guy who wouldn't have put up with the bs that shelly, wilk, and marshall were dishing out. and who knows if ik would've broken geno's jaw or fitz would've started in 2015.
  9. not sure i get your logic on this one. to me he seems like the ideal guy for mccown. he has really good hands and gets open in the short game. he didn't cost much either. but he did take playing time when hansen or stewart needed to play.
  10. maybe they need to do what chicago did. sign a guy like mccarron and then use the top pick on a qb
  11. i didn't see any oline players in the list. try someone else out at center.
  12. if you without impact means the rest of the team continues to play you're right. but it does seem like britt is just a wr version of hainsworth.
  13. do they think being with mccourtey is going to turn this clown around? good luck with that.
  14. Jets Sign QB Joel Stave

    joel who? is he going to stave off a challenge from hack?