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  1. Broncos make OC change.

    i was referring to denver. but consider too, lynch was one of those qb's that mac passed on. how's he looking? he can't beat out semian or osweiller.
  2. Broncos make OC change.

    schitty was a moron. if he was so friggin great he woulda gotten an hc gig somewhere. right now he's the qb coach for the dolts. he's going nowhere, fast. as for mccoy, it doesn't look like he had much to work with.
  3. it's been said it's a game of inches. if moore keeps those 6 inches maybe sanchez squeezes by. the point is the patsies completely blew up whatever play they were running and got a td in the process. that game was so forgettable. the defense completely tanked too.
  4. can't disagree much with this list. i think sanchez deserves more love because he did play well in his first two seasons and was doing very well in the preseason before getting injured against the giaints. after that idzik had his boy geno and we know what that turned into. you gotta wonder what drove the decision to draft geno in the first place considering sanchez was already in place. the buttfumble game? sanchez had that one really bad season when holmes decided to revert to the punk he always was.
  5. totally agree on gholston. he did close to nothing during his time as a jet. i get the ire about hack but at the same time the position is so important that overdrafting in the hope of getting a good qb is not necessarily a bad thing. if hack does turn out to be a decent qb (maybe not for the jets) then mac really would deserve some credit for the pick. of course right now it looks pretty bad. but considering that the jets pretty much missed on their previous 2nd round picks over the past 10 years it shouldn't have come as a surprise.
  6. of those teams the browns, giaints, broncos, chargers, and cardinals will be looking hard for a qb. the jets can help themselves by losing to broncos and chargers. but then there is buffalo lurking at 5-5 and it is doubtful that they win another game. but they also have a boatload of draft picks to move up with san fran if they wanted to. at this point the tank really has to start in earnest to maintain position. i can see most of those continuing to want to win.
  7. Sunday Games Thread

    the raiders stink. they are just a bunch of cheap shotting morons just like their coach.
  8. Sunday Games Thread

    maybe. tyrod and mcdermott will kiss and make up. the things is that tyrod just can't pass from the pocket and if he runs he's going to get clobbered.
  9. Sunday Games Thread

    that was pre ordained. they seem to always come out fast and then swoon. they should be playing better against the chargers. can't say if mcdermott is losing the team. he may be losing the vets because they're the first guys who think they no better. as long as they have more wins than the jets at the end of the season it doesn't matter. they do have a ton of draft picks so it looks like they'll want to move up.
  10. Sunday Games Thread

    it's hard to believe the jets lost to these clowns. the patsies are having their way.
  11. Sunday Games Thread

    i figured that. i dislike the giaints nearly as much as the doltfins and patsies but i want them to win. get to the magic nomber of 5 wins.
  12. Sunday Games Thread

    not so fast. giaints are getting the ball back.
  13. while i don't think the jets will learn much more about petty or hack by playing them they also know that keeping mccown in isn't going to get them any extra wins. they might finish with 6 depending on how the next two play out. but they also may finish with 4. mccown has certainly showed some good skill and he has been the guy to start since he was the only qb who gave them an honest chance at winning. those days are over. they owe him nothing at this point.
  14. so now he's got 6. for the past few seasons the jets have been grossly underpaying the qb position. oh i' sure people are going to say "but fitz wasn't worth 12 million". that may be the case but the argument isn't about what this guy or that guy makes it's about how much they've spent. if they held onto sanchez they would've been spending more.
  15. okay so shell had a good game and should be a good right tackle from here on out but that didn't help the interior of the line that was getting over matched and overrun. not to mention the winters penalties that hurt drives.