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  1. rangerous

    Jets kicker issues

    hey, what do the jets need a kicker for more than extra points this season? all kidding aside, i think you've made a good point although it's not like catanzaro was playing for much at tampa. imo the kicker also needs to be able to force run backs instead of always drilling into the end zone.
  2. good points all. i can't say i'm very happy with the progress so far. missing on mahommes was huge even if bowles wouldn't have known how to play to his strengths. and that was compounded by missing all of the second rounders.
  3. as far as i can tell they've upgraded the positions they've addressed through free agency and also re-signed the guys who looked good enough from last season's team. the only major loss so far is claiborne. a couple of holes remain. maybe getting rid of long wasn't such a good move considering the paucity of the remaining oline players. but at the same time they still have a draft coming up and it's on mac to get at least two players who can start right away.
  4. interesting point. i could see anderson doing pretty with mahommes throwing to him.
  5. just say no to mark. whatever he had is long gone. if they pursue a back up it should be mccarron or even bradford. both of those guys can at least win a game or two if necessary.
  6. rangerous

    Johnny Lam Jones passes away.

    the guy had some seriously good talent except for catching. i remember seeing him easily getting behind the defense, obrien throwing a ball that basically landed in his hands and him dropping it. imagine if he could catch the ball better. so sad to see any player die at such a young age.
  7. rangerous

    Brooks On Bell's Impact

    i don't see where the short passing percentage for darnold is that troubling. you gotta consider the people he was throwing too plus how good the pass rush was. also, he was about 58% overall so that means his longer passes must have had a pretty good reception rate. and even there so much is dependent on the wr's and oline. obviously if it doesn't get much better this season it's cause for concern..
  8. past performance doesn't guarantee future success. brady is not the brady of old. darnold has proven he can make all the throws and knows how to use his legs to get out of tight spots. in a lot of ways, darnolds skill sets surpass brady's. maybe it's a reach to say darnold's better because this is a show me league but it's not an illogical position to take.
  9. no argument here. toon was an exceptional receiver.
  10. rangerous

    Crowell released

    no real surprise since bell came on board. not even really worth keeping as a back up. they can re-sign powell for less and go into the season with bell, powell, mcguire, and cannon. and there may some other backs that shake loose.
  11. rangerous

    Jason Myers

    has any other team signed myers? he was good but is he so good that they can't find a licker elsewhere?
  12. no doubt the jets still need some oline help but the acquisition of bell and crowder should help keep the defenses honest so they won't be able to stack the box. darnold will need to learn how to get rid of the ball faster. those things could actually make this oline group look pretty good.
  13. rangerous

    Mike Maccagnan Appreciation Thread.

    mac is making obvious moves and he has the money to make big moves. let him grab a couple of those 3rd and 4th rounders that play well enough to start right away. then he'll get some praise.
  14. rangerous

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    nice write up on how gase will be able to use bell. the jets have certainly improved themselves with the free agents so far. now mac only has to draft some decent players.
  15. rangerous

    Did the Browns become a playoff team today

    the browns have certainly loaded up with impact players. that and the good talent level of the players already on the team has got to have them thinking playoffs. they have a lot of personalities that need to mesh on sunday's. i'm sure the brown's fans dislike the steelers and bengals in the same way jets fans dislike the patsies and doltfins.

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