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  1. Breer's Mock Draft

    agree. the bills are another team who have had a hard time finding a good qb. they've had a pretty good revolving door for quite some time.
  2. not for nothing but hack was rated at 5.6 at his combine and that should've meant he's better than what we've seen so far. if the combine results are to be believed then darnold is the first qb taken and then flip a coin between mayfield, allen and rosen. by comparison teddy got a 6.3 grade.
  3. what these morons did to the rule made no sense. if they were smart they'd get rid of the whole touching the pylon thing when a player is going out of bounds and calling it td.
  4. NFL Scouts' Perception Of Baker Mayfield

    yep, he's 3 inches shorter. the nfl scouts all love those 6-4, 6-5 guys for qb so they can more easily throw over dlinemen. but russel wilson and drew brees have both been very successful. even joe willie wasn't much over 6 ft.
  5. None of these rook QBs will...

    that might be the scenario. i don't know if there are any rights of first refusal or other contract caveats that would keep him a jet beyond this season if he does well. the fact that it's a one year show me contract means the jets aren't that optimistic about teddy's return to form. and, as far as qb's are concerned, i don't really care who the qb is as long as he isn't a stop gap fossil or will only be around for one season. hack? probably not but who knows. darnold/rosen/mayfield? hopefully one of them and he will start the season.
  6. Allen Hurns Released

    kearse expensive? 5.5M is too much? maybe but only by a little. giving a guy like obj 17 m would make for an expensive receiver.
  7. None of these rook QBs will...

    i don't think so. he needs to show me. sure he was on his way to being a really good qb but once these guys go through an injury anything can happen. he may come back strong but at the beginning he will be thinking about that knee and he will need to put that all aside. and when he did come in for a few plays last season he wasn't exactly very good. we'll see soon enough. i hope the jets do put him through the paces before the draft. i hope no matter how he does, they don't sway from taking a qb though.
  8. my thoughts exactly. he knows his team of cheaters days are numbered.
  9. long suffering jets fan? aren't we all but i think you've been extraordinarily harsh on mac. some of the points are valid but who could've predicted that the 2016 team would've imploded the way it did or even that mccown would pick this past season as his career year. and even if you want to criticise the last three top picks, except for watson and maybe mahomes the jets really weren't in any position to get guys like wentz or goff. they had no shot at winston or mariota. so we just gotta take the good with the bad and right now, sitting at 3, the jets are in a really good spot. since there are 4 qb's who are ranked similarly it'll be hard to mess it up. . it all comes down to what flavor the jets get.
  10. A collective prayer that Mac gets it right for once??

    amen but right now, unless he strays from the top 4 qb choices, it's going to be hard to get it wrong. ben roethlisberger was the third qb taken with the 11th pick back in 2004 and it can be argued that he is a much better qb than ELIte (1) or rivers (4).
  11. Cardinals inquired about move up to #3

    or maye? those second rounders may have been failures in the past but they're due to turn the selection around. even devan smith might have been a decent player if not for the freak injuries. but at the same time, the jets now have the 3rd pick. it's time to get a qb.
  12. Will giants take Barkley?

    like i said, maybe they think webb is the guy but remember this is a new coach who has no ties to ELIte or webb and may want his own qb. and as good as barkley may be outside of ron johnson have they ever gone high first round for a rb? i suspect what the giaints do will be determined by any otas they have before the draft.
  13. Will giants take Barkley?

    the thing is the giaints may not have the number 2 pick again for quite some time. is webb the answer to eli? maybe but probably not. they should pick a qb and plan for eli's eventual launch.
  14. gotta like the game experience plus he's had an increasing qb rating over all 4 years. his intangibles should trump the additional 3 inches in height darnold or rosen have.
  15. barkley will make any qb look better than he is if he gets some good blocking. right now the jets have an okay oline assuming the current starters (spencer at center) stay healthy. if they can add some good depth then look out. at the same time, if the zone blocking scheme works as it should they don't need a guy like barkley at rb. we'll see what happens. imo they traded up for a qb.