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  1. Not for nothing but until the pick is actually made there’s no way of knowing what it will be. Granted Wilson at this point is the odds on favorite but say the niners also want Wilson and trade the three pick plus garapollo? I’m sure there are other trade scenarios with teams picking in the top 10. The thing is, these aren’t drafting top ten because of stellar QBs play.
  2. Even Detroit? Remember when they wore the paper bags at aunts games?
  3. kinda what i think. they don't necessarily want a shut down corner. those guys are good to have but there just aren't that many. instead they'll decrease the amount of space each db has to cover so the guy doesn't have to go one on one for an extended period of time. and if the 4 man dline can get some good pressure then that forces the qb to throw a little earlier.
  4. the thing about satirical comedy is there is supposed to be some underlying truth. there is little in this clip because woody has nothing to do with the management of j&j. if he were on the board or managed in some capacity then there would be some truth.
  5. obviously with so many new faces it's going to be hard for this team to come together. there is some risk in this. but it looks like there's a plan and it also looks like the coach will have the team playing with passion each sunday. this is what we want (i think). if they do their best on each play i think we'll be surprised in a positive way.
  6. i really don't care. as far as i'm concerned oj was found not guilty by a jury and that ended it. it's unfortunate that the whole racial aspect got blown out of proportion. nobody was trying to frame oj because he was black and she white but that's the way it was portrayed and they used supposed evidence of the la cops being racist to prove it. one note that is interesting. the DA in la was gil garcetti and his lame brain son is now the mayor of la.
  7. i think you add the doltfins to the mix. they had philbin with tannehill, the gase with moore when tannehill was injured and now flores with fitzy and tua. all within 6 seasons.
  8. i guess they've anointed wilson as the starter. of course things can still change between now and april 29. what if the niners offer garapollo plus some picks for the number 2?
  9. i'm sure this has already been answered but besides needing bodies for back ups and camp fodder it looks like douglas is looking to the draft as the primary means to get the top flight oline talent. this is good considering top free agents like thuney and conklin demand some pretty hefty salaries. and you never know with some guys.
  10. well it seemed like every year the ny post (and maneesh) gave high marks to the jets for the free agents and draft picks. i'm sure the espn clowns like greeney were also shoveling out heaps of praise. and even when mac got hired the big thing was that he was a scout with the texans and knew players. apparently it was all fake journalism. and you know what? for casual fans like myself this is what we mostly go on.
  11. This is a good point but mainly because just about all of the coaches are newbies at their positions. I’m not saying that these guys won’t work out just that you almost need a gray beard or two who has seen it all and can quietly observe. We’ll see what happens.
  12. frankly if getting on the field is the criteria for being a wasted pick versus a good pick then the clark pick was even a bigger waste. and i don't think either was. morgan may be a good back up for cheap money and clark was injured for much of last season. it happens. but getting back to morgan hopefully he'll get to compete for the qb job in training camp.
  13. yep. i think that's a part of it too but first and foremost is that wilson is/will be the qb the jets need. i don't mind the trade because it improves the jets a draft pipeline for the next couple of drafts.
  14. and? it's not like battista said anything that wasn't said or thought about before. douglas wouldn't have made the trade if he wasn't convinced wilson is the guy. and , just as important wilson is being deemed as a better player than darnold right now. this means they looked at him over 3 seasons and decided it would be easier to make wilson into the qb they need than darnold.
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