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  1. brady doesn't play as well without little joshy and he's been in the same system for nearly a generation. i am not worried about what gase did or didn't do in miami. by all account they are tanking that team and tannehill was never the solution at qb.
  2. it sure seems like it. the jets have made some nice moves player wise and in the front office. of course the downside is all the players so far can be attributed to mac. blind squirrel finding a nut?
  3. maybe. i think we all would like to see the parents get punished if they punish their kids. the fact that tyreek has been let off (for the moment) implies more than his gf not agreeing to testify. and it's quite possible that the kid was prompted when interviewed by the court. these child psychologists have been known to ask suggestive or leading questions to get the "truth" from the child victims. i would hope it's all on the up and up but you just never know. as for hill joining the jets, i think not. if it wasn't him then the gf hurt the kid. in either case they are being selfish and not thinking what's best for the kid.
  4. justin miller wasn't half bad at returning kicks. he just wasn't as good playing corner. i remember it not as the nugent draft but the doug jolley trade year. nugent at least was a pretty good kicker and had a good career.
  5. there's always two sides to these stories. it's quite possible that his wife/gf is the one who did the misdeed. the fact the cops are backing away points that direction. obviously if he's just another thug like hunt he should get the book thrown at him.
  6. here's to hoping he stays healthy but isn't this like the 3rd or 4th time he's been cleared to play in the past 3 years?
  7. it won't be anything like a big deal unless it goes into training camp. this happens just about every season with the top picks.
  8. if he's not looking then he's not the right guy. i suspect there are maybe 20 players he's not going to actively shop or look to replace but if there's an opportunity he will go for it. i believe the jets still have quite a bit of cap space so it could be interesting.
  9. he still took some serious hits though. ryan almost pulled the 86 season out after obriens arm went south.
  10. i think the jury is still out on who forced mac out. mac was already on thin ice. and while the end really shouldn't justify the means it looks like the jets have improved their front office. it's almost like the jets finally decided to have football guys running the team. this is the first time at least since parcells and before him...? as for gase, his win-loss record with the doltfins at least matches up with the top jet coaches since the teams inception. and he the first coach in a very long time who came in with previous nfl hc experience. assuming he's a bright guy and capable of learning then he should do better than before.
  11. good points. i remember when they let guys like chad morton go. same argument. and morton gets replaced by another guy who does well. we'll see soon enough what roberts replacement can do.
  12. ah, we are all mortal. i'm old enough that if this current group doesn't make some hay then it's just time to lose interest. it's kind of like getting a dog. a dog may live about 15 years but if your mortality means you won't outlive the dog then what's the point.
  13. can't wait. nba is unwatchable and the only thing baseball is good for is to take a nap while watching. the jets are going to come out hot.
  14. allan houston is a prime example of why the nba pay scale wouldn't work very well in the nfl. although we've seen a bunch of guaranteed nfl contracts that frontload the money so the players have little monetary incentive to play very hard. wilky is a prime example for the jets. hard to say how to make the nba better. there are too many thugs in the game and it seems like too many players are more concerned about style than diving for balls or making that defensive stop or making that extra pass. maybe some of this is the fact that there's no real reason to watch any nba game except for the last 2 minutes because the points are too cheap. i liked that toronto won. it's nice to see a small market team do well. and milwaukee also was a surprise. but even there kwame leonard moved on to greener pastures and won't be around for them next season. so much for team loyalty.
  15. why would he kick sand in macs face? hack was grossly overdrafted and earned more money than he deserved over the past few years. he should be fetching macs coffee.

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