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  1. rangerous

    Which Jet will surprise this year?

    beat me to it. we'll see what robbie can do with a qb throwing him the ball. i suspect he'll have a much better attitude than in the previous couple seasons.
  2. well, yes but at the same time bell has been out of football for a season and is on a different team. granted there's little point in having him go through any contact type drills but he should at least be there to get acquainted with his team and coaches.
  3. rangerous

    BTW...Manish is a huge D-Nozzle! *merged*

    face it. what maneesh or costello or cimini or any of the espn morons do really isn't journalism. at the end of the day, nothing about sports actually matters . and when it comes to the pros it's basically a bunch of overpaid guys playing kids games. it's not rockey scientry or heart surgery or anything that can help humankind. so guys like maneesh have to manufacture stories and create hype because the underlying product is so useless. i kinda feel sorry for him.
  4. pretty much sums it up. they started going south when woody retired and then moore and they didn't replace those guys with anyone half as good. and then they never did have really good wr's except for the two seasons with edwards and the one holmes season. instead rex pushed guys like coples and then pryor with idzik. these guys were just not worth their draft positions.
  5. imo i don't think landry was launched simply because he spoke out against gase's offense. landry seemed to be one of those hotheads who can do great things but also are a detriment if they don't get the ball. i will say that in the few i did see the doltfins play it seemed like they didn't get landry involved in the offense enough. but that also goes back to the philbin days.
  6. rangerous

    Bubby Brister shovel pass video

    yep but murrell was traded to the cardinals and they were horrible at the time. of course it's hard to argue with martin's production.
  7. rangerous

    Your vote for the new GM!

    i figured joe douglas would be the favorite so i went with mangini.
  8. rangerous

    Bubby Brister shovel pass video

    good point about murrell. it can be argued he should have been kept instead of replaced by curtis martin.
  9. that's not necessarily true. not trying to defend mac or anything but they would have had him for maybe 3 seasons. they just spent a ton and are still well under a cap so if they did sign cousins they would only have to pay out for 2 more seasons and when that season came around there would only be a couple of players worth paying large contracts to. the point is the contract timing for the jets was much better than for the vikings. the vikings were a win now team and had the high salaries that go with it.
  10. rangerous

    Bubby Brister shovel pass video

    first name bubby says it all. how this guy lasted so long is amazing.
  11. i suppose if he tells the new gm he wants lee and or leggett off the team the gm will say no. as for the scout, maybe the guy was mailing it in.
  12. 'that if this is the thing that gives us the most angst then things are pretty darn good.'
  13. i get the part about gase and his supposed power grab but at the same time he hasn't made any player moves that weren't warranted or even are very significant. lee and leggett were goners regardless. the next gm can focus on getting his scouting department together and preparing for the upcoming scouting season and supporting the coach in the pursuit for additional players.
  14. yep. i haven't seen any moves that are contrary to the general concensus of jets fans everywhere so far. sure there's a risk with gase as head coach but it's no greater risk than any other coach they could've brought in. and one of the chief complaints is they kept bringing in first time hc's. darren lee? his days were numbered mac or no mac. leggett? there are at least 3 or 4 guys ahead of him on the depth chart. if he wanted to make the team he needed to do better. bell? at the end of the day it's only money and the jets are okay cap wise. there is a lot to be positive about going into this next season.
  15. rangerous

    Gase cleansing stench of this team

    maybe the winning attitude is why chris johnson launched mac. i get the feeling there was no sense of urgency in mac's plan or demeanor. you can only sit back, watch, and drink coffee for so long. at some point you gotta issue some challenges.

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