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  1. bountygate. plain and simple. as a head coach he'd probably be a step above fisher and maybe even with marrone or rex. and look at a guy like wade phillips. he was not that good as a head coach but i would take him in a heart beat for my defensive coach.
  2. whatever leo is, or does is judged by the coaches. if williams thinks leo is playing well then so be it. leo's sin, like adams' or lees' or qwilliams is that the fans think his draft position was too high. that may be the case given that the jets have drafted top 10 for quite a few drafts. but that's not the same as saying he's a bad player. leo is a good player. is he worth re-signing at top 5 money at his position? probably not. as others have said there are lots of players in his position that play just as well.
  3. like the snub or lack of thereof had anything to do with getting beat like a drum? c'mon. who cares. it's only words.
  4. they also played one more game and mcaffery is basically making up the rushing yards that supernewton would've gotten had he been qb.
  5. imo, comparing to the bellichicken isn't quite right. but one thing these jets may compare to are some of the expansion teams that came in and succeeded. miami under shula, dallas under landry, the ravens under billick, the jags under coughlin and so on. the jets have had 5 really poor drafts in a row. this has got to be similar to the expansion teams that pick from the dregs of the other teams when they come in. it took time to shake out the bad players and become decent if not championship teams.
  6. yes and no. darnold is far more decisive in his throwing than either siemian and falk. he should be able to pick up the receivers before they break free. and once he burns the defense for playing 8 in the box they'll back off which should free up running lanes for bell. i do share concern about having enough time though.
  7. obviously a lot of fans have a lot of opinions on adam gase as a coach. i say it's too early to tell mainly because lots of coaches have started off strongly and failed and others have started poorly and succeeded wildly. consider to that all jets coaches since kotite had winning records their first season but, except for parcells and mangini, had losing records in their 3rd seasons. this may indicate that a change of coaches refocused the players and they played better. it could also mean that the players left behind by the previous coaches were better, overall. so let's take this season as it is unfolding. hope for the best and save the real gase judgement for the end of the season. and i'm not saying this to agree with costello. it takes a lot of effort to build a team and this one has been neglected for quite a few seasons. Bill Belichick is one reason Jets shouldn’t give up on Adam Gase By Brian Costello October 8, 2019 | 9:37pm He was 0-4 to start his first season in his second stint as an NFL coach and nothing was going right. The offense had not reached 20 points in any of his first four games. Those who thought he was a bad hire based on his failure in his first job began to point and say, “See. We told you.” This is an accurate description of Jets coach Adam Gase. It also describes Bill Belichick, whose 2000 Patriots started off 0-4. Read this carefully: I am not saying Gase is going to become Belichick. What I’m saying is we have no idea what kind of coach Gase will be with the Jets four games into his tenure. It is way, way too soon to make judgments on how Gase’s tenure with the Jets will play out. Belichick is Exhibit A in this argument. He was 5-13 as the Patriots coach when Mo Lewis changed NFL history with his hit on Drew Bledsoe. Most new coaches need time. Teams don’t change usually coaches because they are good. Gase inherited a bad Jets team with plenty of holes on the roster. Things then got more complicated for him when Sam Darnold contracted mononucleosis and missed three of the first four games. To judge Gase off of the first month of the season is ridiculous. Particularly when you consider he has been playing a quarterback for most of the last three games who will be the answer to a trivia question in 10 years and the Jets have played the winners of four of the last five Super Bowls on the road in their last two games. I’m not arguing that Gase has done a good job. He needs to solve the team’s offensive line problems. He should have been more conservative with his hope for Darnold to return last week. There are things he can do better. But people also need to view this from 50,000 feet and acknowledge what Gase is dealing with here. It seems this is the way things go now. There is no time for patience. There are television debate shows that need topics. Radio shows need someone to scream about. Everyone with an iPhone can share their opinions. “Fire the coach!” always seems to be the answer. Look through NFL history, though, and there are plenty of Hall of Fame coaches who made a bad first impression before getting things fixed. Tom Landry went 0-11-1 with the Cowboys in 1960 and had six straight losing seasons to start his career. Chuck Noll’s 1969 Steelers finished 1-13, the first of three losing seasons for Noll before winning four Super Bowls. Bill Walsh led the 49ers to a 2-14 record in 1979 and then won the Super Bowl two years later. Closer to home, Giants fans were ready to run Bill Parcells out of town after a 3-12-1 year in 1983, his first in charge of Big Blue. They were celebrating in Pasadena three seasons later. Jets fans should know how deceptive early results can be. Todd Bowles started off 4-1 in 2015 on the way to a 10-6 rookie season. Then, the wheels fell off. Bowles, Rex Ryan, Eric Mangini, Herm Edwards and Al Groh all had winning records in their first years and none of them worked out. Maybe Gase can go the other way. This is going to take time for Gase and general manager Joe Douglas to fix. Darnold’s return is going to make a lot of things and people look better, but he is not a cure-all. The Jets have issues mainly due to poor drafting. They have chosen one offensive player with their last 11 first-round picks — Darnold. A parade of underachieving defensive linemen taken in the first round has caught up to the Jets. They have not drafted an offensive lineman in the first round since 2006. The last offensive skill player they drafted who made a Pro Bowl in a Jets uniform was Keyshawn Johnson. He was drafted in 1996, one year before Darnold was born. Gase’s first season has not started off the way he or Jets fans hoped. But let’s not give him a final grade just yet.
  8. even so, having darnold back should make a huge difference.
  9. This is according to NFL Next Gen stats ,which tracks the movement of every player on the field, classifying an open receiver as any player with three or more yards between himself and the nearest defender. interesting. the way the offense has been playing i would've thought the receivers were getting knocked off their routes. but it makes sense and underscores how much difference darnold should make to the passing game. if the receivers are getting that much separation, assuming darnold gets enough time, he's going to make the 8 in the box defenses pay dearly. and it also speaks to gase's play calling. if the receivers are getting that open then maybe gase is calling decent plays. it's the execution that's the problem.
  10. This is according to NFL Next Gen stats ,which tracks the movement of every player on the field, classifying an open receiver as any player with three or more yards between himself and the nearest defender. With Luke Falk misfiring all over the field, an open receiver didn’t amount to much. If Gase can continue to scheme receivers open at that rate and Darnold is on target, all of a sudden Darnold’s presence can help get this thing turned around in a hurry. If not, Gase may be looking for work sooner than anyone could have anticipated. The post Here’s the Ripple Effect Jets are Hoping for With Darnold Return appeared first on JetNation.com (NY Jets Blog & Forum). Click here to read the full story... very true although the oline didn't look so good in the first game. here's to hoping that was more a function of kalil not being ready as opposed to the players being a lot worse than they were last season.
  11. yes but at the same time when a team is playing with a lead they don't do so many risky things either. the jets have had their chances in all of the games. some were just bad bounces other were the db's not coming up with the ball. imagine what the defense would be ranked if the offense scored about 20 points per game.
  12. if this doesn't light a fire under the oline, nothing will. here's to hoping for a win and darnold stays clean.
  13. maneesh is just a little creep. this is his game and has been for his whole career. he builds them up just to knock them down. if he likes the coach it's the players and vice versa.
  14. mostly agree with the projected cuts. but what's left out is being able to replace high priced guys like leo whose contracts have run out with lower cost draftees or players. they may need to pay more than beachum for a left tackle or kalil for a center. we'll see. the bottom line is they are in a good cap situation for next season.
  15. as i said, the 1999 team was ready for prime time. the team gase has isn't including the coaching staff. it's missing pieces and has too many new faces in critical positions.

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