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  1. how well did the jets cover gronk when bowles was hc? maybe not fair but it does show the need for a really good te.
  2. it seems just about every overtime game has some controversy. maybe the better thing is to just play one additional quarter at a time until one team wins. so as long as there's time on the clock they play. and if they're still tied after a quarter then they play another. during the regular season they can go back to no overtime and having tie games.
  3. he commentators were making excuses for tampa all afternoon. just about every time tampa had the ball they mentioned how brady didn't have anyone to throw to. i don't recall any of them saying the same about the jets or just about any other team during the season. losing players at the wrong time happens all the time.
  4. i hesitate to select him as the best of all time because he had his success with brady at qb. he had the patsies playing very well with jones but they really got beat badly by buffalo. another problem is he's only coaching in his era. i guess the same can be said of most coaches but guys like landry, shula, dan reeves all coached with an evolving nfl and were successful. and then there are guys like gibbs and reid who have had good success with more than one team. my gaging of the bellichiken is whether or not i'd want him as jets coach over any of them since 2000 and the answer has alway
  5. no real criticism of the flow chart. about the only i can say is there's no telling if a player is going to be a perreninal all pro no matter what his draft position is. the jets have drafted leo, adams, qwill, wilson and avt in the top 10 of the past drafts and none of them have achieved all pro except for adams.
  6. i have a hard time believing aikman talks to anyone in the jets building. that guy is a cowboy through in through. after seeing the cowgirls flail along for the past 30 years he's talking more about them. they're sitting and watching the playoffs just like the jets or the jags or the patsies, etc.
  7. yep. and that's the point. i'm sure leo thought he was worth quite a bit more than he actually was based on performance. both leo and qwill are nice players but i don't get the sense that the opposing offences really game plan them more than other dt's.
  8. from what i've been reading there aren't any receivers worth either the 4 or 10 pick. imo douglas has to go to the strength of the draft and that could mean defense. but maybe it could also mean using one of the top picks on a te, assuming there's one worth of the pick. the jets really haven't had a really good te since shuler and we saw wilson make some good yard throwing to griffen and kroft. they really a good no. 1 receiver. put out a new guy with davis and moore and the jets would have a pretty good set of starters. throw in a te and with a healthy carter it could be a pretty intere
  9. bookend tackles again? both marvin powell and chris ward went No 4 in their respective drafts. i keep saying this is very similar to those late 70's drafts. we'll see. i think this team needs skill positions more than oline at the moment. it might depend on how well becton is coming along.
  10. there were just too many injuries and holes at key positions to really judge this team. true enough a number of young players really did performa at a high level. this alone will free up douglas to fill other glaring holes. of course the team success will depend on these young players to continue to get better and stay on the field. and the most important thing is wilson did turn a corner of sorts. he strted to trust his oline and opted for a shorter passing game. that was kind of hard because he just didn't have enough reliable receivers at times and it was obvious the run game helped.
  11. looks like ojabo has some good size. 6-5, 250. he can probably cover te's and set the edge.
  12. what? no kyle brady? my bad, your list is from the turn of the century.
  13. qwill is getting the over drafted treatment that lots of jet players get. i don't recall adams getting the same degree until he started shooting his mouth off. people were willing to overlook his coverage skills because he was playing more like a linebacker. the minute he was treated as a safety he became overdrafted. imo qwil will look much better once they actually have a decent edge to complement his interior play. granted he'll still be over drafted but he'll also be seen to be a keeper instead of a guy they can get in late draft rounds.
  14. they have fant for one more season. he may be the lt they've been looking for and he may want lt money. but he also did better when paired with avt versus gvr and that has to be figured into the equation. i'm thinking an lt needs to be nimble on their feet more than have great bulk and that may give him an advantage over becton. we'll see. it's kind of good the jets have some options here as opposed to years past.
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