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  1. so maybe bowles persona in the locker room is the same one we see during pressers. that is not good.
  2. mostly agree. i'm souring on anderson. i get that he hasn't had many opportunities to catch the ball but he still needs to keep working at the other aspects of his game. maybe a trade is in order. the oline is the key. they need the left side and could upgrade the right side as well.
  3. didn't they have 3 holding calls on one play? okay i get some of those are to prevent the qb from getting clobbered and are justified but how many of those penalties are stupid in nature like off sides, or illegal formations, or not trying to go for the ball while pass defending. those all come back to coaching.
  4. rangerous

    Bad Coaching At It's Finest

    makes sense. they held the bills to 10 in the second half. not that the bills were in any rush to score then but they must've made some adjustments at halftime. you're supposed to adjust the defense at any time not just half time.
  5. rangerous

    ESPN-NYJ 73% chance at Top 5 pick?

    yep. the giaints and possibly the raiders are looking for qb's and it's possible the jets will finish with a worse record. there should be some pretty good trade down opportunities.
  6. rangerous

    Admit You Were Dead Wrong

    it's not signing mccown. it's signing him for 10 million when there wasn't any other team in the running. the mentoring thing isway overblown but mccown has apparently been a good influence on young darnold in many ways. besides if one thinks signing mccown is the main thing wrong with this team i've got a couple of bridges to sell them.
  7. i don't see the 5 year target being too out of line considering the jets qb situation when he took over. also it could be he was saying 5 seasons but really wanted to get tp the playoffs in 4 or less. that way he would've looked much better. the funny thing is almost worked because they just missed out in 2015.
  8. rangerous

    Francesa's Remedy for Jets

    we have a qb from kalifornia though.
  9. yep. and the whole point is mac was feeding in the players that bowles wanted. this is bowles team. if he didn't pick the players directly he at least influenced what types of players he wanted. it's doubtful he was looking too hard for oline. agree too on the free agents. i remember a few season s ago when the redskins went out and brought in a whole bunch of high priced free agents. how'd that work out? not very well. and even in 2015 when they brought in revis, cro, marshall etc. that worked for a season. i'm surprised they got that much. trumaine johnson? they don't have an out for about two more seasons with that guy.
  10. can't see schwartz as the bellichicken's hare apparent. i'm betting that job is slated for little joshy.
  11. rangerous

    Fixing the Jets an 8-Step Plan

    mostly agree. i'm not sold on throwing it all on an "offensive minded" coach. the head coach needs to be aware of all aspects of the game and throwing in with an offensive coach just sounds very one dimensional. true they need to score points but more importantly, they need to play the full 60 minutes of smart football.
  12. what i see is mac's original time table was to compete in 2019. i guess if they launch bowles it gets pushed of another year or two? it's kind of ridiculous and i can only mac is plenty upset the way this team has been playing even with darnold at qb. and mccown starting kind of proved the problem is with every player besides darnold. that's a good thing.
  13. i think there was a general concensus that mac was out there picking the best player available when he was actually feeding bowles what he wanted. on this note what couch wouldn't want a gm who gets him the players he wants. parcells left the patsies because he wasn't shopping for the groceries. bowles made this stew. now he's being cooked in it. btw, i know mahommes is doing extremely well for kc but that doesn't mean he would be doing so well if drafted by the jets. i'm pretty satisfied by darnold.
  14. as parcells used to say you "play the way you practice". if getting stomped by the bills is an indication of the way they practiced then maybe bowles just doesn't know what he's seeing or watching.
  15. rangerous

    John Harbaugh

    does being a player or assistant coach count? i can't think of any head coaches who have won as head coaches with two different organizations. weeb come close because he won an nfl championship before sb III. vermeil was in the sb as hc of the eagles before winning with the rams.

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