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  1. did you somehow any of the roster holdouts from last season were actually going to get much better? one year older and they are injured more.
  2. so they went for the score instead of trying some sort of run play. it almost worked.
  3. i guess griffin isn't playing. maybe they can go with a heavy package and use qvale at te.
  4. screens and play action to bell as well as hitting the hot crossing routes.. maybe berrios redeems himself or crowder or vyncint smith. and griffin can have a big role too.
  5. it is a non-story. so bell went bowling. he went bowling after reporting the jets and then being sent home and told he wasn't playing. he didn't do a thing wrong. does it look wrong? maybe but only if he was supposed to play the next day or was playing some sort of game with the jets.
  6. cowboys ranked no. 1? i don't know about that. the team has some talent but it also has jerry jones and a coach needs to have some real gravitas to overcome the effect of jones. as for the jets, the decided lack of talent is a good thing for an incoming coach. the johnsons have been pretty patient as owners and so an incoming coach will have a few seasons to develop a winning program.
  7. who the h**l is danny helfitz? sounds like a guy who just wants to be heard.
  8. pretty much agree on going offense in draft, especially oline. but if they do have the chance to get a top flight edge or corner that could be a possibility.
  9. the defense is sort of a victim of it's own success. they've done pretty well without all of those highly drafted players. williams has done a good job of shuffling in practice squad players and erstwhile bench warmers. they still could use a really good corner and edge rusher.
  10. there may be something good in all this. by keeping with his scheme gase is finding out which of the current players fit best so it should be easier to cull the team. from what i see, running game aside, the receivers are getting open. darnold is making good passes and is getting dropped a lot by wide open guys.
  11. i don't think a glorified scout whose good at scouting would've touched hackenberg or made so many bad draft picks. it's one thing to pick players that don't fit a team's needs. it's something completely different to simply miss getting good players.
  12. bell has 55 catches and has been thrown to 67 times so far. he's not being that ignored. he's getting about 15 touches per game and he probably needs 20-25 to be effective. i don't think gase is being spiteful it's just that he's trying to run his scheme and right now it's not a good fit for bell.
  13. holmes was good in 2010 but the next year he became a huge distraction and didn't show any respect for sanchez. and let's be clear, idzik may have driven rex and sanchez out but rex didn't do much to help out sanchez and he ran a circus. rex needed to be replaced. sanchez could've stayed and possibly would've gotten the coaching he needed.
  14. much as bell is a really good player, his salary is way high. they could have two powells (alternate weeks because of the injuries) and have money left over for free agents or re-signing the few players worth extending contracts. imo it's too simplistic to say gase is trying to run bell out. he's not. it's more that the running scheme gase is trying to employ can't be run effectively with the oline he has and maybe the way bell likes to run with the ball.
  15. the 49ers are doing pretty well of late. they showed some flashes when they first got garappallo and now it's all working. but they also had to go through many seasons of su**iness before they turned the corner and got their act together. we can expect the same from the jets.

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