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  1. i didn't count how many i listed. there may be a couple more. ignoring the repeats, there are 104 qbs that have been to the show. i'm too lazy at the moment to see how many different qbs have made it. maybe i'm talking myself out of this line of reasoning. but if it was 104 different qbs and 12 mercenaries then the doesn't it stand to reason are that much less? i'd have to think about it more.
  2. to answer the poll, i think i'd be inclined to draft the qb and keep darnold if there are no takers for him. let him start (or battle to start with the rookie and morgan, and use the remaining draft picks on building the team. if darnold succeeds or comes around then excercise the fifth year option. even at 25 million, adding that to the rookie qb contract plus whatever morgan gets still only costs 32-35 million for the position. pretty high but then they have darnold with the hare apparent. and then there's always the possibility that the rookie will show enough to displace darnold at some point during the season.
  3. just thinking, how many teams have gotten to the show with a mercenary qb? i'm thinking there aren't that many. plunkett won two, morton went to one with the broncos, brees started out on the chargers, kerry collins went with the giaints, earl morral went with the dolts, brad johnson won with the bucs, rich gannon went with the raiders. i can't think of many more. the point is, by and large, the superbowl qbs all went with the teams that drafted them. also peyton manning, doug williams, steve young, and kurt warner.
  4. it's all about resource allocation. the jets can use the draft picks to land a big time qb in a trade and use salary cap to bring in some top oiline help or they can draft a qb and use draft picks for the oline and then salary cap for other skill players. another point is if the jets do make a move for watson i can see other teams trying to get into the act. maybe the 49ers offer up garapollo for a different draft pick set. maybe detroit does the same with stafford. there are lots of possibilities.
  5. watson aside, the jets have money and some teams don't. saleh is a respected coach and all of the good press is making some players sit up and take notice. can't say it would be any different if smith or some other guy was hired. the jets were pretty much looking at the top available coaches.
  6. nah, we're fans. we don't need to or care about facts. i thought he was going to become a free agent i just wasn't sure if it when the season ends or the league year. thank you for clarifying.
  7. i thought so but don't player contracts end at the end of the league year?
  8. not for nothing but this is probably the most important hire the jets make after saleh. saleh will be putting his stamp on the team's attitude and expectations but it's going to be up to the coaches like lafleur to make it all work given the players he has. another point is there seems to be quite a bit of emphasis on how saleh is going to transform the jets defense, etc. to a degree this is true. saleh comes from the defensive side so it's fair to assume he's going to take interest in the defense even if he hires a top flight dc. but, imo, the problem with the jets defense over the past few seasons has been the offense. score some points and the defense looks a heck of a lot better. not that there aren't any holes, just that getting the offense right should be the prime goal.
  9. wow. i knew he had limited time left but thought he would've played at least one more. so what are the dolts going to do? they have eason and brisset on their current roster. is eason the son of take a sack tony eason?
  10. Interesting considering that if Mac signed cousins there would be no darnold. Instead they might have had cousins and Allen or Jackson as the QBs combo or Mac would’ve simply settled for a dt or safety with the 5 pick.
  11. An awful lot of offense support and skill position players in that mock on top of getting a decent edge player. Just about any QBs could be placed behind that oline and with Harris and waddle have an easy time of it. Lots of misdirection and play action ability.
  12. Funny how the jets picked one of the busted corners. And possible 2 QBs busts depending on how they’re graded. the bigger issue is there are 32 teams and, I believe, only 25? Pro bowl players selected each year (22 offense and defense, 3 special teams). This means it’s pretty hard to achieve that status and the pool of players in the top 10 picks over the average career is pretty small. A lot of all pros have to come from some other draft positions.
  13. A lot of truth in that observation. If they choose to go with darnold I hope he works out. Hack was such an extreme case. Mac tried to force him into the game when the coaches were telling him not to. And hack probably was the reason why Mac passed on mahommes or Watson.
  14. It can done if the jets can field clones of the 72 doltfins or the late 70’s Steelers to go along with darnold. In reality no QBs is going to win without a good supporting cast. Get a good run option to go with a good passing game and a QBs will thrive.

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