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  1. At least acknowledge that in gases second and third seasons as doltfins coach he was without tannehill and had to deal with Matt Moore and jay cutler. Also, gase was not fired as doltfins coach. He quit because he didn’t want to go through their rebuild. And tannehill was released the year gase left.
  2. I just read that article about wentz too. I am guessing that just about every darnold hater would trade him for wentz.
  3. Okay I get it. You hate gase. Well keep on advocating a revolving door with jets coaches and you’ll see what you get. I will hazard to say that the spot where the jets are starting from is worse than if they were an expansion team because of all the dead wood still left to cut. It takes time and changing a coach without any reason other than some fans thinks he sucks is no reason. If the team had a prime time player base I might think differently but until then I won’t be advocating launching gase, at least not in mid season.
  4. The doltfins made the playoffs. Some people get so fixated on these Sabre metrics for football that they forget about the win loss records. In the nfl it’s all about w-l. And the reason why Sabre metrics don’t work is that there are too many variables that determine how well a player is playing. As we have seen with the jets. In 2015 and with a healthy decker and Marshall combination, fitzy puts up best career numbers.the next season decker goes down and Marshall is dinged up and the team is in the gutter.
  5. Good points about fitzy. That 2015 season was fun to watch. It’s too bad Mac misplayed getting him camp earlier and then decker and Marshall being injured. The downside with fitzy is I never thought he was much more than a mercenary.
  6. The courage is knowing when to hold and when to fold. I disagree with gase having no leadership ability. I’ve never the met the guy and can only rely on what the media types say. Well we all know maneesh was a complete fabricator and so are Costello and Cannizzaro. Cimini is a little slyer. The point is their jobs are to create controversy so they can sell ad time. So why tell the truth when a little sensationalism sells more papers. But that’s the media’s problem. as for the Johnsons they’re going to take this all in. Maybe they dump gase and maybe they don’t. It takes courage to make either decision. They dumped mangini for Rex. And they dumped Rex for Bowles. And now people think they they should dump gase for whomever. Unless the next Lombardi is coming through the door is there really a point? And much as McAvoy and shanahan are the hot young coaches at the moment they’ve both demonstrated that their teams just aren’t that good. The bottom line is change for the sake of change is not good.
  7. How about his first doltfins season with tannehill and there some seasons with cutler. If you want to use something like this as your criteria to judge then go look at littlejoshy who has really only dealt with Brady or Schi##y who is now with Wilson after bouncing around. I’m no gase lover but a lot of this criticism is baseless beyond we don’t like the guys name or his oc or his eyes look funny or some other personal attribute. The talking heads don’t like him because he doesn’t tell them a thing so they start making things up. i suggest people should just sit back, enjoy the weather while it’s nice, and just not get worked up over this garbage until we see if the team progresses or goes down hill. It’s a long season and it’s not like the dolts are world beaters.
  8. Some good points about how an offense should be structured. Maybe it doesn’t look like it but I’m sure gase wants the rbs to be getting above 4ypc. The key is play execution and if the offense does that they will succeed. Didn’t the Lombardi packers may a living using a power sweep? They could run that play all day and be successful.
  9. I think people dwell too much on gase and the doltfins. Tannehill only played one season for gase and did pretty well. He goes to the Titans where vrabel has created a pretty nice ground and pound team. IMO just about any Qb can thrive if they have a good run game.
  10. I went with pick Lawrence but it’s not quite that simple. It all depends on how darnolds season finishes. The jets can earn the first with darnold still looking good. If that’s the case then they should trade out. If darnold is bad then draft Lawrence. But even here it depends on how this college season play out. Maybe Lawrence is the real deal but this season could show some regression. The thing too it’s not a bad thing to bring in top notch players even if the position is already filled. Right now I don’t see a lock on any jets position except for Becton at left tackle.
  11. We’ve seen this bills movie many times before. Fast out the gate then they pull up in the stretch. Like you said they beat two teams that aren’t playing very well at the moment. All it shows is that established teams have an early advantage in this covid crazy season.
  12. The receivers were both key. Marshall and Decker were both really good in their own right and it was hard for defenses to key on either. Then throw in Enunwa and they had a good receiver corps. The jets don’t have that right now. Too many are injured and the remaining ones should just run block.
  13. We saw that movie in 2016. Doesn’t end well.
  14. Maybe this is because the team had limited practice and they need to use games to get the timing down. No doubt the quick throws are to protect darnold. Better receivers might be able to make a football move to get some yac. I do think they need to use the tes more but without receivers to clear out some space it’s hard to see how they can very effective.
  15. I like Flores fire. In last season’s second doltfins game he was clearly animated when the jets pulled it out on a penalty. I guess payback is a b**tch considering how many times the patsies got penalty gifts but it was goos to see that kind of fire. I certainly don’t want the doltfins to succeed but it does look like Flores is better than any of their coaches going back to Jimmie Johnson.

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