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  1. some people think mike white is the second coming of joe namath. i don't know except if they don't find anyone else then the qb line up will most likely be wilson/flacco/white. should white be moved ahead of flacco? white's in his 4th year he has to have learned something about playing the position.
  2. boy when you get to this end of the roster it's almost a coin flip. teams seem to churn through these lower level players because it's impossible to have all pros at each position and then there are always injuries. the thing too is will these guys be on the roster or will they suit up on sunday's? i wouldn't be surprised to see edoga or rankins cut. but i also wouldn't be that surprised to see mims or smith cut.
  3. hall, echolls, and carter will have another year of experience and all did pretty well. adding sauce should help though he's not going to revis right out of the box. a good run of 15 games from him will be good. i don't think many players come in a play the whole 17 so he'll probably miss some time. this with dline improvements and it'll be fun to watch.
  4. maybe. so much is about attitude and emotion when these guys play. if saleh can keep the intensity up and they play full 60 minute games, they can go far. hopefully they start hot right out of the gate. that will give them confidence. 12-5? maybe but i think taking care of business in the afce will be the first priority.
  5. isn't that the truth? it seems like winning teams just don't have the injuries. the players want to play and be on the field. maybe not so much with jets players. hopefully they can start out hot and still be in the playoff hunt at week 6 or so.
  6. this is good. aren't all of the rookies signed now? can't wait for the season to start.
  7. isn't smith one of those tweener type wr's? not too fast, not too tall, good not great hands and so on. i can't see him being kept over mims unless mims lays a real egg in camp.
  8. it's like apples and oranges. hall is a big back, 6-1, 220. carter is 5-8 and 200. they're going to be complementary players each capable of doing some things the other can't. carter showed he can be very good coming out of the back field and running the ball. hall can do that as well. i think the thing hall will need to learn most is how to pass block. the jets finally have a really good rb duo.
  9. how many plays did lombardi's packers run? sweep right, sweep left, up the middle? the real key is to do the plays proficiently every time. this doesn't mean the playbook has to be loaded.
  10. i don't claim to know a thing about defenses but it seems to me that saleh's defense doesn't rely as much on a shut down type corner as other schemes do. it seems like he wants the fast line backers, nickel backs and safeties to handles the stuff up front and then use the dline to pressure the qb into making a quick or bad throw. but i do think picking a top corner in the first round was a good move. sauce should be able to alleviate some of the pressure on the secondary and buy some additional time for the dline to make a play.
  11. hill, waddle and geseiki have put up some good number and are talented but you still have to wonder how much hill really has left and if waddle can be a real star. i don't think any of them are as good as diggs so it's not like the doltfins have the best receiver in the east. we'll see what happens. the jets are finally going to be able to points on the board from anywhere on the field.
  12. he's just making an obvious point. he's making about 1 million when the top receivers are making 20 million. who's more valuable? probably the receiver but is he 20X more valuable? that's debatable. at the same time he's also a rookie 4th rounder so it's not like his contract will be like barkley's or mccaffery's.
  13. all the numbers don't matter if the guy can't stay on the field. hopefully he does and then we'll see.
  14. I do that every year. remember when qwill or leo were supposed to be qb wreckers? or trumaine was going to add stability and talent to the secondary? or wilson (the cb) was going to be a stud? or sanchez was going to break the mold and be a decent USC qb (followed by darnold who also made sure the mold stayed intact)? the list goes on and on. however it does feel different this season than it has in a long time. douglas is actually looking at team needs instead of flashy names. and instead of going into the season with multi team ret-treads at qb like fitzy or mccown at least there's some hope that wilson brings that extra special to the position. i have faith that douglas knew what he was doing by dumping darnold and going with wilson. and it also looks like we have some good rb's instead of the long line of free agents and over the hill guys. same thing with te's.
  15. i don't kow. i think he's still quite good but maybe not the right fit for the defense saleh wants to run.
  16. i don't see any issue with mcgovern. as others have pointed out now he's going to play between two good tackles and so his play should improve. he also seems to have an attitude and likes blocking on people. that's a good thing to have on the oline.
  17. that is one big man. as long as he has the stamina, speed, agility, strength etc it doesn't matter that much.
  18. there's a reason why he was a late round pick. although 4th round is high enough that douglas saw something. a&m has also turned out some pretty good edge rushers and cbs so maybe he will continue the tradition. playing in a good conference certainly helps. we'll see.
  19. wasn't it just posted a few days ago that wilson was missing easy passes? just goes to show it's all just practice at this point and there's no telling how well he will do. but wilson has shown exceptional accuracy and arm strength so things are boding well.
  20. could it be they have one of the largest fan bases in the nfl? a lot of fans bet for their teams to succeed. i don't bet but i think the jets can make the playoffs this season. it's all about them playing as a team and for the whole 60 minutes.
  21. no doubt hill made the game interesting to watch. the guy was great at getting open and then doing something once he had the ball. his criticism of the chiefs is a little off. if they used him less it's maybe because he wasn't as open as usual or another guy was getting open. and they didn't re-sign him because they just can't have 30% of the salary cap going to two players. it just doesn't work.
  22. right. watch out for the people who think this is bad because it's ground and pound. the surest way to protect a qb is to have a superior run game. and running the ball doesn't just mean hand offs. these days a run game can mean many short passes. the jets are poised to do just that. it's going to be ball control and very fun to watch the jets push the ball down field.
  23. the bigger picture is that the jets have addressed this position better than they have for quite some time. both uzomah and conklin are significant upgrades from griffen and kroft. we've seen wilson make good use of te's when they've been in games. of course it does help to keep them healthy.
  24. imo i'm not too worried about ota's. as i recall, wilson was doing pretty good in training camp and even in the pre-season last year. that didn't translate into what he did during the season. the season is just so much different than practice or pre-season. obviously we should be concerned if he can't hit those short passes 10/10. this offense is going to rely heavily on carter et al to catching and running. not to mention the occasional deep passes and slants.
  25. sounds like a non issue. becton will get his pre camp physical and that should be a good indicator as to whether or not he'll be ready when training camp opens up.
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