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  1. great news. klecko was one of those great players who could play in any era and do well.
  2. the jets need linebackers. if this guy can help, great. maybe his ability is the reason why douglas didn't choose one in the draft.
  3. kind of makes you wonder why he wasn't on specials in the first place. the draft position shouldn't automatically exempt a player from do whatever the team needs. hopefully this will help hi live up to his draft position. i don't think he's mired at the 5th spot. he's got the size and speed to move to 3 or higher if he wants. we've seen the jets field much worse receivers.
  4. it's so hard to tell until the games start to count. there are so many changes from last season . on paper they all look good but the key is putting them all together.
  5. no doubt mahomes is a great qb but he's only won the sb once in two tries. let's see him lead his team to 3+ wins before really putting him on a pedestal. sure it has to do with the team around him and the coaches but guys like brady, montana, and even favre were able to win with their next teams. let's see how watson does once he finally gets to play for the browns.
  6. it's not like lawrence is tearing it up but he at least has had more durability. that counts for something. as for any other qb over wilson, you can always find someone. heck the jets could've had mahomes or watson or jackson or allen.
  7. it's good he has confidence in himself. and it's good to see that he's capable if there's a team around him. but if his performances after the cincy game are a clue then he's not going to start ahead of flacco. it also looked like he wasn't very injured when he pulled himself out of a game last season. maybe toughness is an issue.
  8. what no larry fitzgerald? i think he'd come in around 2 or 3.
  9. i'm willing to bet douglas will always pick up the phone. if there's a demand for a certain player they'll call. but it's tough because a lot of those players may be the keys to success.
  10. i'm not sure if the jets could've done much better than flacco as backup qb. we saw mccown. we saw fitzy. we saw clemons. all of them were terrible.
  11. imo they shouldn't rush wilson back even moreso if flacco picks up a couple of wins. the difference between this season and last as far as these injuries go is they are happening early in pre season. flacco will have more time to get prepared for game sone and/or two. he'll be practising with the first stringers. i think he'll be good enough to pick up a win or two if the rest of the team plays well.
  12. kind of depends what the teams record is. if they're 3-2 or 4-1 they'll be calling flacco vinny jr. of course if there record is that good then it most likely means the rest of the team is doing pretty well.
  13. we'll see. i'm hoping they bring wilson along slowly and not rush him into service once his injury is healed. the team has time to get acclimated to his playing style so he should be able to win a couple of early games.
  14. of that list i only see one player that fires up the team and that's ray lewis. it's hard to pass on guys like rice or payton but lewis just pushed his defense.
  15. i think the best thing about the twilight zone is watching how many of those actors go onto bigger and better roles. i can't think of any current tv show or streaming show where so many different actors made it big. imagine robert redford playing the devil or billy mumy playing that kid, or william shatner in the plane and so on.
  16. the back up qb is almost always the most popular guy on the team (until he comes in and plays a few games to show why he's a back up). as for flacco, i don't see him as ever being an elite qb. sure he won a superbowl but those ravens teams were also pretty darn good in all respects. maybe if he was a few years younger the feeling for flacco would be more logical. i think now about the only thing we can say is he's better than mccown and is capable of managing a game. at this point it sounds like he's going to be the starter to open the season. they're saying wilson will be ready in 2-4 weeks but i don't think they'll rush it. after becton the last thing they need is for a guy to come back and then go down again.
  17. good news on the injury. the jets certainly didn't need to have another key player out for the season. but it did happen at the beginning of pre-season so they'll be able to give white, flacco, and strezeler more reps. it could be a blessing in disguise.
  18. it's pre season so relax. the big thing is wilson got injured and may be out. this could be good if they can get a guy like garapollo. there's little to know chance of making the playoffs with the current group of qb's and if they can't bring in a guy who can play effectively from game one they're pretty much toast. another wasted season. flacco of a few years ago might have given them some hope but then he would've been the starter and not wilson.
  19. like it or not becton is still only one player. the key for the oline is for them to learn how to play as a unit. they'll be fine depending on how long it takes to acclimate tomlinson and brown to the system. and considering the olines that they've had in the near past, this has got to be one of the jet's best ones in a decade. we'll see soon enough.
  20. right. but you can also say that players get injured less in the real games if they practice. it's all part of getting them to be the best they can be. losing becton is bad for the jets but i suspect it's far worse for becton, especially if he had any dreams of being the best.
  21. i get it. my point is just about every other team can go into game 1 with a suspect oline and they manage to still win. i remember one year when the steelers line was completely beat up. i also get the part about wilson needing all of the parts working but he's also a big boy. time to put those big boy pants on and make plays. and the same goes for the coaches like la fleur. they have to adapt as well. maybe we can forgive last season because they were all so new and the team was hit by the injury bug early and often but this is the nfl.
  22. if mitchell is doing so well, why get a one year rental like brown? they need a rt but at the same time they now have 5 guys or so to choose from. edoga is probably the guy who will be cut.
  23. agree but it's up to him. i'm sure he got quite a bit of money up front. certainly more than i'll make in my lifetime so it's a pretty good bet that he can sit back and do nothing. of course he won't play football but then he doesn't have to.
  24. i also find it a little annoying and is one of the reasons why i won't buy a player jersey. but, whatever. if it makes someone feel better about themselves, so what.
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