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  1. imo the salary cap is overblown as far as fans are concerned. maybe some fans have an inside track and know what goes on when the money is discussed. i sure don't. the only time i even get a little concerned is when a really good player becomes a cap casualty or when complete losers like trumaine or wilky are signed to huge deals and then do nothing. let the gm deal with this. that's his job.
  2. he's pretty big for a running back. i can see him being pretty good at pass blocking and getting out in the flat. i think we're going to see a short to medium passing attack that relies on the receivers getting yac.
  3. funny how this writer evokes parcells but forgets that parcells was something like 3-13 his first season with the giants as hc. the coaching problem with the jets is they brought in too many newbies and really didn't have the talent base to fit the scheme saleh and ulbrich wanted to run. add to that a host of injuries and you get a team at the low end of rankings. the writer is right about lafleur. lafleur's coaching picked up once he realized he doing too many things wrong. the offense also suffered a host of injuries and while injuries shouldn't be considered when assessing a team, i think that applies to established teams not one that has been a poor performer for a decade. we'll see soon enough. they brought in some good pieces and it should be fun to see how this all turns out.
  4. maybe it will. the point is these streaming services all have to survive on something. there's subscription fees and then there are also advertising revenues. i know when the usual subscription fees are added they are close to what a premium cable service charges, and then you have to pay for the internet service.
  5. i'm thinking santana moss has to be in this thread. moss was pretty darn good and could return punts. they got coles back in the trade.
  6. it kind of remains to be seen if the streaming services actually create more revenue for the nfl. there are only so many advertising dollars. seems like it's more of a reallocation from the networks to the streaming services. the downside is until 5G or something like musk's starlink is available everywhere we're still stuck with that cable line running to our houses.
  7. i don't see where we can tell anything from the small number of pictures. the only real thing is that becton is one big guy. if he's way overweight in that picture then he wears it pretty well.
  8. it never gets old. the best thing was watching jason taylor all similes and happy when the cameras were on him and the doltfins were winning and then showing him at the end. another interesting point is groh had the courage to pull vinny out for a series when things weren't going so. good to see a coach not afraid to pull a starter when he's not playing well. he got vinny's head back into the game.
  9. yep. i distinctly remember mcneil getting face masked on a run play that, if successful, would've given the jets a first down and all but seal the win. he didn't make the first down and the refs didn't call the penalty. i can't remember if it was before or after gastineau's roughing call. i just know it was late in the game.
  10. that's true. you don't get the nickname mevis by being loved by the fans. but i'm sure he was plenty popular in 2009 and 2010 and even 2011.
  11. interesting that klecko is the only defensive player in the top five. granted it's a popularity poll but you can't take away from guys like mehl or glenn or victor green or even revis.
  12. i don't see many jets players immune from being traded at any time. i'm sure we can leave out zwilson, the oline, the new te's, wr's wilson, berrios, moore down, rb's carter and hall. on defense we can leave out jfm, qwill, lawson, quwill, gardner, reed, carter, joiner, whitehead, bryce hall, echols and hennessey. mosley has a cap restriction. i think all other players are fair game especially if douglas can beef up the linebacker corp.
  13. it's pretty funny after remembering that big write up about how mac was stalking darnold from his first season at usc and was sooooo happy to have drafted him. funnier too because mac was supposed to be a good evaluator of talent. i guess not. good riddance.
  14. the usc aspect was left out. but really he just didn't seem to have much court awareness or understand the flow of the game. sure we can say he wasn't surrounded with better talent but that's something that all teams go through at times and the qb's do better than darnold. no sense kicking the guy when he's down. he made a ton of money and should be set for life. maybe three's a charm and he succeeds at his next team.
  15. it's kind of like the jets back in the late 80's when they had both obrien and eason on the team.
  16. geno could really whip that ball. too bad what's throwing the ball is connected to geno's head.
  17. yep but he's got a better arm.
  18. not a big fan of geno. the whole getting punched in the face thing is just too much to overlook especially since it was over $1000 or so. and he might've worked out if fitzy didn't have a career year. he's gone and hopefully he's grown up and can get the job done for the sea hawks.
  19. and 2 years before they won 10 with fitzy.
  20. 10-7. it's all going to depend highly on the first 4-6 games. they come out of the first 10 at 5-5 or better then watch out.
  21. i think i'll go with wilson. moore is going to be a really good player but you can't teach height.
  22. some people think mike white is the second coming of joe namath. i don't know except if they don't find anyone else then the qb line up will most likely be wilson/flacco/white. should white be moved ahead of flacco? white's in his 4th year he has to have learned something about playing the position.
  23. boy when you get to this end of the roster it's almost a coin flip. teams seem to churn through these lower level players because it's impossible to have all pros at each position and then there are always injuries. the thing too is will these guys be on the roster or will they suit up on sunday's? i wouldn't be surprised to see edoga or rankins cut. but i also wouldn't be that surprised to see mims or smith cut.
  24. hall, echolls, and carter will have another year of experience and all did pretty well. adding sauce should help though he's not going to revis right out of the box. a good run of 15 games from him will be good. i don't think many players come in a play the whole 17 so he'll probably miss some time. this with dline improvements and it'll be fun to watch.
  25. maybe. so much is about attitude and emotion when these guys play. if saleh can keep the intensity up and they play full 60 minute games, they can go far. hopefully they start hot right out of the gate. that will give them confidence. 12-5? maybe but i think taking care of business in the afce will be the first priority.
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