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  1. joe would've done better. people forget that joe was actucally pretty big for a qb in his day. he's about average size now. and don't forget about all of the rules designed to protect qb's and receivers that have come down in the past 20 years. true enough about the size and speed of some of today's players but don't forget that what's assumed is joe would also benefit from the same training. imo the only qb in recent history who comes close to him in talent and they way they approach the game is marino. and he wasn't wasn't half bad.
  2. the thing is namath does not rank top 5 in statistics but if he were playing today with the benefit of soft dback coverage and medical advances he'd be 1 or 2. totally different eras. and if you want to look at eras consider how many titles otto graham won.
  3. as i see it, option 1, 2, and 4 are close to being the same. i would opt for cutler if petty or hack show more than promise. if you bring cousins or glennon in he's going to want to stick around for a while so that pretty much undermines petty/hack. forget about romo, too old and fragile. forget about bradford, too fragile. forget about kaepernick, too much of a moron. and of they try to draft a top qb, good luck. look at how many top qb's the browns or texans or whoever have drafted expecting them to start on day one. it doesn't happen. now if they were really bold, they could go after guys like matt ryan or stafford. it'll take a ton of money but they would get a bona fide starter good for another 5 years.
  4. consider the source. cannizaro is justing bs like manish or serby. he has no clue about what the jets are going to do or what the real options are.
  5. that's true. imo only marshall, giacomini, and maybe harris. and marshalla dn harris can probably be restructured.
  6. maybe not glennon but i like the idea. the point is the jets have a seriously good group of receivers who need a qb to be able to get the ball to them. that's why they shouldn't be so quick to cut marshall or decker. maybe restructure. and enunwa will be on the last year of his rookie contract. the only downside is there aren't enough balls to go around.
  7. should woody sell the team? actually not a bad question considering his age. one of the reasons why the bellichicken left (according to the bellichicken) is that he was afraid of the ownership change because hess died. woody is getting along in years and if he doesn't or can't control the team after he retires or dies then he should sell to someone who wants to. the jets don't need a corporate owner like hess used to be.
  8. i don't see where mac has made any significant mistakes. the only thing he did this season was re-sign fitz and then not have enough cap space to get a better left tackle. and even the fitz mistake is not signing fitz but basically letting fitz hold out until just before camp. fitz should've been there starting from the spring camps. as for picking hack, i think we all have to rely on mac's judgement about his abilities. and the thing is that both hack and petty have some trade value at the moment if nothing else. the jets are going to be able to free up quite a bit of cap space this season and will also have some high draft picks. let's see what happens.
  9. past performances are not good indications of future performances. with the exception of maybe 5 teams, the nfl is loaded with teams that can be up one year and down the next. that includes the jets. imo what happened is the jets started looking at this schedule and started doubting themselves. i guess you can blame bolwes for not dispelling those doubts. maybe he was awed by the schedule. in any case they underperformed in just about every game. they should have at least been 5-5 or 6-4 at the break but only managed 3-7. good teams aren't afraid of anyone and believe they can win every game.
  10. perfect response for a lot of the bs being spewed around here about bowles. the guy needs a chance. he's been handcuffed with some bad players. heck marvin lewis is at 3-7-1 and bruce arians is sub 500.
  11. vinnie was downright awful until parcells resurected his career. it's all about where these guys play and cutler will have an easy time throwing to marshall, decker, enunwa, anderson, etc. as long as the jets beef up the oline. plus he is a vet and that will keep the attention of the vet players on the roster. and the point about wilk is to find away to cut losses. right now it looks like wilk is mailing it in. he may still be injured or he's being influenced by richardson but if he's mailing it in then it time to move him. i know other posters think that the jets will have a shot at a frachise type qb with the 5th pick but there's also a chance that the at least two of the top picking teams need qb's. there's also a chance that none of the top rated qb's for this season are deemed good enough to be first rounders. in any case, unless the jets figure there's something positice about starting petty or hack next season it's doubtful that they will enter the season without a vet qb. anyone want fitz back? and if they do draft a third qb, does that mean either petty or hack will be the odd man out.
  12. and osweiler is wearing his welcome out in houston. some report said obrien wasn't liking his play. but the big question is what will the jets do for next season? i suppose it's possible that either petty or hack might catch on and win the starting job before the end of this season. but you'll have a whole bunch of angry vets if they falter early next season. i know some trades have been bandied about. imo cutler is the guy they should be looking at. he's an accurate passer and has a good arm. he's also tough. he would probaby welcome a change from chicago. he won't be cheap. others could be glennon, or make a run at stafford or ryan. if they're going the free agent qb route, go big. they should not think they'll catch lighting in the bottle with bench warmer. they need someone who can play for at least another 3-4 seasons. that doesn't mean they shouldn't draft a qb. they should but they wouldn't have to draft one in the first or second round.
  13. pryor tries to give it out on each play. i might remind you that #19 is the one that caught the go ahead td pass. but really, maybe pryor needs to learn how to make tackles and gain positional advantage before trying to make the big hit.
  14. marshall is a horse. he's big has very good hands and loves to battle defenders. what's not to like/ the trouble he ws with denver, doltfins and the bears is well beind him. he can probably be effective for another 4 years. it all depends on how much the jets will be willing to pay. imo, the combination of marshall, decker, and enunwa should be an excellent selling point for any free agent qb. and they certainly make petty/hack's job that much easier too.
  15. here's the thing. if the records hold, they will have the 5th pick or so. imo cleveland will not go qb. sf probably will. bears probably will. jags might. but all of these teams need more than just a qb and if there isn't a sure fire starter what's the point? the jets should try to trade down and get additional picks and then pick a qb late 1st round if it's tubitsky or later. but even there, they'll have another young qb and no qb starter. petty? hack? what then? meanwhile you have the vets like marshall and decker wanting to win. at least decker suffered through a geno season so he will probably be okay. maybe they cold trade for cutler. wilk for cutler plus some draft picks. fox is a defense guy.
  16. stop making so much sense. to be sure, fitz isn't a frachise qb but he may yet be on the team next season. petty? who knows. we haven't seen enough of petty to say he's worth keeping. and while i agree with lucas that you never know until he plays, for some bowles has been reluctant to use him. hack? the jets have deep pockets and if he has issues with his mechanics they need to be working on them yesterday. they can hire coaches for this. imo bowles has other more serious issues to contend with than qb.
  17. maybe they kept the 4 qb's hoping some team would take one. if they dropped any, he would've had to go through waivers. they took a chance and this decision is probably on mac.
  18. okay, last year the team was 10-6. you do better. to be sure, bowles has some faults and if he has lost the team he should be launched. but it is way too early to make that decision. the team still needs to settle on too many key players to lay all the blame at bowles' feet. people should note that the bungles are 3-7-1 with marvin lewis as hc and the red ryder at qb.
  19. the way gilchrist has been tackling, it could have been a brady fat head and he wouldn't have blocked him.
  20. The early records of parcells and the bellichicken are tabulated below. both coaches had early bad seasons. i believe parcells first season was due, in part , to qb issues. the bellichicken had qb's in kosar and then vinnie. of course he started out with bledsoe when he joined the patsies and then moved on to brady. the point is people tend to forget it takes some time to build up a team and sometimes what's seen on the field isn't any indication of what's going on behind the scenes. is bowles the coach the jets need? no telling just yet. he brought some dogs to the dance and now he's stuck with them until the end of the season. Bill Parcells Playoffs Challenges Year Age Tm Lg G W L T W-L% G plyf W plyf L plyf W-L% Rank Num Won Notes 1983 42 New York Giants NFL 16 3 12 1 .200 5 1984 43 New York Giants NFL 16 9 7 0 .563 2 1 1 .500 2 1985 44 New York Giants NFL 16 10 6 0 .625 2 1 1 .500 2 1986 45 New York Giants NFL 16 14 2 0 .875 3 3 0 1.000 1 Super Bowl Champions 1987 46 New York Giants NFL 15 6 9 0 .400 5 1988 47 New York Giants NFL 16 10 6 0 .625 2 1989 48 New York Giants NFL 16 12 4 0 .750 1 0 1 .000 1 1990 49 New York Giants NFL 16 13 3 0 .813 3 3 0 1.000 1 Super Bowl Champions The Bellichicken Playoffs Challenges Year Age Tm Lg G W L T W-L% G plyf W plyf L plyf W-L% Rank Num Won Notes 1991 39 Cleveland Browns NFL 16 6 10 0 .375 3 1992 40 Cleveland Browns NFL 16 7 9 0 .438 3 1993 41 Cleveland Browns NFL 16 7 9 0 .438 3 1994 42 Cleveland Browns NFL 16 11 5 0 .688 2 1 1 .500 2 1995 43 Cleveland Browns NFL 16 5 11 0 .313 4 2000 48 New England Patriots NFL 16 5 11 0 .313 5 4 0 2001 49 New England Patriots NFL 16 11 5 0 .688 3 3 0 1.000 1 6 3 Super Bowl Champions 2002 50 New England Patriots NFL 16 9 7 0 .563 2 9 5
  21. i don't know why they're going with fitz. it seems to me , though, that it's about loyalty to the veterans on the team. bowles desparately wants to win a game(s) and, in all honesty, fitz does give them a better chance. also, yeah everyone wants to see petty, except maybe the team. if petty starts, it means they're tanking. and if they're tanking, if you think wilk or revis were mailing it up to now, you will see it, big time. so bowles isn't just concerned about seeing what petty can do, he's also trying to see what the other players do. the best thing is to just watch it play out and hope they do much better next season. and, at this point, i wouldn't be surprised if fitz was on the team next season and even started.
  22. point 1 okay point 2 you can bring in knute rockne and this team as structured would still have trouble. the main thing is to assess if bowles still has the ear of the team. if he does then he can change and get better, more accountable coaches. point 3 it makes no sense to cut marshall and/or decker to sign a qb like cousins. the combination of marshall, decker, and enunwa is a pretty darn good draw for a qb who wants to win. i would get enunwa inked and not wait for his rookie contract to expire. draft a good right tackle and get some oline depth. cut clady and mangold. try to keep asj. point 4 trade richardson, restructure harris, cut gilchrist and revis. try to trade pryor. try to trade wilk. it's hard to gage his desire or if he's injured but if he's pulling a hainsworth he should be moved. point 5 draft oline, cb, qb. fill out depth with udfa and free agents.
  23. not to mention the oline. clady was a gamble that didn't pay off. ultimately the patsies made a play on the strip fumble and the jets didn't. and llok at guys like wilk who should be having their way with the patsie line. the guy gets called for being off sides on a key play. he should know better.
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