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  1. the bigger picture is that the jets have addressed this position better than they have for quite some time. both uzomah and conklin are significant upgrades from griffen and kroft. we've seen wilson make good use of te's when they've been in games. of course it does help to keep them healthy.
  2. imo i'm not too worried about ota's. as i recall, wilson was doing pretty good in training camp and even in the pre-season last year. that didn't translate into what he did during the season. the season is just so much different than practice or pre-season. obviously we should be concerned if he can't hit those short passes 10/10. this offense is going to rely heavily on carter et al to catching and running. not to mention the occasional deep passes and slants.
  3. sounds like a non issue. becton will get his pre camp physical and that should be a good indicator as to whether or not he'll be ready when training camp opens up.
  4. i'm not sure what's meant by good plays vs bad plays. seems to me these ota's are to get the new guys acclimated into the system and make sure everyone is on the same page when the real training camp starts.
  5. i'm thinking this is mosely's last season in a jet uniform. hard to say about lawson. if he comes back then maybe he gets extended. i think davis' situation is highly dependent on how well the new receivers do, even mims. he costs too much to be coming off the bench.
  6. isn't this what he's supposed to do? i suspect mac and even idzik did the same. the difference is that neither of those guys knew what positions needed attention. the big issue imo is if they don't have a warm and fuzzy feeling about becton. becton is going to have to learn to play hurt. oh not surgery required hurt but play through those inevitable nicks and strains that go hand and hand with his chosen profession.
  7. well, they did end the season with the 4th worst record. you have to wonder if they consider injuries. the jets certainly had more than their fair share last season to many of the starters. this has got to have some effect on the coaches performance. i realize they're talking about a record with an average roster but saleh's jet record (and the jet's roster) is baked into this somehow.
  8. same here. sure losing clark to injury was unfortunate and perine hasn't shown as much as carter or johnson or coleman. morgan got launched. and, of course not having becton for a season was bad but the rest of the guys have played and contributed. davis has improved over his rookie year and so has zuniga. mims took a step back but maybe it was the food poisoning that did him in. this 2020 draft still has a good chance to be decent.
  9. much as i think they can win 11+, i'd certainly be pretty happy if they went 6-0 or 5-1 in the east.
  10. it's espn. on top of their stupid nfl coverage they have to have idiot steven a doing some commentary in the nba finals. just another reason not to ever watch or listen to espn.
  11. i don't know. seems like people get enamored with these has beens who just aren't that good anymore, if ever. sure depth on the oline is a good thing and something the jets should want. i have no problem with bringing him in for a look.
  12. this ain't the fbi of efrem zimbalist jr. or elliot ness anymore. these guys have got too much power and basically do as they please. for them not to have investigated nassar more thoroughly is just plain wrong. can't say i want these girls to get that much money but it would be nice to see some these fbi types locked up.
  13. training camp is getting close and we'll see what becton can bring. and i don't see it matter much if lawson comes back strong and rushes past him. did we see lawson matched on fant? becton showed enough his first year that we should pretty confident on him being able to handle the position. of course the whole idea of him being a whirlpool king might still be out there but that was last season. he should be healed and he should be ready to play the game.
  14. the 2020 draft still only relies on becton to be respectable. becton has to be a full time sterter. hall and mann were also good pick ups. davis has been starting though he needs to improve his game. i'm not sure what more can be expected from 3rd and 4th rounders. mims getting his head back into the game would be very helpful.
  15. teams make their own great players. there's no telling how good a player will ultimately be after being drafted. it takes time for the player to develop. and it takes a system that plays to the players strengths. the jets are very young at the skil positions so it's going to take some time for them to gel. so far, at least they have players that have either flashed with other teams or were sufficiently good in solid college programs that they have a good stating point.
  16. i was about to bring up the same point. also are they counting special teams plays in the mix? 30-35 snaps per game is probably a lot closer to is right than 45-50. i don't know the average number of plays there are in an actual game but i'm guessing is close to 100 total, 50 defense and 50 offense. and let's not forget that an improved offense should help reduce the defensive snap count by chewing up the clock.
  17. somehow i think douglas and saleh have a better handle on what qwill means to the jets as opposed to pff. like others have said, douglas most likely would have actively shopped qwill if he wasn't worth anything. on the other hand douglas said he would answer the phone if someone asked.
  18. i listened to quite a bit from the weei homers today on the way to boston. the gist of it was that they didn't think the combination of patricia and judge was going to work and that the bellichicken was spreading himself too thin. okay, we'll see soon enough if it works out. it's not like any ex-patsie assistant has been successful anywhere. but i do know that thinking some homer radio announcers know best is foolish.
  19. the jets need to worry about how their coaches are. nevermind about the patsies. imo both patricia and judge are getting some criticism but remember, both of those guys were in near impossible situations with the lions and the giaints. sure both failed during their first go arounds as hc but that doesn't mean they aren't good assistants. and we might think patricia doesn't know offense but there isn't a defensive coach out their who doesn't. they have to know what can beat them.
  20. the 4 pick has got to be a special player. here's to hoping gardner doesn't become anoth wilson or millener.
  21. doesn't davis have more career interceptions than jamaal adams? he's improved. he needs to take better angles and understand where the ball is going. he's also been pretty durable. hopefully he can either start or be a good back up.
  22. note the blue tinted glasses. obviously there's no telling how the drafted players will work out until they actually start to play. but jamal was a proven commodity and he proved he really wasn't that great at his position. sure he had some sacks but that was because of the scheme he was in. i'm guessing you could send just about any db on a delayed blitz and he'd rack up quite a few sacks too. but the bigger thing about adams was the me factor. he turned into a cancer and non team player. had he stayed with the jets it would've been all about him not being able to get sacks and excuses as to why geseicki, and gronk, and kelce just ran all over him. the jets did the right thing.
  23. and? no news here. the receivers couldn't get open and the oline was giving wilson too much pressure. and his run game was also sketchy. about the only thing he could do was dump the ball more often to avoid the sacks.
  24. probably about right in the ranking. they don't have that really scary receiver yet. maybe garrett or moore will be the guy. maybe davis will show way more. and that's the main difference between the top teams and the jets. and it helps to have player groups that have played a few games together and have been available. it's also going to depend on how lafleur chooses to use these guys. they got two good rb's and an oline that should be able to open some good holes. and then they also brought in a couple of good te's. this sounds like a lot of short passing and slants with good running and a few down field attempts. we'll see what happens.
  25. he died way too young. never really liked his acting. his characters were always a little slimy. remember when hopkins ate his brains in hannibal? but yes, goodfellas was a really good movie and liotta played his part very well.
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