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  1. the jets need to worry about how their coaches are. nevermind about the patsies. imo both patricia and judge are getting some criticism but remember, both of those guys were in near impossible situations with the lions and the giaints. sure both failed during their first go arounds as hc but that doesn't mean they aren't good assistants. and we might think patricia doesn't know offense but there isn't a defensive coach out their who doesn't. they have to know what can beat them.
  2. the 4 pick has got to be a special player. here's to hoping gardner doesn't become anoth wilson or millener.
  3. doesn't davis have more career interceptions than jamaal adams? he's improved. he needs to take better angles and understand where the ball is going. he's also been pretty durable. hopefully he can either start or be a good back up.
  4. note the blue tinted glasses. obviously there's no telling how the drafted players will work out until they actually start to play. but jamal was a proven commodity and he proved he really wasn't that great at his position. sure he had some sacks but that was because of the scheme he was in. i'm guessing you could send just about any db on a delayed blitz and he'd rack up quite a few sacks too. but the bigger thing about adams was the me factor. he turned into a cancer and non team player. had he stayed with the jets it would've been all about him not being able to get sacks and excuses as to why geseicki, and gronk, and kelce just ran all over him. the jets did the right thing.
  5. and? no news here. the receivers couldn't get open and the oline was giving wilson too much pressure. and his run game was also sketchy. about the only thing he could do was dump the ball more often to avoid the sacks.
  6. probably about right in the ranking. they don't have that really scary receiver yet. maybe garrett or moore will be the guy. maybe davis will show way more. and that's the main difference between the top teams and the jets. and it helps to have player groups that have played a few games together and have been available. it's also going to depend on how lafleur chooses to use these guys. they got two good rb's and an oline that should be able to open some good holes. and then they also brought in a couple of good te's. this sounds like a lot of short passing and slants with good running and a few down field attempts. we'll see what happens.
  7. he died way too young. never really liked his acting. his characters were always a little slimy. remember when hopkins ate his brains in hannibal? but yes, goodfellas was a really good movie and liotta played his part very well.
  8. 20 million per year? maybe not too high but q is just one player and the jets could get at least 2 B rated players for that much. the thing too is players rotate in and out quite a bit these days. is qwill in on every down?
  9. it figures little joshy would give this clown a tryout. joshy was the moron who drafted tebow for denver and then went on the illegally film other team practices. i doubt if kapernick even stiffs the back up job but it's little joshy so we'll see.
  10. remember, besides the fact that stephen a is a moron, he has to get people to watch his show. so taking one side or the other no matter how ridiculous is the way he does it. of course he could be talking about the knicks.
  11. wilson is a lot bigger than his baby face seems to indicate. wasn't there a story about saleh physically hugging wilson before he was drafted to make sure he wasn't a twig. and he also took some good shots last season.
  12. that may be true but that's because they were on the same field together more than any of the other receivers. let's see davis, moore, garrett, and even mims get on the field as much and then we'll see who wilson has chemistry with. and he was doing pretty well with moore in the game during the second half.
  13. i suppose you can make that case. i'm sure most jets fans have been in work situations where you get passed by and some moron gets promoted. honestly i don't see the attraction of stephen a on any level. espn can easily replace him.
  14. maybe it's because there aren't any jets fans who really think stephen a is a good reporter. he's a friggin moron and i'm sure i'm not the only who thinks so.
  15. mike white certainly had a good game but he also was able to throw to carter quite a few times and he made some good yardage. it really just underscores how it's a team game and one position player can't win games by themselves.
  16. uh, no. i loved buttle as a player and he was pretty entertaining on that sny jets show but it's hard to see he's got the experience managing anything. how'd matt millen do in detroit?
  17. any given sunday, as the saying goes. true the patsies aren't nearly the dominant team of the brady years but the bellichicken can still put together winning game plans and knos how to make those in game adjustments. and it's not like the jets much greater personnel talent. they've improved but until they start playing as a team it doesn't matter much.
  18. good. just when i thought i'd have to wait until july the ota's start. it's good to get the whole team thinking about the season and what they need to do to be successful.
  19. and? i really wish there was somewhere that tracked the hit/miss ratio of drafted players. sure we say zuniga, perine were misses but are they any moreso than clarke who retired due to injury? and even davis has shown up even if he doesn't play his position very well. we'll see what happens. another season these guys are all on the clock to make the team or possibly be tossed fro the nfl. as for how good the 2020 draft was, becton is certainly the blue chip and finding bryce hall , davis and even mann make it kind of okay. if mims can turn his game around then maybe they got something.
  20. seems like the jets have always been adding players through training camp. they've improved their starting talent base but there's no telling how good their depth is. and it seems more than one major player goes down during training camp or early in the season.
  21. is he one of those big fish in a small pond type player? he was drafted high enough that he must have shown something. the knock is he's not heavy enough but fant only weighs 20 lbs more. mitchell should be able to easily gain that much. he's still growing. we'll see. hopefully he's better than edoga or mcdermott.
  22. the thing i saw first about this podcast was the draft kings logo in the upper left corner. what better way to get those bets rolling in than hyping the team in the largest media market?
  23. okay, i can see criticising wilson but at the same time the rest of the team has improved. it's yet to be seen if they put all of the improvement on the field. if they do then wilson doesn't need to improve all that much. guys like rex grossman and blake bortles took their teams into the playoffs. there have been an awful lot of average qb's on the losing side of superbowls.
  24. good points but if gardner, and wiliams turn out as the jets want then they've pretty much solved their safety issues and possibly their cover lb issues. gardner should be able to give the safeties some relief and williams should be able to protect the edge. he's also fast enough to cover a te. we'll see.
  25. he's a little undersized and did make some errors. he had a few ints go right through his hands but sometimes a team needs those guys who come in a play hard every play. look at a guy like james harrison. he too was undersized but played with some serious intensity. if quincy can channel some of that into better positional play he could be really good.
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