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  1. If we go receiver trade back a few spots and grab Chase or Smith. Allen was pretty average last year in the pass game until the Bills got Diggs. If we keep Sam we absolutely need to draft a #1 because the top free agents won’t sign with the Jets. Sign a #1 corner in FA.
  2. It's all conjecture - he didn't play at all this year and if DJ says he has a balance issue - that's enough to make him drop a bit in his eyes. I really doubt we'll be taking a tackle again so high. Remember, DJ is very well connected to our team and he nailed our 1st pick last year. I think we'll go with a guard with our second #1.
  3. You remember the trouble Woody got himself into in London? I wouldn't characterize him as a good guy. Also, his associations with high ranking officials bring up red flags. I wish he would stay away permanently. Chris, on the other hand seems like a really nice guy.
  4. It's easy to change opinions on Wilson and Fields. If we don't get Watson, I do believe Wilson is the best option. Not only is he very accurate and have a strong arm, but he will be really well suited to the new offense that will be implemented. I think he's going to be a star in this league. If JD does, then he should take him. No-one thought Watson and Mahomes should go 6th - how did that turn out for us? If you really like a guy, who cares what other people think about draft spots. If anyone took Brady with the first pick that year they would have been the laughing stock of the league - same with Wilson, Montana, Favre. QB evaluation is an inexact science. The fact that he will most probably go #2 to someone says a lot about what teams and scouts think of his potential.
  5. so - I'm assuming you don't like his mug either?
  6. Same team as last year with different QB - they went 7-9 last year. Can't get more obvious than that.
  7. You think 52 years would be instant gratification - there are no words. Like I said in a previous post, lots of Jet fans don't want them to win. There is zero justification to not wanting a 25 year old superstar with an affordable contract with plenty of resources to build around him. Zero.
  8. Bryce Hall and Mims are starters - Davis will be a starter too. Lots of injuries in a year with no pre-season and mini camps, etc. We did very well. Plus, we'll have a first rounder like most teams.
  9. I seriously question whether some people want the Jets to win on this board. A top 5 QB - which the Jets have never had since Namath. Sufficient assets to be able to build around him and a very affordable price tag for a top guy, wants to come here, could own NY. We should be questioning JD if he doesn't do it - that gives him more of a grace period with a new coach so they don't have to win now. If Miami lands Watson because we don't want him, how hard will it be to win the division with the Bills and Miami with Watson. It could keep us in 3rd for a long time. Counting out Pats because, f*ck the Pats. It's not just keeping our picks, it's letting a division rival get much, much better.
  10. Let's play this out - you have Sam playing QB with those assets in a perfect world. My perfect world is this: Deshaun Watson QB Allen Robinson - WR1 FA Denzel Mims - WR2 Jameson Crowder - Slot Thuney - Guard FA Center - Draft pick 2nd round Travis Etienne - RB 2nd round pick) CB or Edge - 3rd Round Pick WR - 3rd Round Pick Edge or Corner - FA Beat Pass Rusher - #1 pick next year My team wins by a landslide even if you ad my free agents to your team.
  11. New coaching staff, a bunch of assets to lure players, a nice haul of draft picks - we will compete immediately with Watson. How much fun would it be to watch him throwing to Mims, Robinson, Crowder and Herndon with a 3rd round running back and a first or second round center to play next to Thuney. It's all right there for us.
  12. totally disagree - and he wouldn't be coming to the same team. We have a lot of resources to get him a really good receiving corp and offensive line. Why don't people get this? We have an abundance of picks. Once we sign Watson we'll still have more picks than most teams in the league and a ton more cap space. Plus Mosely and at least a starting corner will be coming back - maybe even a pass rusher.

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