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  1. So, the Jets have 13 starters out, Jamal, their best player out, makeshift O-Line, playing the best team in football on the road, moved the ball pretty well early on, hosed on two big calls - but are in terrible shape? Darnold played better than Russell Wilson did at home against the Ravens with a much worse line and supporting cast. Go O-Line and WR in the draft and possibly one corner - get our injured guys back, add some pieces in free agency and we'll be contending next year for the division. Brady may not even be back, and he's been mediocre at best this year.
  2. Yeah, the younger guys like Connor Rogers is probably used to getting cookies and lemonade from a coach or his parents would file a complaint against him for being mean to their son. (partially kidding)
  3. 2 touchdowns and one pick, as a video that was posted yesterday mentioned, would be 32 TDs and 16 picks - the best season of any Jet ever. A pass interference call was missed on Robby last night. That should have been 1st down on the 1 and who knows what happens as the D picked it up. The game realistically ended with that no call.
  4. How is Pitt's O-line? Gase wanted the line fortified instead of Bell and in hindsight we know he was right, and I like Bell a lot.
  5. No, that's not what he was saying at all, just what you twisted to fit your narrative. Plus, there have been 0 scandals this year on the Jets, only the made up kind by authors like the one that wrote the article. I would easily take the Jets talent over the Lions and Jags if we are healthy. Add the picks and a few FA's and we should be ready to compete for the playoffs next year.
  6. surprised no-one stated that Namath did it in 14 games, not 16.
  7. Quick question as I have no idea: how many rookies on the OL can come in and start right away? Is it bad to have more than 2? We're not sure how good they will be at the next level. Plus, isn't OL a bit difficult to grasp immediately at the next level? We have one young guy already that was a solid prospect and he's struggled. Just wondering...
  8. Exactly. This was his most disruptive game before he got injured. They couldn't contain him at all and he blew up a lot of plays. He was clearly a force - just watch the film.
  9. Am I the only one that wishes you would change your avatar? With Namath’s face next to your posts it’s just off.
  10. Just wondering, how can you be a Jet fan and not a fan of the guy that will be QB for the next 10-15 years? He’s also the most talented since Namath and only 22. He could be our guy for 20 years.
  11. There is a huge difference. Dak has all day to throw and he still dinks and dunks and Sam only does it to save his life. Also, Dak's weapons are significantly better, which makes it ten times worse. Not sure how you can even compare if you watch the time Dak has compared to Sam. Sam to a fault would rather throw downfield than go to his check down.
  12. Exactly! Post of the week. I think people just don't get it. It's hard to play QB, let alone being 22 and coming off mono with a bad roster and crappy O-line. He has done really well considering the situation he was put in.
  13. You mean the same guy that screwed us out of Peyton Manning and Bill Bellichek? Just think about that for a second. He did way more to hurt the Jets than any coach we've ever had. He, even today, hates the Jets.
  14. LOL - zero talent on D. Only Adams, Maye, Q. Williams (just a rookie), Mosely and Williamson, Austin looks great, a bunch of young, hungry guys. I agree though - go offense and build a juggernaut. Our D is plenty good enough. Sign a corner in FA.
  15. Every game will not be so easy for them. Once the right D is put in place all the other teams will adopt it. Hopefully Williams will come up with it. They could be peaking too soon - they can't play better than they are now.

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