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  1. Greensleeves

    Baker Mayfield is Awesome

    You hope? Darnold has already shown he has the 'it' factor against Detroit and Miami. Baker played the Jets and Raiders - two teams with no pass rush. Darnold has gone up against teams with tough defensive lines and gets another this week. We'll see how Mayfield plays against a tough D - may not work out so well. We should be opening the playbook for Darnold - he easily threw for almost 400 yards against Miami without the drops and with one pick that was on him. He can throw 2tds and 2 picks with a lot of yardage if we let him. Bowles would rather handcuff him with a terrible, conservative game plan so he doesn't turn the ball over and barely moves the ball.
  2. A HUGE no. We need an offensive mind. The NFL is an offensive league in the regular season and we have a young, talented QB. It would be an absolutely horrible move to bring in another defensive guy. Hopefully the Jets have learned.
  3. Greensleeves

    Man... Sam really let it rip week 2

    Sorry, but that is plain wrong. If Pryor didn't give up on his route in the end zone we could win that game. Sam had one pick and if receivers hold onto the ball he has over 400 yards.
  4. Winter is right around the corner - knit hat looks nice.
  5. Alan Faneca instead of Klecko? How many people in a pickup game would pick Faneca over Klecko - probably none. He still has a chance - they pick some older guys later.
  6. Greensleeves

    Khalil Mack couldn't protect a 20-0 lead.

    All sorts of wrong with this post. First, Mack wasn't supposed to play as much as he did because he missed training camp. Next, without being totally ready to play, he has a sack, fumble recovery, INT and return for TD without being completely ready to play. That's one of the most dominant games I've seen from a guy with so little prep. I'm sure he was gassed by the end of the game because they put him in more than they said they would. This guy showed he may be the best defensive player in the NFL. Lastly, the Packers go rid of the ball much faster because of Rodgers gimpy knee. That was the reason for no sacks more than anything else.
  7. True, but not nearly as bad as Fox Entertainment, which is classified as an entertainment network and not a news network for a reason.
  8. So shelving a player for most of the season is smart? That's not what I'd call it - it's bordering on insanity. You need to give the kid at least 10 games so he can hit the ground running next year. As most NFL QBs have said, you don't learn by sitting, especially in today's day and age with practice rules. Again, the data is overwhelming that the best way for a young QB to get better is to play and not sit.
  9. Based on what? The fact that he played against the Skins #1 D without their offensive line so the coaches protected him because it's a meaningless preseason game? They don't want the kid to get hurt with this patch work line. Come regular season he'll be airing it out a lot more IF he has time. If not, Teddy will be much worse as he doesn't move as well in the pocket and could get re-injured and then we'd get no draft pick for him.
  10. Greensleeves

    Teddy Trade Thread (merged)

    Darnold is our QB of the future because he is the most talented QB on the roster. He has proven that in practice from all accounts. Just because TB lit up a 3rd string defense and Darnold played against the first string, everyone is comparing the two. It's nonsense. TB would not have been able to get away from the rush as well as Darnold did. Conversely, Darnold would have lit up the 3rd string. The comparisons are not equal. Start the kid and give him the experience he needs and see what happens. He needs to be prepared for next season.
  11. Greensleeves

    Teddy needs to start this year

    Sorry, but this is a post from someone that doesn't understand that Teddy played against 3rd stringers most of the night. Any of the Jets QBs would have had their way with them. Darnold handled himself much better than Teddy would have with the first stringers because he is more mobile. That's really important when your line gives you no time to throw. Teddy had plenty of time to throw with the defensive scrubs.
  12. I can't remember the article - I posted it a while back. It has overwhelming evidence based on past history that you are better off playing your rookie QB if he shows he can handle the offense. More QBs ended up being successful that played immediately than the ones that did not. It's just a fact. I'm still trying to locate the article, but it convinced me that there is no benefit to sitting a player that is ready to play. You don't get better watching someone else get all the reps in practice.
  13. Not exactly. Orlovsky broke down his film and Mayfield made fewer plays that were based on the play called, and more plays where he freelanced. He said Darnold made plays within the plays that were called because he understood where the ball should go on specific plays. Mayfield did not look to the correct receivers based on the plays he ran and often went through his progressions in the wrong order based on pre-snap configurations. He said Darnold was further along in understanding the play and where he should be looking based on pre-snap reads and the routes his receivers are running. Basically, Darnold was understanding the play and processing the info more quickly. He said Mayfield is clearly not ready yet since the regular season will be different and his reads need to be correct.
  14. Greensleeves

    Jets Training Camp - 8/8

    Worst possible scenario. You learn on the field during the season, not on the sideline. There just isn't time with the way practices are structured today. As has been pointed out, highly drafted rookie QBs are much more successful playing right away than sitting and it's not even close if you look at history. Thinking guys will develop by getting barely any reps are kidding themselves. It rarely happens. It will set the team back if Darnold doesn't start because then he'll have to come in and take his lumps. If he has a full year under his belt we can hit next year running. If not, it will push back the progress of the entire team, especially since he's the most talented QB on the roster.
  15. What I agree with and we've seen lots of data on this, is that sitting a rookie QB, when the rookie is picked highly in the first round, does not help his progress at all. If he has command of the offense he should start. Wasting away on the bench will not make him better - only playing will. Only the starting QB gets enough reps to get better once the season starts. Giving the job to McCown makes no sense unless Sam can't handle it.

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