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  1. exactly - no way they even get to 9 IMO. I think Cheaters end up 7-10 or 8-9.
  2. but you know the Jets rarely do the percentage thing. We'll probably go 4-2 and lose to Seattle and Jax.
  3. would be great to draft the consensus best center next year
  4. I though he did against the Bills - then the #1 D and threw for 350 yards against the Pats. I'm really happy MW played great today and hope it continues. But comparing Chicago without their best players on D (trade) to the last 4 teams we played is silly.
  5. Pressure up the middle and a suffocating D has nothing to do with smothering the outlet passes and not allowing the QB to step up into the pocket? Watch Kurt Warner's video breaking down the Pats game and then let me know if you still feel that way. He told you exactly where the ball should go on every pass and the ones that Zach missed as well as made. They were keying on the outlet passes often because it was hard to throw downfield in those conditions.
  6. It's great that he played so well for us and the team - and himself of course. But I hope you realize this was not the Pats D, Broncos D or Bills D by a loooong shot. MW was barely rushed into a throw the whole game. Zach will be more than likely be back by Jacksonville unless M Effin White plays great against the Bills.
  7. No he didn't. This was always going to be a get right game for Zach. Because he blew it with Connor Blowghes he lost that opportunity. Zach would have been much better against one of the worst defenses in the league that against all of those top 10 defenses. Let's hope Mike White can play well against the Bills - not sure he can put up the game Zach did. Hope he can, but it will determine whether that's his last game as a starter or not. Not a game against a bad team missing starters. That being said, he played great and you can only play who is in front of you. It was a must win and it was refreshing to see him play an excellent game. This game was a nice one to gain some confidence against some tough opponents coming up.
  8. Yes he could against a horrible defense. Super pumped Mike White played well, but you're comparing apples to oranges - pretty easy to see he had a lot of time in the pocket with Herbig back and a bad defense. Let's hype Mike White and not compare this game to a top 10 defensive struggle. If the easy throws are there against the Bills then I'll be very happy.
  9. Bears D is 29th in the NFL. He should have time to throw with our Oline being healthier. It's not like he's facing defenses that Zach has the last 4 games. I think Zach would have had his best game too - makes a big difference when the defense is not top 10. Thing is, even if he has a great game, you can't compare it to doing well against the Broncos, Pats and Bills - not by a long shot. I can't wait for the - OH MY GOD, Mike F'effin' white is SO much better than Zach because he had a good game against a bad D. I really hope he does. But it won't change the fact the Zach will be back in a couple of weeks.
  10. Did everyone notice how Cousins was back pedaling a LOT against the Pats D? Same as Zach except he was able to look up and find guys open as he was moving away from the line of scrimmage. Pats D always seems to get a nice push up the middle and it's not just Zach that can't step up in the pocket. Cousins has more experience so he kept his composure and floated some balls to his open receivers off of his back foot.
  11. The Bears D is way worse than any D we have played in a looong time. I fully expected them to let Zach gain confidence against them. If Mike White has a good game it doesn't mean he would have played well against a top 5 defense like Zach has been playing every week. Of course a ton of Jets fans will see it that way. To use my favorite sport as an analogy - it's way easier to beat Tommy Paul than it is to beat Rafa Nadal. Zach would not have lost this game - if Mike White does he may only start one week. In a way, it puts a bit more pressure on him. We have to win this game - it's a must. I hope he plays really well and it's not a nail biter.
  12. you better believe I am! Pulisic is really impressive - get him more touches somehow.
  13. Great result for us. They played a really impressive game I thought. They were a shot off the cross bar away from probably winning. Although you never know what would have happened if they scored on that play. Our guys look really fast and confident for the most part. We just need to finish next game against Iran.
  14. That would be awesome. They are sorely lacking in that area - noone on their staff has ever developed a QB. That's the biggest knock I have on the coach - you needed to replace Knapp and they haven't. A barely 30 year old that never played in the NFL is responsible for bringing a #2 overall pick up to speed in the NFL? Geesh. We need someone that is well respected, like Reich, to come in and help Zach AND Mike White for that matter.
  15. Zach is not going anywhere. Hope you guys that are giddy he is benched go elsewhere when he becomes the guy again in just 3 games if not earlier. He will be the QB for all the big games at the end of the year like it or not. Sent from my iPad using JetNation.com mobile app
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