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  1. The guy had a respectable rating (86) and Herndon's drop on a perfect ball was the only thing keeping him from around a 100 rating last week - with no receiver that can get separation. It's the cast and more importantly, the play calling. No way do we draft a QB next year - Sam will play well when Bell, Crowder and Mims are on the field. Unless the coach continues to sabotage him, that is.
  2. I don't think so - it's not like all of our injured guys are out for the season. Once we get Mims, Bell, Crowder and Smith all back and the line starts to gel our roster isn't going to look so bad on O. If the D doesn't improve it won't matter though.
  3. We don't need a QB, we need elite playmakers. Sam's last game, without any decent weapons, graded out pretty high. He has no-one to get open right now down the field. The line is improved and will keep getting better - I hope. We can't fix everything all at once. The line keeps Sam from getting killed - now everyone is mad he has no weapons. Well, 5 of those guys are hurt, plus Bell. Sam's day should have been even better if Herndon catches that pass that hit him in the chest. His late TD was a great throw. Get this guy a top receiver in round one - pair him with Mims and Crowder and we should be way better. Of course we may need another guy calling the plays and in charge.
  4. Sorry, it's not in my DNA to be angry after one game. I recognize that most of the teams with a lot of new starters lost.
  5. 6-2 to end the season, QB with mono goes 7-6 to start. I think it was the best record in the NFL in the last 8 games - tied with a couple other teams.
  6. They have a ton of receivers hurt and now Kittle. They're 0-1 in a really good division. Lost to the last place team from a year ago - big trouble in SF. I can see them missing the playoffs. I mean, it's been a game and they have nothing to show for it. It's more than enough sample size to be worried in a Super Bowl hangover year. West coast team playing on the east coast in the early game doesn't bode well either. Their QB can't carry this team either. Ugggghh. Anyhow, Kittle IS out.
  7. It's one game - Mamma Mia! This offense will be much better than last year. Herndon will come alive and Mims has #1 receiver potential. Sam will also improve from last year.
  8. I'm constantly amazed at the negativity on this site. It's like people are giddy about it and can't wait to talk about all the negative things after ONE game with a ton of new players, no preseason games, and a bunch of early injuries. Sam is going to be our QB for a long time - book it. He's even younger than Burrow.
  9. Yeah, the sky is falling after one game with a ton of new players and no preseason. This won't happen and we'll be in the divisional race a lot longer than the last few years because no-one is running away with it this year.
  10. I guess you missed the Browns scoring 6 points against the Ravens
  11. And he doesn't suck - he's going to be better than Baker or Allen. They have legit offenses around them. We don't and they still suck even with those players.
  12. Burrow looks good, but I can't shake the fact that he looks like a little kid out there that is taking too many hits. I hope I'm wrong, but not sure he can last a season with a decent amount of punishment. Also, two very mediocre teams makes for a good game. I think Sam is younger than Burrow - correction me if I'm wrong. Sam can sling it with all of these guys and he'll get on track once he gets some of his receivers back and Herndon actually shows up.
  13. He may be the one guy that can be OK with fewer solid receivers. You can't tackle him. He would run around until guys got open.

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