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  1. It's really annoying that people think otherwise. Was Vince Lombardi the best player in the NFL ever? What about Red Auerbach, Bellicheat, Bill Walsh, Greg Popovich? What makes a great coach is their understanding and passion for the game and an ability to communicated it to players. Jordan Palmer made it to the NFL. How many of the guys that criticize him are in the top 64 in the country in a highly competitive field?
  2. Yes if Mims can contribute this year. He did a ton to get better on the O-line and if Herndon comes back we'll be fine with our new line. Bell will be better, Perriman is better than Robby - he is more talented. If Robby was on Tampa he wouldn't have had many targets either. He never had the ability to hold onto the ball in a big spot. Also, the young guys are fast and could excel when Sam has time to scan the field. We have more speed and better protection and Herndon is healthy and Bell can be very effective in the passing game too. That should be enough to get us to compete for the division.
  3. Were any of those players on the list really young and just coming into their prime, or at the level that Jamal is right now? I don't see one. They were all on the downside of their careers or were not as good as Jamal. Bellicheck keeps Jamal at this point in his career. A few years down the road is a different story.
  4. How can you say he hasn't played well when he still had a winning record with 11 different O-lineman, no Herndon, no Q, zero separation most of the time by receivers because there is no time, etc. He finished 6-2 with the third highest QB rating over that time while running for his life and recovering from mono. Pretty miraculous if you ask me. Is it really hard to separate the fact that a QB is in a bad situation on a mediocre team, as opposed to a bad QB in a good situation? Football is a team game. To say he hasn't played well is just wrong. He improved in every category over the previous year too.
  5. Wrestling was never my thing - not that there's anything wrong with wrestling. I'm more of a tennis player and fan if you're asking. You do know that Manning had way more picks than Sam his first couple of years, right? And that many QBs in history have won Super Bowls very late in their careers after the proverbial "light" went on. You're theory has many holes and is easy to disprove.
  6. So I guess Peyton Manning continued to throw a ton of interceptions every year of his career. Hmmm. It has nothing to do with a crappy line, or learning coverages. OK.
  7. Thanks for the tidbits. I don't think the Jets schedule is brutal and is a better one for making the playoffs as opposed to last year. Why? Because we can win the division when last year we couldn't. Also, everyone in our division plays the same tough teams. 9-7 could win us the division this year and then anything could happen.
  8. but waaaaay more same ol' Jets fans type posts, don't you agree?
  9. I think if they are playing well on their O-line they will beat Arizona and Denver. I think the Rams will be worse than you think - probably last in their division so that win is very likely. It all depends on WHEN we play everyone and how their team is doing.
  10. No we didn't do it last year. Why do you keep saying that? I think we can this year and that's all that matters. We just need good O-line play and a healthy Mosely.
  11. so he is basically are saying our defense sucks - got it. Pretty uninformed IMO.
  12. Denver has to fly across the country on a short week - that game favors the home team in a big way.
  13. Isn't that as simple as they play us twice and we play them twice and they had a better record than we did last year.

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