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  1. The big difference being Papa has a terrible, dull voice that puts me to sleep. Wischusen's voice may not be optimal, but it certainly isn't dull. It sounds like he's talking in the walky talky that you could get when you saved 200 bazooka comics (ate 200 pieces of bazooka gum).
  2. I don't think he will have roster control when the new GM is hired. He'll have part control. What I really like about this is that I think Gase understands offense wins in the regular season in today's NFL and he will put more resources into the O.
  3. So, we get rid of a guy that everyone wants to get rid of and it's a negative? Why, because the media spins it that way? Geesh - he should have been canned long ago. This move will make us better. We'll have a better coach, most likely Douglas and Jeremiah, so a much better GM and scouting department.
  4. Pretty much a whole bunch of people falling for click bait.
  5. This article is surprisingly naive to me. How can you know how the coach and GM would work together? GM's DO get fired after the draft - you can't bring someone in right before it. They clearly didn't know they were going to fire Mac a few months ago. Should they just stick out a terrible situation? I would criticize them for that. Getting rid of a problem is not worthy of criticism. It's just the press having nothing else to write about.
  6. You do realize we still have money, right? It was never an "either or" situation.
  7. The only teams that are in the lottery are NON playoff teams, right? The only teams that could get lucky are the pretty bad ones.
  8. Great, use another first round pick on D in an offensive league. That makes it, what, 30 out of the last 31 years?
  9. It's because many of these draft guys are all about the combine and measurable and sometimes forget that football is actually a game. Just because you aren't prepared or don't know what to expect from the combine doesn't mean you all of a sudden forgot to play football. Polite was unprepared and he is to blame for that, but I also blame the people around him that should know what to expect and get him ready. There are the draft guys that watch film and really love Polite.
  10. A lot more players bust that kill the combine, which is not 🏈.
  11. Who cares? The guy was a first round pick once the games were played. Great pick.
  12. Have to go offense with one of these two picks - edge is only D I want in the 3rd - would be fine with OL/C and WR. We need to protect our biggest asset - enough with the D so early.
  13. #2 is not the same at all. Q Williams has been touted by people as a possible Hall of Famer and the best D tackle in the last 10 years. Aaron Donald rushes the passer. How do you get to Brady? Pressure up the middle. You don't keep from picking a potential all time great player to pick someone at least two levels below without adequate compensation. Lots of pundits were not sold on Josh Allen, so #3 was too high for him. I wanted a trade back but only if we got enough back. Q will absolutely help this team get better.
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