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  1. They also said that they love Moore and a receiver that gets open quickly is a QBs best friend. I don't buy what they said about getting two good tackles instead of one great tackle. That reasoning breeds mediocrity. We have a new scheme, new coaches, young OTs that haven't played - you give them a chance with a proper TC and pre-season games. Next year we have a ton of picks and can replace a couple of them if necessary.
  2. Sorry, completely disagree. Even more sorry you feel melancholy when the Jets do something really well. Obviously the Jets were not happy with the depth of this draft and evaluating players in the later rounds due to no combine and many teams and players opting out. For once the Jets went after the better players instead of more players. JD hit a home run with this draft and it will turn the franchise around. Maybe it's post draft blues - waiting for something for a zillion months and now it's over.
  3. I just saw a stat where Moore had the most separation more quickly than anyone in ALL of college football. How many people actually saw a lot of his games - not me and pretty certain you didn’t either based on your comments. Also: Wide receivers all-time to be drafted in R1 or R2 with sub-4.4 forty sub-6.7 three cone 15+ bench press reps: Julio Jones Denzel Mims Elijah Moore
  4. I agree - it could be the difference between a starter or a developmental player. Don’t trade back more than 10 spots or the great position you are in gets you lesser players.
  5. He has such a small sample size - it was a huge risk giving up so much for him. I think trading to 8 would have been an extremely safe spot for Lance. I give them a D- on value/player. Jones/Lance would have been there at 8 or 9.
  6. That’s exactly why you trade back - someone will still be there to pick a few spots later.
  7. And then he's 40 in 3 years. Most players retire at his current age. We'd be lucky to get 3 years out of him.
  8. Because it's New York - geez. You think a young guy that's lived in freakin' Green Bay for the last 15 years wouldn't want to live in New York now?! That being said, it makes no sense for us to want him at this point.
  9. sup (couldn't figure out how to get rid of this...)
  10. Lawrence, Wilson, Fields, Lance, Jones - Jones in my mind is the most risky aside from Lance - only 30 something tight window throws the entire year. That's may be the lowest in the history of college football. Burrow last year had 140+ for comparison sake. Also high end Olineman and wide open receivers all game long - too tough to evaluate IMO. He doesn't have the arm or athleticism as the others and his processing isn't better than Wilson, although it is good I think - tough to know when your first option is open all the time.
  11. Trey Lance is the biggest boom or bust prospect of any of the top QBs. I just heard something to the effect that he has fewer plays in college than anyone coming out in the last zillion years. He has hardly played college football. The only thing you can do is project how he will be - there is no tape. Since playing QB is mostly about processing what you see, taking him early is a HUGE risk. If you wanted him you would trade back. I wouldn't stake my job in him, that's for sure.
  12. That would be great. I really don't think we need an edge this year. We signed Lawson - let's see what Zuniga has. We have two 1s next year. Let's load up on O and give our young QB every chance to succeed.
  13. I think if a top OL is there at 23 you have to take him. Top RB at 34 - was hoping for a NC RB in the 3rd round though.
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