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  1. The Packers fans I talked to don't like him at all. One great Super Bowl run with the most talented QB in the league for many of those seasons.
  2. Greensleeves

    Darnold Practiced Fully Today

    Couldn't disagree more. Why should he lose valuable playing time now? It's essential to his development - absolutely critical. Sitting does nothing for him or the Jets. It's not about different players, coaches, etc. It's about getting reps on the field and practicing going through progressions and making the right decisions. That's what makes a player improve, not sitting. The more he sees out of defenses the better he will get.
  3. I really think our D is closer than people think and our division is getting worse. The Pats are not going to be elite next year. If 5-6 is currently on the bubble for a playoff spot, we should be able to compete right away.
  4. I'm with you. Where do we grab a receiver - the draft? If we're lucky, we trade back and collect another pick - don't go too far back, and then go OL, WR, OL - especially if we can grab one of the guys in free agency to rush the passer. Add Bell and we could contend right away.
  5. Most of what you said is true, with the exception of the easier division. That division could be the best in football next year if the Jags get a QB, Luck stays healthy, and the Texans continue to improve. I would think the AFC East will be ripe for the takeover.
  6. This is complete nonsense, sorry. Darnold had more talent than McCown when he was a senior in High School and the coaching staff couldn't help but see it. Also, aren't you supposed to want to field a team that people would actually want to watch. When McCown starts I have zero interest in watching this team. Darnold and Adams are the two players that are most worth watching.
  7. Just saw a stat last week that Cimini posted that the Jets lead the league in 3 and outs. As you can see, none of it means a thing if we don't have a solid O-Line and offensive weapons in a league totally geared to the offensive side of the ball.
  8. I think even Bowles could see Darnold was on another level talent wise.
  9. Not sure it makes sense to trade back and take an EDGE if the best EDGE players can be had by staying put, especially if we pick #1. Teams that need a QB won't be trading up like last year. Bosa seems to be far and away the best player in the draft.
  10. Greensleeves

    Joe Thomas: Darnold is a Bust

    OK, I'll play. Tell me who Peyton Manning's skill players were his rookie season? Are you honestly going to disregard that fact? Manning had Marshall Faulk and Marvin Harrison. Darnold has Quincy Enunwa, sometimes, and Crowell. It gets really old criticizing a rookie when he has inferior talent around him. I like Baker Mayfield, but he will not be as good as Darnold once we give the kid some talent, which Mayfield already has at the RB and WR positions.
  11. Greensleeves

    Bucky Brooks On PIT Without Bell

    Not me. You can't keep bypassing superstar talent for less than talent. If there is a superstar available, at a position of need, you take him. If you keep taking Crowell and Yeldon, you end up with, oh yeah, what we have now.
  12. Seriously? An aging running back that is 26 and hasn't played in a year, which makes him 25 in football years? Why on earth would we want a superstar RB, who is the best weapon in free agency, in a year when we have plenty of money, to help make our offense better for the first time in ten years? Yeah, no thanks. People assume he will be a problem wherever he goes next. That simply isn't true. He felt disrespected and he won't feel that way when he gets paid. It's a no brainer - the guy has prime years left in his career.
  13. Should we go back and name all of the 2nd and 3rd round backs that didn't make it? Why wouldn't you sign a superstar when you have plenty of money and he's only 27? It's not like we can only sign him. You don't have to pay him 100 million in year one.
  14. You actually think it's either/or with almost 100million in cap space? You do realize it isn't all in year one, right?

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