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  1. Greensleeves

    Jets Offensive Line

    The reason why this line could be very good is that they are changing to a different blocking scheme. Noone knows yet whether they will be meh or very good. It's all up to how well they pick up the scheme and how suited they are. You can't judge this line by how they played in a very different style of blocking.
  2. Greensleeves

    Every NFL Logo Ranked: Jets 31st

    I think I've mentioned this in the past, but I have owned a graphic design studio for 20 years now and have designed over a thousand logos if all of my sketches are counted. The Jets logo is simply outdated and looks that way against most of the other logos in the NFL. Nostalgia aside, the logo says nothing about either a Jet, or football. I've seen law firm logos that are more exciting. It's a sports team for crying out loud. The layered type is a design no no. I'm a very conceptual designer, and if the concept is nonexistent it's a poor job. It's long overdue for a change and it should be done by an experienced designer that is a huge fan...like me. The logo should be visually appealing and not too complex so it can be applied to uni's, merchandising, etc.
  3. same old jet fan, smh You have no idea how much better the team can be this year. You think the offensive line is going to be worse in a new zone blocking scheme or better? Does this personnel fit this scheme or do you not know? Crowell? A much improved secondary and receiving core? Just last year we beat Jacksonville and had New Orleans and Atlanta on the ropes.
  4. Greensleeves

    Darnold is better off as a Jet than Giant.

    It's not too much to ask for Darnold to have a better career than Eli, IMO. Here are Eli's team records from when he was drafted: 04: 6-10 05: 11-5 06: 8-8 07: 10-6 (Super Bowl) 08: 12-4 09: 8-8 10: 10-6 11: 9-7 (Super Bowl) 12: 9-7 13: 7-9 14: 6-10 15: 6-10 16: 11-5 17: 3-13 That's 7 winning seasons out of 14 and only 3 divisional titles. The had great defenses on the Super Bowl teams and that allowed them to get hot and contend, even though they barely made the playoffs the years they won it all.
  5. Jets already had a private workout with him and had been watching him all season - they were in attendance. To say they waited until the last minute is just plain false. They brought him to their facility at the end, but he was on the Jets radar for a long time.
  6. Yes, a mentor in practice and in the meeting room. Off the field distractions as well. He is invaluable in those aspects of being a professional QB. Do you really think McCown is the best example for Darnold on the field? I certainly don't.
  7. Geez, you must not have read the article. You just can't get enough reps in practice. Most of the young, successful QBs in the last several years started right away and made huge strides in just their second year. The new practice rules just don't allow players enough opportunity to get the work they need. By not playing him - provided he picks up the offense quickly enough, you just delay his development. I think he should be playing at least by October. And let's be real - how much will he learn watching McCown in a game. Off the field, practice, prep, yes - he'll learn a lot. But how much in a game?
  8. Excellent article on why Darnold getting substantial playing time should be the focus of the team this year. They simply do not get the same reps in practice with the new practice stipulations, so playing is the best way to improve. Lots of history to support this theory in the article below: http://turnonthejets.com/2018/05/new-york-jets-develop-sam-darnold-by-playing-sam-darnold/
  9. Greensleeves

    Boy, am I glad we didn't sign Cousins.

    I disagree again with you, sorry. Cousins was a stat compiler and did not make the people around him better. A special QB can do that. If his stats are not the same but he actually makes his teammates better and they win, then it was a great move. What did Cousins win?
  10. Greensleeves

    Darnold will wear Jersey # 14

    You mean he was the first QB to ever do it? How many games did they play back then? Do you know?
  11. They are mostly convinced we didn't get the QB we wanted and Mayfield was the guy that we had ripped from our grasp. Brown's fans are fighting with each other over the Mayfield pick - very entertaining stuff.
  12. Just look at their division - the Eagles with Wentz are going to be really good again - I think Wentz won't allow a bad season after missing the Super Bowl. Their schedule is brutal, with Jags, Texans, Saints, Eagles twice, Atlanta, San Fran, Carolina, Cowboys twice - that's rough.
  13. Greensleeves

    jet fans forget the jets free agent signings

    I'm so happy Cousins did not come here. This is the best possible outcome for the Jets IMO.
  14. Greensleeves

    Report: Jets Prefer Rosen Over Darnold

    The best way to close the gap between the Jets and Pats is to pick Rosen.
  15. How do you figure Rosen has the biggest bust potential? He's the best pure passer in the draft and probably the best at processing information quickly. He goes through his reads, has really quick feet in the pocket and his pocket awareness. Mayfield is only better out of the pocket - that's it. Not one person that has dissected the QBs thinks Rosen has the highest bust potential - he is the exact opposite. Mayfield can be very good, but just doesn't have the overall talent as Rosen, never has.