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  1. A healthy Joe Namath was fast and athletic as hell. He could have been the greatest QB of all time if not for the injury. He made the HOF on one leg. He was also tough as hell - he played part of a game against the Raiders with a broken jaw.
  2. Greensleeves

    Why don’t we want one of the big 3?

    It is true. Peyton would have been a Jet if not for Parcells. Parcells cost us Manning and Bellicheat. He did more harm than good for this franchise.
  3. I posted that earlier in this thread - the plane taking off being depicted in the laces - very simple adjustment that makes the logo work - goes from a logo lacking in concept (like the original) to an absolute winner.
  4. Greensleeves

    If we can’t trade back...

    The consensus at this point seems to be Q. Williams is the best player in this draft.
  5. Greensleeves

    Bosa Not Meeting with Jets

    They did meet with him at the combine. Probably felt another meeting wasn't necessary.
  6. Greensleeves

    Rosen's Value Dropping

    I doubt it - heard he was a hard working kid. Can't hold it against him that he asks a lot of questions and is a smart kid. Thankfully not everyone is a yes man even though that's what the NFL wants - especially some of the older owners - who ironically pay for sex and get caught on camera.
  7. You just don’t understand logo design if you don’t know that a small change can make all the difference. How do I know - 20 years of designing logo/brands. If I couldn’t create or recognize good concepts I wouldn’t have been in business so long. For the record, I like the feel of the logo on the helmet, just wished for more of a conceptual design - which it would have been if the right people were working on it - unless the Jets didn’t select the best designs, which is very possible.
  8. Just saw this on Twitter - not sure it has been posted here. The laces on the ball have been slightly tweaked to represent a jet with the wings on each side. They should use this immediately. It finishes the logo in a really smart way by having the much needed reference to a jet.
  9. The helmet is my favorite part of the new uni's. Less is more. People probably have said that about Nike's swoosh and Apple's logo. It's much more difficult to make something simple than to make it more illustrative. It actually takes more thought and skill. Not saying I love the logo, I don't. But only because I was told it was going to be completely new and not a "refresh." My hopes were set higher than they probably should have been.
  10. I do think a metallic helmet can appear very different from a matte or coated color. They will look brighter in the light and darker on a cloudy day. That would have to help visibility if there was ever an issue with it blending in to the turf. I actually think wearing all green uniforms would be much worse than a helmet, which is usually more than 6 feet from the turf.
  11. Disagree with a lot of their take - especially the part where they think a white face mask would be better than black. That would have been a huge mistake as it would have been way too contrasty with the green metallic, which changes it's color based on the light source around it. Black was the perfect choice.
  12. we call it too "busy."
  13. Greensleeves

    Do you like the leaked Helmet Logo?

    just thought your comments were more irritating than a lot of the others I guess. Not the first time I've looked stupid and certainly will not be the last. I've recently shown a design for a team uniform and people were making comments based on something they couldn't see clearly on their phones. Once they saw the larger image they loved it.
  14. Greensleeves

    Do you like the leaked Helmet Logo?

    So, you've seen the presentation? You mind posting it? SMH. 1. You don't know if this is real yet 2. You don't get a great view of the logo 3. It was clearly not a finished design in the photo with all of the inconsistencies. What do you mean by curled? You mean on an arc? It looks like each letter is based on the old logo. This is why I need to see a good image of it to see if it works from a design standpoint.
  15. Greensleeves

    Do you like the leaked Helmet Logo?

    This reminds me of when a client can't decide between a few logo concepts and asks me to combine them. I usually don't do it unless I have to and then it's obvious how awful it really is.

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