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  1. Respectfully disagree regarding the Browns trading unless they only go back to 5. The Browns have a ton of picks already and have an opportunity to pick 2 of the top players in the draft that can quickly turn around the franchise. The last thing they need is more picks. They had a lot of cap room and signed enough players. They need blue chip players - they may not get them later in the first round. The top 8 or so players have separated themselves from the rest for a reason. If I was the Browns GM I pretty much know who will be there and would pick a QB and either Chubb or Barkley - and then load up in the second round as well.
  2. Connecting the Draft Dots

    To me, the most important quality of these 4 QBs is who can process the information on the field the quickest. That's the QB I want - one that can go through his progressions and select the open receiver. That's why I want Rosen. Brady isn't the most naturally gifted QB, but he process information quickly and - very importantly - has been in the same system his whole career. Rosen, I feel, is a natural at going through his progressions. He can throw people open, which is a great skill to have.
  3. Connecting the Draft Dots

    This would be best case scenario for me and for the Jets IMO. The best pocket passer in the draft, great fit for New York, plus, none of the top 4 QBs go to anyone in our division.
  4. Connecting the Draft Dots

    I feel like this is a strong possibility. One hand you have everyone saying how tight lipped the Jets are this year and on the other hand everyone knows they will pick Mayfield based on "what they are hearing." It can't be both. I think if Rosen is there he is a Jet. I'm still a bit worried about the Giants taking him or allowing someone else to take him.
  5. Poll Darnold vs Mayfield

    How is Mayfield in cold weather? His small hands worry me more than his height. In cold weather around playoff time that could be a detriment. To me, I would rather have Rosen but would go Darnold and then Mayfield. I do believe Mayfield can be a very good QB though, he just doesn't go through his progressions and anticipate routes as well as Rosen does. Also, he never played under center, which is the biggest issue he will have in the pros and what would probably keep him from seeing the field early on.
  6. You obviously didn't see the clip where Rosen was jumping up and down after a TD pass at the end of a game and his teammates were all over him. I guess only the Mayfield clips are accessible.
  7. Your avatar gets creepier over time - I applaud you for that.
  8. The mock drafts these guys do are based on information they are hearing from teams, not just for fun. The guys I mentioned do it based on what they are hearing. I think it can all change in a week or by tomorrow.
  9. That's just it, most of the mocks I've seen have Rosen as the Jets pick. Mayfield would be the pick ONLY if Rosen was gone already.
  10. Lots of people on the NFL Network have Rosen as the pick. Jeremiah, Casserly, Bucky - a few others as well.
  11. Please no Josh Allen and no Mayfield.

    Yes, he is one of the biggest projects because he never played under center. That means the specific footwork required to be under center he has never used in a game situation. Translation - he's got the most to learn of the top QBs.
  12. Baker Mayfield/Steve Mariucci white board session.

    No true - The guy had 9 tds and 3 ints in his playoff career with a close to 95 QBR. It's so hard for people to give the guy some credit. In the Steelers game the team was manhandled in the first half and Sanchez brought them back in the second half but the D couldn't stop them and get the ball back.
  13. Does a Certain Height actually Matter at QB?

    How many times was Mayfield under center at Oklahoma? Never? That's when the batted passes would happen - 3 step drops and closer to the line of scrimmage. Rosen played under center a lot. The reason I would pick Rosen is he anticipates routes well and has played under center in a pro style offense. That breaks the tie for me. If I remember correctly, Mayfield only threw a couple of passes in the Senior Bowl and one of them was batted down.
  14. Your final ranking of the 5 QBs

    Rosen Darnold Mayfield Allen
  15. I think there are fewer complaints about Darnold because we don't think he will be there when we pick. If he's really an option you will hear - He's a USC QB - they all stink, can he handle the bright lights of NYC, his hands are too small to play in cold weather. That's a good start, no?