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  1. such a weird time to post this - the safety made the play to win the game.
  2. That means nothing to me unless he has seen Darnold. How can you possibly assess someone's condition without seeing him? That's what frustrates me the most about the self absorbed Drs on Francesa's show.
  3. They have two tough games in a row coming up - I believe Seattle and New England. They are looking at 2-5. I don't think a team like the Browns can say they have any easy games. The problem with them is they have a running backs coach that is all of a sudden a head coach. He needs time to develop and the team in not disciplined at all.
  4. Darnold is going to distance himself from the QBs drafted the same year. He will be quite a bit better than all of them and it will be obvious in a couple of years. I've felt that way all along and Mayfield and Allen haven't done much to make me think otherwise, and Lamar is not accurate enough of a passer to be better.
  5. This is just not true. I read a stat - believe Cimini dug it up, that the Jets receivers are gaining more separation than most other teams receivers. The line is really bad, but the QB is really bad too. Did he ever try to escape? He just sits in a collapsing pocket.
  6. I read a stat where the Jets receivers had great separation leading up to this game - better than most teams. This offense has nothing to do with receivers getting open - there isn't time to find them and the QB doesn't have a strong arm.
  7. Minshew with this offensive line is already hurt or benched. If you don't have a solid offensive line then you need to have a great QB to look serviceable. If you have a terrible line, a third string QB will look awful.
  8. He is having more tests tomorrow. They won't play him until the tests come out fine. I disagree with all of the people saying he won't be able to do this or that since he has been sick for 3 weeks. He hasn't been feeling sick for over a week and has been practicing this week. He's probably very well rested and I doubt he lost much weight since they detected the mono very quickly. His receivers said he looked great in practice. If he felt weak he would not look good and not be able to get through an NFL practice with all of the running, etc.
  9. The trade would have to be with a team in the top 10 - Vikings won't be there. Ideally you move a couple spots back for a kings ransom. I just don't believe we'll be picking in the top 5.
  10. C'mon. We haven't had our QB on offense or defense and we played 3 very good defenses. Did you see what happened as soon as Brady went out? The entire game changed. Our D was better, the whole tone of the game changed. A QB can settle the entire team. Mosely can settle the entire D. If Darnold comes back for Philly, I see us ending anywhere between 7-9 and 10-6. The Colts were 1-5 and made the playoffs last year. Obviously the line has to be at least average, but Sam can move away from pressure. We can beat so many teams after the Cowboys game. If we are 3-5 going into the last 8 we have a shot to be above 500. We can beat Miami twice, Giants, Bengals, Steelers, Raiders, Bills, Washington and Jacksonville. None of those teams are as good as the Pats and Browns on D.
  11. If you think Darnold has not been good even though he posted the top QB rating in the league over the last several games, then you must hate Baker Mayfield who has looked awful over the first two weeks. Darnold was playing his first game with mono and had one TD and no picks. Mayfield seems less accurate than Josh Allen.
  12. Mayfield had 3 picks, Allen had 4 turnovers against the Jets in the first half, Lamar has played the worst two teams in the league - Sam has the most talent but he's third. Number one for me.
  13. Zero chance that I would rather have Lamar Jackson or feel he is in the same category as a passer as Darnold. He played a Miami team that I heard had 13 or 14 players they just got that played in that game. Arizona isn't much better. If he played the Bills D not much would have happened for them. Darnold is a much better thrower. Any NFL QB can hit people as open as Jackson has had them the last couple of games.

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