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  1. No - just no. We aren't winning the Super Bowl this year - Zach has more physical talent than Flacco, just needs experience. The Jets future rides on his development, but let's just keep him from developing so we can screw up our future - got it. SMH. Flacco wasn't good the first week and compiled stats. He wasn't even that great for most of last week - Garret Wilson was great and wide open. Zach can throw to them too and possibly develop into an excellent franchise QB.
  2. For all of us that remember the loss in the divisional round of the playoffs to Cleveland in double OT when we were up 10 pts deep in the 4th and Gastineau roughed the passer on 4th and forever and we ended up losing the game - well, it took a while, but payback is a bitch Browns fans. The universe finally righted itself - and we have a lot more where that came from to make up for. We had the best team in the AFC that year but again got slammed by the injury bug.
  3. I was thinking that way until I saw their offensive line - now I think we can win the game. Burrow is not the same guy when running for his life. If Dallas can beat them with a backup QB and the Steelers can find a way to win, we can too at home. Plus, Garret Wilson is always open.
  4. The game was over - really careless for them to keep Herbert in at that point. What did scoring that extra TD do? Let's risk our season because we just might recover an onside kick. SMH
  5. Ravens only took advantage of our mistakes. Nothing more, nothing less. At the end of the first half, the Ravens totaled their fewest rushing yards in the Lamar Jackson era.
  6. I agree - except where you mentioned they are hard. The problem I think is that they are too soft, which is why you see injuries when people plant hard on the surface. I had a knee injury last year and once healed I used to run on a really high end field turf field to keep from taking a pounding. What I consistently found was that it hurt my knee more because it was too spongy.
  7. Flacco takes all the energy out of this team. There is no QB on this team that wouldn't at least bring more fire to the field than Flacco. Because of that Flacco gives us the least chance to win. Football is all about energy and fire. Add that he's a sitting duck back there and it makes no sense for him to see the field again.
  8. The Jets were ahead statistically even at the end of the first half - it wasn't just garbage time.
  9. So you mean a line that just lost it's left tackle a few days ago and had to move their right tackle to left tackle and also switch up the position of their guards and start a rookie at right tackle is a bit lackluster the first time they played together after protecting an old statue of a QB - wow, what a realization.
  10. it's a smudge - it normally would be laces on the football - they are white laces knocked out of an elongated rectangle with round corners.
  11. It's all conjecture at this point - we will know very soon. I've had a small meniscus tear that kept me out 4 weeks and I was older and without the resources of the Jets.
  12. Disagree. All I could gather from his comments is that he was giving Flacco respect. I'm sure people had to adjust to Elway and Favre's arm too - he'll get there.
  13. First of all Zach barely played. He had a couple of nice throws and a couple of bad throws after not seeing action in a long time. Once he settled in he would have been fine. It doesn't take a genius to understand Zach has the much higher ceiling than Mike White. His sheer talent is top notch in the NFL. He needs reps. That being said, I would rather watch Mike White than Joe Flacco of Zach can't play. I think Zach has the potential to be a Super Bowl QB - Mike White I don't think has the ceiling. He just has a higher floor now because he has had another year of development.
  14. I'm a tennis player that competes on the national level and lost 15 lbs even though I was never heavy, just so I would put less pressure on my knees. Perhaps this is a product of Zach's extra weight/muscle that he put on and his joints and his body has not adjusted to it yet. Or it's just the damn turf in Philly!
  15. I belie I believe, from what a doctor had posted a video of this morning, that a bone bruise would be caused by two bones suddenly pushing down on each other. If I interpreted it correctly...
  16. They know where you are - I tried switching my location and YouTube TV catches on and then it becomes weird and won't let you watch the shows that are not from your location. My son set it up in New York as he goes to college there. When I access from CT it knows after a short amount of time that my location setting is off.
  17. I don't believe this is true. ESPN this morning said the judge was appointed by both the NFL and the PA - so impartial.
  18. We can't forget about the heat and how much hotter it will be in camp than for most of the season. You have to adapt to it - it takes a few days. Each person is different, but I imagine it's tougher to adapt the bigger you are.
  19. Read my post. He kept us from Peyton Manning and keeping Bellicheck. It truly set us back a long way. And I've been a fan since Namath. Just think about that for a second - he kept us from being great for a long time because of his pride AND he never liked the franchise. It's like saying, well, you had a nice pint of ice cream so you should be happy, even though it kept you from owning Ben & Jerry's. Sorry - it's hot here.
  20. #1 Bill Parcells: Arrogance kept us from getting Peyton Manning AND holding on to Bellicheat - greatest coach and one of the greatest QBs. Set the franchise way back. #2 Adam Gase #3 Jason Taylor - ughh. #4 Trumaine Johnson - mailed it in.
  21. My top 5: 1. Joe Namath 2. Don Maynard 3. Joe Klecko 4. Al Toon 5. Wayne Chrebet
  22. He needs an opportunity to show what he can do in Pre-Season. That's what he's getting. Other teams will be watching those games too and injuries unfortunately happen. If you haven't watched it, you should check out the documentary series on Netflix about Kaep. It's well done and only 4 episodes I believe, could be 5.
  23. We all know Jets fans can manufacture ways to be pessimistic. Guy has been way above average most of the time he has played.
  24. I had it a month ago - lost my taste a bit - not all the way. It was weird - everything tasted less flavorful. Mine just went into a head cold. Hope yours is mild too.
  25. Why didn't he mention they had an up close look at JJ at the Senior Bowl? Perhaps that was more valuable than watching film - he was going up against players going into the NFL and shined.
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