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  1. That would never happen - Brady is a free agent and New England picks at the end of the first round. Tua will most likely be going to Miami at 5, or, if he lasts longer, to Carolina at 7.
  2. I'm not a huge Gase supporter, but I don't agree with this premise. If it was tennis I could see it - you are solely responsible for what is going on and the coaching change can reap benefits right away. On a football team, there are so many other factors. Plus, did Tannehill work as hard at his craft while at Miami, or did it take the realization that he might be out of the league to amp up his focus? Did he gel with his teammates in Miami, or does he just fit better with the offensive players on the Titans. How about his receivers - now that he doesn't have prima donna's at WR, does he click better with them? There are too many holes that can be poked in this argument and it's over simplifying it to say the coach is solely responsible. With Derrick Henry on your team, I imagine things are a lot easier than just having good receivers. Also, was he as healthy those years Miami as he is now?
  3. I'm pretty sure you have to blame Greg Williams on that one - highly doubt Gase was shuffling defensive players in and out.
  4. I think that he's a bit of a different player than just a regular safety. He won games this year by blitzing (Dallas) and creating turnovers (Giants) - his rushing ability and 6 sacks was pretty impactful. I'm sure teams game plan for him in certain situations. I won't lie, I wish he was the best left tackle in the league, but he's a playmaker on D.
  5. Significantly less? How do you figure? The Steelers gave up a first round pick #17 plus a 4th round pick for a player the Dolphins picked at #11 in 2018.
  6. Those December games are always cheaper - was going a few tix even when the Jets were in contention just because of the cold and how buys everyone is. BTW, you can't get sick from the cold.
  7. Higgins also looks like a really tough kid - was impressed with him last night.
  8. He is really good, but also struggled some games this year when his weapons were out. He makes some amazing plays out of nothing, but he also has guys that gain separation and are elite talents. If Sam had that he wouldn't have to force balls all the time when trying to come back in a game.
  9. Yep - hopefully he verbally agrees and then backs out again.
  10. Except with Darnold they were no where near last in offense, so your argument is moot. That, and the fact that an offense is only as good as it's O-line.
  11. Just wondering - how is our O-line compared to the Titans? Wonder if that has anything to do with it. Tannehill was sitting there in the pocket all day whenever I was watching the Titans. Sam was constantly running for his life. Derrick Henry is a beast with holes to run through. Bell has none. Hmmm. Ah, the hell with it. Let's just act like they are the same situations and kill the coach and QB.
  12. I wonder if a lot of people watch the game or just go to the stats. If we all, as Jets fans, don’t realize that you can’t have a good offense with our O-line I just don’t know what to tell you. It’s a testament to Sam that we had the second best record in the league the second half of the season.
  13. Way to sabotage the thread guys. It can be really great to have someone on the inside answer questions. It would depend on how much he can say, but it's a great way to understand the fan base.
  14. If we solidify the O-line, grab a #1 receiver in the draft (1st round - Lamb?), 2 O-linemen the next three pics, a corner - we will absolutely compete for a playoff spot. It's foolish to think otherwise when 13 starters were on IR - QB was sick half of the season and we will still most likely have 7 wins. Give Sam time and this team is dangerous if we give him another WR weapon and Herndon. CJ back and possibly Williamson, who, by the way, was better than Demario - even though every raves about him now that he's gone, will make a great LB core with the younger guys. Grab a pass rusher in FA and we will be solid next year. Our depth will be a lot of guys that are starting now and gaining valuable experience.
  15. Exactly my feeling. We have the QB - no one knows which positional players will be better. Mangold had a better career than D’Brick and he was picked at the end of round one. Revis was selected in the teens. Thomas may not be the best tackle in the draft.
  16. Williamson was actually an upgrade. He just didn't play a down this year.
  17. Just saw a stat that Brady's completion percentage when being pressured is the lowest in the league at 37%. He would have been a train wreck if he was on the Jets this year.
  18. So, the Jets have 13 starters out, Jamal, their best player out, makeshift O-Line, playing the best team in football on the road, moved the ball pretty well early on, hosed on two big calls - but are in terrible shape? Darnold played better than Russell Wilson did at home against the Ravens with a much worse line and supporting cast. Go O-Line and WR in the draft and possibly one corner - get our injured guys back, add some pieces in free agency and we'll be contending next year for the division. Brady may not even be back, and he's been mediocre at best this year.
  19. Yeah, the younger guys like Connor Rogers is probably used to getting cookies and lemonade from a coach or his parents would file a complaint against him for being mean to their son. (partially kidding)
  20. 2 touchdowns and one pick, as a video that was posted yesterday mentioned, would be 32 TDs and 16 picks - the best season of any Jet ever. A pass interference call was missed on Robby last night. That should have been 1st down on the 1 and who knows what happens as the D picked it up. The game realistically ended with that no call.
  21. How is Pitt's O-line? Gase wanted the line fortified instead of Bell and in hindsight we know he was right, and I like Bell a lot.
  22. No, that's not what he was saying at all, just what you twisted to fit your narrative. Plus, there have been 0 scandals this year on the Jets, only the made up kind by authors like the one that wrote the article. I would easily take the Jets talent over the Lions and Jags if we are healthy. Add the picks and a few FA's and we should be ready to compete for the playoffs next year.
  23. surprised no-one stated that Namath did it in 14 games, not 16.
  24. Quick question as I have no idea: how many rookies on the OL can come in and start right away? Is it bad to have more than 2? We're not sure how good they will be at the next level. Plus, isn't OL a bit difficult to grasp immediately at the next level? We have one young guy already that was a solid prospect and he's struggled. Just wondering...

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