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  1. Can't compare situations. Trubisky(And I guess Mahomes and Watson) wasn't drafted on what he could do in year 1, but we he can do 3 or 4 years down the road with what I'll assume to be a much more favorable situation at that point in time. And he's already come up big for the Bears in the clutch with what little he has to work with. For a fact Watson wouldn't be doing as good if he played for the Bears. John Fox, they're suiting 1 NFL receiver at the moment, and the first 3 games for Trubisky are against very sound and/or top defensive units(Minnesota, Baltimore, Carolina). Ouch. Watson has gotten a chance to get some ground underneath him with getting to face teams like the Browns and the Pats trash D. His surrounding cast down to the coaches is way better. If he does it against next week against Seattle for sure I'll be making a Gatorade cooler full of Kool-aid to drink.
  2. Texans Oline is trash juice. Part of the reason why they inserted Watson so quickly is because Savage did not have a chance behind that line. He does have a great receivers and on tape they've come down with some ill-advised thrown balls from Watson. The running game for them haven't really been able to get off this year because of said trash can Oline. That said last I checked Miller was around 4 YPC so they've been just good enough. The 20/20 game is funny. I'll be the first one to eat crow because I didn't expect him to jump out to this quick of a start, but he had some ugly holes in his game at Clemson(Reading half the field, staring receivers down, accuracy, turnovers, arm strength with some of those tighter window throws,). If he is successful as a pro, his success at Clemson should have superseded some of those ugly flaws. Specifically the turnovers since he was passing on such a high volume at Clemson(And looks to be a high volume passer in the pro's as well). Long term we'll see.
  3. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    Ugly pick into double coverage for Darnold
  4. The only reason they'd be shopping him is he's damaged goods. His shoulder hasn't been coming along very well. Buyer's beware.
  5. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    Possible trade down situations for some of those teams. Notre Dame has a talented WR. St. Brown a few of those teams might be interested in, and there's talented guys in the trenches on both sides.

    You mean Cody Whitehair rated the 5th best Center in football last year? Yeah he's such an issue. They only bumped him to C because they have probowl veteran guards playing to his immediate left & right. It's not exactly unheard of for guards to play Center as well. The jump from Guard to C isn't as drastic as a LG or C trying to play LT. It's probably better that you do drop the convo.

    Their line is far from makeshift. That interior can compete with any of the league's best and the #'s show the LT is good enough to get the job done.
  8. Poll: Rooting for wins? Or Tank?

    Might as well let the cards fall where they may in terms of W-L. I don't think they'll be bad enough for Rosen. Would be nice to have Barkley here though
  9. McShay's Top 10 Prospects

    Terrible. It's like all of this is based on rankings before the season started. Rosen and Barkley have to be 1 & 2 right now.
  10. I'm not sure about Gabriel's overall track record, but he was one of the few guy's I saw standing on the table SHOUTING that there would be 3 QB's picked early in the 2017 draft and that GM's around the league felt stronger about the '17 QB class than media & fans maybe did. He was really quite sure of himself, so if he's saying this I'm definitely listening after that. I was one of the people saying that only Trubisky had a shot at going somewhere in the Top 10, and got left with egg on my face when Mahomes and Watson got traded up for in the top 10.

    He really didn't IMO. They're not asking him to be Drew Brees and throw 50 times a game. They're a run first team. Between the RBs, TE's, and Oline the Bears have good enough pieces to game manage and win some ugly games. He's just bad. Sitting and practice reps behind Jameis didn't make him any better.

    Haven't been as many mistakes as those as have been on Glennon, I live in Chicago so I got to see the train wreck every week. He's been underwhelming even when they had their number 1 & 2 receivers. Extra slow pitcher's windup, stares down guys off the snap, mind-boggling decision making, trash accuracy beyond 10 yards, terrible awareness, captain checkdown. They have good RBs, a good enough offensive line, a decent TE group. Only the WRs suck. This is more than enough to work with IMO. Thank god we didn't get him, and they're lucky they're only in it for 1 year.
  13. Thanks man, was a QB in hs about 10 years ago. Scouting has been a hobby of mines since playing was over for me at that point.
  14. That last fumble, is due to arm angle, and overall ball security. Where Darnold holds the ball to throw with his right hand is rather low. He throws underhand per-say, where the top of his hand is facing the ground, instead of the Sky. Where he holds the ball to throw with his left hand, causes strip sack turnovers. Especially, in the NFL, if he doesn't fix these technical miscues. Doesn't mean change his throwing motion whatsoever. A QB coach just needs to make sure Darnold keeps two hands on the ball, bringing that left hand with the ball just a bit longer is key, in a game of inches. Accept his (right)arm throwing motion, it's how he throws. If anything, work on the technical aspect of the arm angle motion coming around faster. Also gaining flexibility in the overall arm and shoulder.
  15. He was still churning his legs, and ref hadn't blown the whistle. He was still a runner. They teach play to the whistle, and we see guy's break out of those arm tackles for a few extra yards often enough. Bad hit yes, malicious not at all.