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  1. I didn't do anything wrong, I didn't come for anyone's head , but these old hags in here come for mine and it flys but I find it funny so let's keep it going.Also don't call me a flats fan, for the last time
  2. Is it too early?? Oh well lmao what did I say leading up to this game in my other thread? Are we up yet? People THOUGHT we were going to win this game . Comical. Tank job is back on for our own good. Refs showed they cared for us , let's look at the bright side of this sh*t show. Now for the positives, ASJ , best te in the lg. Now the funny sh*t to me , My grandmother running backwards is faster than that BUM forte. And ol MCCLOWNWISE, pulling the same tricks out of his ass, his specialty tricks of the pick and taking a sack in the clutch. He left out the pick six , maybe he'll pull
  3. Yea the coach is gonna suit up and pass the ball around ... lets pry elway from Denver
  4. It's okay spoot that name is so corny , I'll stay with my tank mobbbbb. We're the real face of the tank , we'll give it to you how it is , like real New Yorkers and jersey peeps
  5. I'll never be a flats fan in my life , only thing I'll say is that Brady is the goat, but in the end **** the flats. He them and their fans , I might hate every qb that starts for this team who is trash even more. Like ol mcclownwise
  6. The refs did it for our own good , I see the positives out of sh*t shows
  7. And mcclown can't beat the most sh*t pats defense and you expect we're gonna beat the rest of the teams on our schedule , get off the drugs
  8. We couldn't stop them on offense no way we win that game, ref did do some bullsh*t , but we weren't gonna close the game
  9. Lmaoooo why are you coming at me man , be happy this is a win still for this team
  10. You can't crack back in football now.... take the pads off and just play flag ball
  11. You haven't watched the movie it ? The casting crew took the job from mcclown and now he's our qb
  12. I hate the flats just as much as you do , I just don't have my head put up my ass by mcclownwise
  13. The show is just starting ... you think that is all from mcclownwise think again... the dancing didn't even start yet
  14. Hey gramps I'll let you know when I care about rep on an internet site .... you love the show by mcclownwise??? This is put on for the people just like you . You're cool because you have a million rep points haha
  15. Since we can't tank on our own , we get help from the refs , thanks guys
  16. Smart guy, I been said jets should do this , though mcclownwise at the helm idk how good he'll be
  17. Asj had to be a man and will his way to the endzone , no thanks from mcclownwise
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