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  1. There are three or four offensive tackles (Orlando Brown, Mike McGlinchey, Brian O'Neill, maybe Kolton Miller) predicted to go anywhere between picks 10-30... I would be perfectly fine with trading down if they were able to grab one of them.
  2. First round QBs since 2005

    I put this together a while ago... Gives an idea (not perfect though) of where the current starting QBs are and what round they were taken. eam Round Pick Name Bucs 1 1 Winston Cards 1 1 Palmer Chiefs 1 1 Smith Colts 1 1 Luck Giants 1 1 Manning Lions 1 1 Stanford Panthers 1 1 Newton Rams 1 1 Goff Vikings (2) 1 1 Bradford Eagles 1 2 Wentz Titans 1 2 Mariota Falcons 1 3 Ryan Jags 1 3 Bortles Chargers 1 4 Rivers Dolphins (2) 1 9 Tannehill Dolphins 1 11 Cutler Steelers 1 11 Roethlisberger Texans 1 12 Watson Ravens 1 18 Flacco Packers 1 24 Rodgers Vikings 1 32 Bridgewater Saints 2 32 Brees Bengals 2 35 Dalton Raiders 2 36 Carr Browns 2 52 Kizer Bears 3 73 Glennon Seahwaks 3 75 Wilson Jets 3 81 McCown Redskins 4 102 Cousins Cowboys 4 135 Prescott Bills 6 180 Taylor Pats 6 199 Brady Bronocs 7 250 Siemian 49ers NA NA Hoyer
  3. 1 Last pre-combine Mock (Fanspeak)

    I would kill to come out of this draft with 2-3 new starters on the OL, so this would be great!
  4. Offensive Line

    Nelson is awesome and I'd celebrate! But I think the biggest priority is a tackle, so I'd look to take maybe Orlando Brown or Mike McGlinchey... Or even maybe a guy like Billy Price who could take over at Center quickly. But that might be high for them at 6... I think the best plan with this scenario would be to trade down from 6th and try to get into the 12-16 range... I know that's an unpopular opinion, and I'll probably change my mind 100 times here, I would be excited with that kind of move. Maybe we lose out on a blue-chip/top 10 player... But we need talent all over the field. If we can get a starting tackle and stock pile some picks, I'd be happy.
  5. Kiper's BIG Board

    I have many dreams as to how this offseason will play out. It lets me reserve the right to acknowledge my ideas are awful, and then change my plan 1,000 times. But how about this: Jets sign Cousins, Jets trade down from 6 to mid-round and take one of those 3 glorious offensive tackles that are within the top 25... Terrible idea?! Sure, maybe... But man do I long for a top offensive line again. Miller, Brown, or McGlinchey? Yes please.
  6. Offensive Line

    I really thought Winters was going to work out! I liked his toughness and his effort... Clearly I may have been mistaken on that one... Of course I'm no GM so eh.
  7. Offensive Line

    Agreed! I've been trying to shout it from the roof tops for a while now... I don't care how skilled and flashy and loud your players are on offense... You're going no where without a line.
  8. Offensive Line

    That's my biggest fear right there... I'm really nervous they won't address the line with anything more than maybe a late round pick, and next season we'll be looking at having to redo the entire thing... Maybe we find a QB and some offensive skill players; but they go nowhere because they end up playing behind one of the worst lines in the league... What a development killer. It has to be a high priority this year. There might not be the pieces out there to just create a pro-bowl caliber OL in one offseason, but they can make upgrades. That much I am sure about.
  9. Offensive Line

    https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/2018-nfl-free-agency-nfl-teams-will-be-bidding-on-small-crop-of-offensive-linemen/ Boy I sure hope the Jets invest some of that FA money on a couple of these guys... "As for (Ryan) Jensen, the Ravens will likely try to re-sign him, but to do that, they're going to have to outbid multiple teams for his services, and one of those teams is likely going to be the Jets."
  10. Josh Allen

    The biggest thing with Allen is that he might need one of those lovely "red shirt" years... I've seen more than a few articles and mocks saying he might need a year behind someone to learn the ropes and improve his accuracy, unlike say Rosen who probably goes and plays day 1. Can Jets fans handle that? Or will everyone be so skittish because of the Hack nightmare that anything less than someone who starts day 1 sets off a panic?
  11. Offensive Line

    I definitely worry TB and Mac are a little distracted by the flashiness of the players they scout. OL men aren't flashy, as I think we all know. They do a 'boring' but incredibly important job. I'm hanging my hat right now on the NFL being a copy cat league. I'm hoping Mac sat down and watched the playoffs and SB and at some point said "Huh, look what a good OL can do..."
  12. 6 Possible QB Scenarios

    I voted for each; but my simplified cop-out answer here too is that all these all depend on what else happens. If the Jets can draft a QB and 2 offensive line pieces I'll consider this a good draft regardless of what other option shakes out.