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  1. It feels like they would have... But who knows.
  2. Ya I think Nelson would have been there in that scenario and the Jets would have scooped him up... It would have made sense for them to protect their new investment; although they'd have probably gotten dinged for taking him so early. Knowing now that they wanted to stack up on DTs, they might have also traded down and taken someone like Vita Vea? Or maybe Taven Bryan?
  3. DMan77

    O-Line - Not just us

    Realistically where does everyone think the Jets OL will finish stat wise? Using whatever scorecard or stat tracking you want. Are they a middle of the pack unit? Top 15? Top 10? What's good enough for you? I was pushing and hoping for more improvement in the OL because middle of the pack doesn't seem good enough to me. I want a top 5 unit out there... Some of you may end up being correct and the Jets line won't be "that bad", when all is said and done. But I was hoping for someone (if they were even out there) to push the Jets back into having a top OL unit in the next year or two.
  4. There's almost no doubt in my mind that Dimitri Flowers makes the team... I'm way too excited about them picking him up. He's going to be a big help in the run game, especially with an OL that might only be middle of the pack. I think he's going to be all over the field.
  5. My understanding is the Jets will be using a zone blocking scheme this year on offense... I'm disappointed the Jets didn't get any offensive line help, outside of the UDFA guys. I really wanted a new guard, or even a tackle that might have needed some work but could start eventually. Can someone talk me off the ledge and help me understand if the guys they do currently have are good fits for this new type of scheme?
  6. DMan77

    Jets UDFA Thread

    I expect Dimirti Flowers to make this team in some capacity. That's a nice pickup.
  7. Seems a solid move. Even if he's a rotational player it's probably better than a lottery ticket in the 7th. I mean who knows right? But I'm fine with it. The DL is going to be interesting to watch.
  8. DMan77

    Grade the Jets Draft

    I give the draft a B... But my God I am so so disappointed we didn't get any offensive line help. We couldn't find one OL guy? Even a project player? The weakness of the OL is going to show up this year. I think it's going to become the talk of the season. No running lanes, lots of sacks and pressures, no time to throw... I think it's going to become to story of the season and be the talk of next years draft. So I'm disappointed about that.. But I like the guys they got. I think they'll be solid NFL players... But no OL help is going to really hurt this year.
  9. DMan77

    Welcome Nathan Shepherd

    I feel like at the end of the day the overall review of this guys is: "Uhh.. I mean... Maybe? Ya? Could be? I like it.. Sort of..? Good-ish?"
  10. DMan77

    Welcome Nathan Shepherd

    I know it is... But man the OL is so shaky to me.. I just want more protection up front. They need to address it early tomorrow.
  11. DMan77

    Start vs Sit and Develop

    Right, but that's the mindset that needs to be adopted by the fans and the media... If this guy doesn't blow the doors off the barn in camp, be ready for him to be down on the depth charts... My fear is the dialogue that he's the week 1 starter is going to get super loud and when he doesn't make it the boos will come hard and heavy. People should go in not expecting him to start... Not because we should be pessimistic, but because that's the mostly likely situation for a 20 year old kid. If he's awesome and roars to the starting roll than I'll be as happy as anyone! But I'm more than willing to sit back and wait this year too.
  12. DMan77

    Start vs Sit and Develop

    I know but they've got to try and tune out the noise and take a look at what's going on too! I hope they do. If McCown is 0-3 because he's been sacked 12 times they better not throw Darnold out there... That's pointless other than to quiet the media and fans.
  13. DMan77

    Start vs Sit and Develop

    There have been so few starting QBs at age 21... Stafford was one... Bledsoe... More recently you had Kizer and Winston... But it's rare. I'm sure the Jets would get murdered for it, and I have no idea if it's the right move, but I wouldn't be surprised at all to see Darnold come out as #3 on the depth chart. He's so talented and seems quite mature, but he's still only 20!
  14. Someone's getting traded in the next couple of days right?
  15. The more I read and research today the more I'm on board with that... Really feels like most of the guys in the 3-5 range are pretty darn similar... I guess unless someone really falls from the 2nd.