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  1. McCarthy and DeFlippo are two good coaches who haven't updated their offensive systems. A lot of the more successful teams in the last few years have updated the way they scheme and call plays on offense. McCarthy and DeFlippo are stuck in an old way of thinking and playing. They do not run dynamic offenses. Other offenses are leaving these conservative styles in the dust. Both guys have traits you look for in coaches. They're smart, they command respect, they keep players in check, they're good with the media, they know how to run a team... But if either is hired as a Head Coach they need to bring in an OC with some new ideas. They need to evolve on their playcalling and offensive schemes. If they can do that, they're both going to be successful somewhere again.
  2. Draft 6 linemen.... I'm only half-kidding.
  3. DMan77

    IF Jets finish season with 2 more wins

    Not concerned with wins or loses. Just want to see Sam keep making impressive strides. I don't care about the outcomes as long as the headlines say "Darnold takes another step forward" or "Sam continues to show promise".
  4. I'm nervous! When I hear "BOLD" the only thing that comes to mind is some shocking color pallet. I don't think of 'bold' as being a new logo or something. My first reaction without actually seeing them in front of me is that I'm terrified of neon colors. I don't like the Seahawks neon green unis... I don't even like the navy uniform with the neon green shoulder pads and gloves they sometimes wear even though that's a little more subtle. Same with the non-neon Oregon green color they sometimes wear. It's still too much. Too shocking of a green. So I don't know... I don't have enough of a fashion mind to really picture what could look good... But I am nervous!
  5. DMan77

    $80 Million Cousins

    Same! I wanted at least one last year. It's still early, and it changes daily, but right now there are a couple OL mocked at the mid-end 1st round... It would be a great opportunity for the Jets to trade down. Get some extra picks, and land a 1st round OL talent... Probably a long shot but a guy can dream.
  6. DMan77

    $80 Million Cousins

    Cousins has his issues, but how bad is that offensive line in Minny? My goodness. It makes the Jets look like a top 5 unit. Another case study on how important having a damn OLine is to winning.
  7. Heh, very true sir. The theory of trading down sounds good to me, but the actual execution is the tough part.
  8. Of course it's a matter of opinion and what site you're looking at, but there does seem to be a crop of OL guys around the late 1st/early 2nd draft grade levels. I would be fine with trading way back for a nice haul and getting two OL pieces. Maybe someone like Jonah Williams from Alabama or Jawaan Taylor from Florida?
  9. Looking at the FA class is kind of painful. There's not a heck of a lot coming up here. There's basically no upcoming OL FAs that I want. That stings. And WR is just an overpay waiting to happen. Golden Tate maybe? Eh. Randell Cobb? Meh... Chris Hogan? Err... I mean they're fine players I guess, but how much are you going to pay them? The $100 million is definitely not as great as it seems... The biggest thing it can potentially help with is depth. There might not be many start studded FAs, but that money can buy a couple mid-level guys, in theory, which helps the drop off between starters and backups... But that's pretty low-talent already.
  10. DMan77

    Where do you stand on Maccagnan?

    I think he's gotten better as a GM and as a talent evaluater. I also understand why people would feel the opposite, and I won't argue with you on that if you do. Like many others I have a really hard time forgiving him for not addressing the offensive line. Certainly also for not finding playmakers or outside rushers, but mainly for ignoring the offensive line. So I guess I'm still on the fence. On one hand, I'm OK with firing him for the poor job he has done. But on the other hand I can see a few blurry signs that he's learning the league and the position, and that maybe the stability of an improving GM is better than another complete front office shakeup. I think I'll really feel fine with whatever direction they go. I'm not in love with him as GM, but I also don't see a ton of optimism in starting all over again.
  11. DMan77

    ESPN-NYJ 73% chance at Top 5 pick?

    I'll change my mind 100,000 times between now and the draft but right now I'm in the "trade back for more picks" camp. The Jets need players in so many positions. I know you risk losing out on some elite talent... But when you have so many holes I don't think it matters.
  12. Sometimes these games actually reinforce my already positive view of him. Have to see someone at their worst and at their lowest to know who they really are, right?
  13. Well that's a whole different thing than what you (and in turn me) replied to at first. If you don't think he's improving than the whole concept is moot. I do think he's gotten better. Although not to the point where I'm totally on board with keeping him.
  14. Well, if he's trending up as GM then you want to give him an extension... You don't keep him now in a "lets give him one more year" scenario. You keep him with the thought process that he's been improving and there's no reason not to think that will continue. Again, it's all just a theory. I just don't think it's smart in the NFL, or any career really, to fire someone based on their initial performance... We're too trigger happy. I hired a guy once who was awful in his first year. Got in an argument with a customer, almost screwed up a few check deposits, couldn't figure out our software for the life of him... That first year was rough and he was on his way out... But he got better and he learned and he's now a valuable piece of our puzzle. Sure, his mistakes are still on the record but I'm not going to fire him over those because he continues to improve as an employee.
  15. Here's the question: Has he gotten better as GM?... I'm not going to pretend to know the answer to that, but if you look at his career arch, is it up, down, or the same? The team suffers right now because he wasn't a very good GM in his first couple of years. Bad drafts and roster moves hurt. But if he's getting better and learning as he goes, you keep him and don't start over. I don't think it's beneficial to fire someone who is getting better for past mistakes. Again, I don't know if he is getting better... But I think it's worth investigating.

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