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  1. DMan77

    Can The Rams Beat'em?

    Sounds like I'm going to spend the next 2 weeks monitoring Gurly's health and learning how good the Rams are at getting pressure up the middle.
  2. I would like to think the negotiations went something like this: Mac: We'd like to hire you, here's a high offer. Pollack: Okay... But you're going to address the talent on that line this offseason right? Mac: Yes, it's my #1 priority and I'd love your input. Pollack: Deal!
  3. DMan77

    Can The Rams Beat'em?

    Hopefully 2 weeks helps him heal or rest up... But it comes down to that pass rush, I agree.
  4. DMan77

    I’m tired of losing

    We have a talented QB. After that, there are a lot of unknowns right now... I personally believe we landed a really good coach, but nobody really knows yet. We have a good deal of money to spend to shore up some much needed spots. We have a draft pick that could land a real game changer, or more picks to fill the holes. I don't know if next year marks a major improvement or turning point. I don't know when they become a playoff team... But when I look at them today I still think the arrow is pointing up for them... Even if there wasn't much farther to go down, they're trending in a positive direction, and that's good enough for a little hope for now... Having a QB is all the difference.
  5. DMan77

    Can The Rams Beat'em?

    Hm. Pretty even then it seems... Seems like we need to pin a lot of hopes on that pass rush.
  6. DMan77

    Can The Rams Beat'em?

    I forgive you.
  7. DMan77

    Can The Rams Beat'em?

    I mean cool but... Can the Rams beat them? Is the topic I'd like to stay on...
  8. DMan77

    Imagine being a Boston sports fan

    I live in Boston. It's hell... Well, for me. It's actually kind of sad for me... I grew up with family and friends who used to be super humble about sports and not take themselves so seriously... Now it's different. Now everyone is stuck up and privileged. I'm a Yankees fan so I understand that winning sometimes changes folks... But it's just really bad around here. The arrogance is unbearable.
  9. DMan77

    Can The Rams Beat'em?

    Hmm interesting. I don't think I realized their pass rush was so good... Hopefully they can clip the Pats rushing attack too. Curious to see what the line is when it comes out.
  10. No. I live in Boston. I'm in enough hell.
  11. I haven't followed the NFC very closely. I know the Rams rush is top 3-ish in the league... And I know Goff threw for 4,500 yards... And I know they won tough games against (Calls aside) the Saints tonight as well as beating the Chiefs in a shoot out. I know the also lost to the Bears on the road, which doesn't look really good... A good defense shut them down hard. But that's about all I know. Their defense seems pretty middle of the road. Meh.
  12. I'm sure it's a question he's asking himself in some way, shape, or form... What would he do differently? What would he change? He made mistakes all over the place. We all know that.... But I think one big question he needs to ask himself if he wants to ever be a HC again is: "How do I give a team an identity?". Yes, his coaching also need A LOT of work. But I also think the Jets struggled a lot because they just didn't have an idea of who they were supposed to be. What was their calling card. What was their focus? Were they united? Did it feel like there was a blueprint for the season? Bowles did an awful job of figuring that out. The Jets seemed rudderless... A coach needs to be a general and have a plan.
  13. DMan77

    Shoring up the OL

    Medically you can live without your frontal lobe, but you'll be essentially brain dead and paralyzed. You won't be able to put thoughts and actions together. But, you can live without one of the hemispheres of your brain. There are a couple stories about people missing a hemisphere and not noticing it for a while. So I guess I'd say the frontal lobe is more important.
  14. DMan77

    Shoring up the OL

    Random question, what do you guys think is more important at this point? A Center or a Left Tackle? I know tackles get the big bucks and protect the most important part of a franchise... But I can't help feeling like Center should be the focus as a way to solidify the whole line and make everyone better.
  15. I'm excited for the new uniforms, and unless the green is the color of vomit I think I'll be happy enough... Is that just me? I feel like my personal spectrum of what I'll find fun, exciting, or at least OK is much larger than the spectrum of things I won't like...

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