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  1. DMan77

    So what’s the unexpected

    You know what I haven't seen much of? Mocks of teams in "win now" mode drafting way up. I guess that's unexpected because it's pretty rare... Wouldn't be unexpected if a team like Green Bay or Indy traded way up into the top 5 or 10? How much longer does Luck and Rodgers have? Maybe they make a huge leap to try and make a big Superbowl push? Or what about Seattle trading up to get a new toy to go with their new highest paid QB? Unexpected for sure. The cost would be huge to jump up that far... But I'm surprised I haven't seen it floated around a little more.
  2. Sure feels like we're standing still at 3 and grabbing a pass rusher, which is certainly fine with me! I do wonder if there's a team farther down that gets frisky and offers a deal... Maybe someone like the Eagles see their SB window closing so they make a leap to grab an elite pass rusher or CB... Or maybe the Colts try to reload one more time for Luck. I don't know. Just looking at teams that might be willing to risk the future a bit to get over the hump and to the SB. The cost would be astronomical so it's super unlikely... But who knows?!
  3. DMan77

    What is your local NFL team?

    The Patriots... I grew up being able to hear the fireworks from Foxboro. It was great. Really awesome. Super fun.
  4. DMan77

    Draft Date

    I probably moan about this every year, but my goodness doesn't it feel like the draft should happen sooner in April? I don't think it was as bad maybe 10+ years ago, but now that we live in the era of the internet and mock drafts, there's only so much you can watch and read before it gets repetitive and no longer informative. By now guys have been scouted, the combine is over, most individual workouts are over, players have met with teams... There's just nothing but waiting now. I think most teams and prospects are ready to go. In the late 90's/early 2000's it was as eraly as April 15th... I'd like to go back to that, or earlier! Okay, I'm all done complaining for now.
  5. Glad to see we're all taking this in stride.
  6. Boy it's fun seeing everyone turn into fashion critics tonight!
  7. Whatever they used to film that was terrible... It looks better and more distinguishable at a larger size.
  8. Being able to see them more clearly here in the store makes me like them more... They're sleek. https://www.jetsshop.com/new-york-jets/t-25936055+z-9333260-3083982614?pageSize=72&sortOption=NewestArrivals
  9. Whew the negativity and cynicism is thick and juicy in here tonight! I like these jerseys.
  10. I don't know, I feel like we missed out on some decent depth pieces. After the initial spending spree the Jets got super quiet. I'm not a cap expert, but it feels like they could have brought in a few more lower-ish pieces to raise the team's floor a little bit... DE Kerry Hyder signed for 1 million... He had 8 sacks two years ago. No interest from the Jets? Or someone like Adrian Philips who can return some kicks and provide depth at CB Or Jason Verrett who signed just a 3.6 million dollar deal. Or a guy like Daryl Williams at tackle who signed for 5 million... Seems affordable... Or maybe Cameron Fleming who could be a solid backup guard.... I don't know, I just thought they could have brought in a few more smaller pieces.
  11. Hah thanks! Anytime I hear football bomb I think of this thing. These were great.
  12. I like it because it means we start building an OL! But I don't like it because we miss on a blue-chipper. I want both. Is there some way we can just have all the picks? ALL OF THEM!
  13. I'm rereading through this thread... Boy people are getting awfully worked up over this... Maybe we should all relax just a little bit?...

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