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  1. It has to be Idzik... He set this franchise back 3-4 years... And it was already pretty far back to begin with. I can also see going back even further and blaming Woody for that hire.
  2. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    I would put pretty good odds on him being a Jet next season. Maybe not 2-1 or anything... Maybe 12-1?
  3. Makes me sad... Almost makes me not care who we draft or play at QB next year... It won't matter if we don't get this line stronger.
  4. Uff. The sdcond you hear that someone went down with a "non-contact" injury, you know it's not going to be good.
  5. For real. This is such a minor move. You toss a 5th rounder for a guy who has a lot of problems but some raw talent. It's basically a cheap lottery ticket. See what happens. If it works? Great! If not, oh well... We need to calm down here.
  6. I mean whatever. Not a ground breaking move. You roll the dice that maybe a fresh start helps and he cleans his issues up. If not oh well. It's okay to play the lottery like this once or twice.
  7. Not ready to crown Watson as the second coming just yet.
  8. Meh. They'll play maybe 2 games each at this rate. No bueno.
  9. Coach options for next year?...

    How about Jim Schwartz from Philly? He was pretty awful as the Lions headcoach but he's had a couple of good years as the defensive guy over there... Another interesting one might be Edgar Bennett the O coach for Green Bay... He doesn't get a lot of buzz, but he's worked in pretty much every aspect of an organization... From player development to a RB coach, to a WR coach to now the offensive coordinator... He's a guy who might have a real feel for the whole spectrum of a clubhouse, and maybe an eye for talent on the field.
  10. Seems like a pretty good trade for both teams I think... I know we always look for a team who 'won' or whatever, but on paper this seems like a smart move for both sides... Carries a risk of course for both; but SF get's a QB with potential and the Pats grab a 2nd rounder to restock. Interesting.
  11. Jets Gameday Help

    Can't comment too much about 3 and 4, but it sounds like you've got the right idea for 1 and 2. They make it pretty easy (minus the crowds sometimes) to get to the game... And I think an hour-ish sounds about right.
  12. Failing to find a QB after 3 years shouldn't get you fired. It's the hardest needle in the haystack to find. I think Mac is an average-ish GM. He's nothing special. But I don't think he's as bad as people want him to be. He's pretty good at evaluating talent and has shown an ability to work the waiver wire a bit. I think the stability of keeping him around is worth more than rolling the dice AGAIN on another GM and another front office and another philosophy. Again I don't think he's great. A lot of people have listed moves and reasons that he's been bad, and I won't argue with those. I'm not defending greatness here. I think he's fine for now and I think he's gotten better year by year. I'm willing to stick with him for another draft.
  13. You know who is having a half-way decent season? Morris Claiborne. You know who the Jets should trade before the deadline? Morris Claiborne. Not going to get a huge return for him, but hey, if you can snag a 5th rounder? Why not. You can always sign him back next season. Every playoff team can use secondary help.
  14. I think I'm more upset about Leggett then I should be... I was just excited to watch some of the young guys this season and that seems off the table with him.
  15. 3-4: happy or ANGRY and why?

    Can I answer with "indifferent"? I've liked some of the things we've done, especially some of our young guys. I think we have some long-term talent on this team. I'm not saying it's made up of probowlers, but I do think we have a handful of guys that can really help round things out once we get a QB... And you need those. You need pieces in place when you get a QB, unless you want to rebuild for another 3-4 years. But I haven't liked the coaching and the lack of discipline. I haven't liked the reliance on some of the 'old guard' still... I've also been disappointed in a handful of players that I had hoped would take more than a few steps forward, but haven't yet... And hopefully they start giving some snaps to Petty soon. So overall I'm very meh about things. I'm happy that we've seen some improvement and some solid performances from some young guys, but not so happy at the coaching and some of the lineup decisions.