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  1. Welcome! The Vikings have looked so much better these last two weeks! The last I checked I think you guys had the 6th best passing offense in the league. That's probably too much for the Jets... And if Cook comes back strong and healthy that makes things even more difficult. Hoping the Jets can keep it close and maybe a good (or bad depending on your perspective) bounce decides the game late... But the Vikings just have so many weapons out there on offense, and they're all starting to click.
  2. DMan77

    Nfl power ranking puts Vikes at 5

    Much like the Jets, the Vikings have looked a lot better the last two weeks... It also looks like Cook might be back this week. Going to be a tough game.
  3. DMan77

    classless cousins

    That's business... It's not always pretty. At the end of the day he got what he wanted: Money... and the Jets got what they needed: A young, smart, and talented Q.
  4. DMan77

    Jets + 3 vs Vikings

    Sounds like Dalvin Cook could be back... He's trouble for a defense when healthy.
  5. It feels like Gruden went into this year thinking "Well, this is year one of my tear-down-and-rebuild plan." It feels like he doesn't like any of the players on his team. Carr, Cooper, Mack... There are (or were) rumors about trading or moving on from all of them. I understand a coach wanting to come in and set up his own system. I understand a coach wanting the players and talent that fits that system... But you still have to TRY and make it work with the guys you have, right? Or adapt your plan a little bit? It seems like he's not interested in that. Maybe it works down the road? Maybe in 2-3 years he's changed the roster over a ton and the guys he brings in fits the scheme and coaching style he wants... But right now... Whew, it's ugly.
  6. So that's: Vikings, at Bears, at Dolphins, Buffalo . Tough losing him for Minny. They're a top 6 passing offense... But the Bears, Dolphins, and Buffalo are all bottom 12 teams when it comes to passing so hopefully losing Maye is a little less impactfull... Take your time and heal up!
  7. DMan77

    Will the real Jets please stand up?

    Ya I mean... I think if you back away far enough you can sort of see who they are: An average-ish team that will beat bad teams, stay competitive against teams in their same level, and get stomped by the good ones. Thinking 7,8,9 wins when all is said and done.
  8. DMan77

    Back Page NY Daily News

    Heh, I mean for one week anyway they were a better story than the Giants.
  9. DMan77

    Clowney is must!

    The Jets should absolutely take a look, but if the price tag is too high they shouldn't feel bad walking away... Maybe this is the season he really puts it all together, stays healthy, and shows the drive to keep rolling. But I don't know. He's a gamble.
  10. Just for more reference too: Jets WRs in 2009 (Sanchez) Jericho Cotchery Braylon Edwards Jets WR 2013 (Geno) Jeremy Kerley Santonio Holmes And also I know it's a point of contention regarding how good or bad the 2018 Jets OL is... But both Geno and Sanchez had D'Brickashaw and Mangold in front of them. There's no doubt in my mind that helped them a lot early on.
  11. DMan77

    Back Page NY Daily News

    I think that's a pretty standard rule of media... Drama and tension plays to the masses better than a feel good story. They know what sells more copies and what gets people talking.
  12. Ya, the end of the season will be a whole different animal. I think wins like this that get sprinkled into the season stops the mid-season firing chances. When a team wins, and especially when rookies look good, it gives the front office the ability to ignore or brush off questions about the coach or the future. for a few weeks. But the end of the season is different. Those individual wins (if there are only a few of them) don't carry as much weight as they did during the season. A mid-season firing was a real long-shot to begin with. But wins like this completely reset whatever odds there was of it happening.
  13. We should have beat the Browns, but had no gameplan for Mayfield. That's on the coaches and we've beat that dead horse, but what can you do? The Dolphins were hot as hell coming into that game. Everything was working for them and it was just a bad matchup between our OL and their DE/DTs. Jacksonville is better than the Jets but I don't think that drubbing was a good indicator of the team either. I think it's really hard for us as non-players sitting around typing about it, but it was 88 degrees with ridiculously high humidity that day. The Jets weren't conditioned and their bodies hadn't adapted to that like the Jags are... That's hard! I always think about the first really hot day during the summer when I go out to do some yard work. My body isn't use to that kind of heat yet. Don't get me wrong; I'm not saying they would have won, but I don't think the sloppy team we saw get routed out there was who the Jets really are. I think they exhausted themselves too quickly and weren't ready for that heat. At the end of the day I still think the Jets are an average team. I thought 8-8 or 9-7 was possible and I'm still on board with that.

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