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  1. Disagree... Find an Offensive lineman to help protect your new toy first.
  2. https://www.nflpa.com/news/2018-helmet-lab-testing-performance-results I'll be honest. I'm not sure I was aware there were so many different types of helmets!
  3. What’s going on in NE?

    Not rebuilding, but reloading.
  4. Sheesh... Way too much for Cooks. Thought so last year too. I mean he's a valuable player but damn. Pats restocking.
  5. Jets Claim TE Clive Walford

    TE doesn't need to be a strength this year... But hopefully we get enough talent from this dude and Leggett that it's not a black hole either. If either of them are solid blockers I'll be happy.
  6. How many GMs are killing it out there? How many are surviving because they won some lottery tickets in the draft? I don't know where this perception came from that there are a bunch of golden godlike GMs out there that are always landing 7 out of 7 picks and pulling all the right strings... It's not the case. Not at all. Most fail! Most don't come out with the outcome they wanted. Every GM has a 'bust' story or six. Overall I think Mac is an average GM. And I think he's gotten a little bit better each year. This year is obviously a big one.
  7. I mean it's an average pickup overall right? Nothing to really write home about. Frankly it doesn't matter who is running the ball if our OL doesn't improve.
  8. I'm sort of putting my faith in this being a copy cat league... And with that idea in mind, maybe they watched the Eagles OL make Nick Foles look like the elitest of elite. I guess we'll see... If they come out of the draft without a new piece for the line I'm going to be so disappointed... I don't even care if it's a project piece that might not get in a game this year... But please at least try to find someone!
  9. In theory there will be a couple day 2/3 guys that might be able to contribute. There are also a couple guys that the 'experts' think need a year on the practice squad or as a reserve but that have the talent to grow into a starter. I just hope we get a couple... I'm not sure if Mac would get crushed around here for using two picks on the OL, but I would applaud I think (depending on who he took...) because it's such a need. Guys like Brian O'Neil, Martinas Rankin, or Brandon Parker at tackle... Or Frank Ragnow, Sean Welsh or maybe Braden Smith drops. Or my "sleepers" G/C Colby Gossett out of Appalachian State. Or OT Brett Toth out of Army... I think he could develop into a star.
  10. We still have a month to go until the draft... That depresses me... How many more mock drafts, articles, expert opinions, rumors from "inside sources", and debates can we have?! The owners meetings rap up today, prospects have had their pro days, the combine is done, interviews are done... I wish they'd at least discuss moving it up a little... Even a couple weeks would be nice.
  11. Giants shopping Beckham

    I've seen speculation (I think on CBS but i can't recall...) that a team might have to throw two first rounders at the Giants for Beckham... That seems crazy to me... That's a lot!
  12. Denver would have to seriously blow the Jets away... Everything you mentioned plus another 2nd rounder and maybe a 3rd the following year. If the Jets trade back they shouldn't be looking for matched value. They should only discuss it if they get blown away with extra picks... And even then, I'd have no problem with them passing.
  13. Predict their NYJ rookie season

    I don't think any of the rookies win the starting job coming out of camp... And I'm ok with that. In my (non expert) opinion the offensive line is going to struggle this year with the guys currently in place. I'd rather not watch the 3rd pick in the draft lost all confidence because he has no time to throw and is constantly getting buried into the ground... I'd rather run out an experienced QB who is more accustomed to dealing with that kind of thing until the OL looks better. But who knows. Maybe they pick up a strong guard or tackle in the 3rd round and the unit comes together?
  14. So... What happens when a running back lowers his head to burst through the line? Or a QB ducking on a sneak?
  15. Teddy Ballgame

    I also expect Hack to be the 4th QB... I think Petty's time is done. I also think Brdigewater will be okay. But if not, oh well. He was worth the risk. If he's okay then he's a dynamic and exciting option... If not, ah well.