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  1. 😅 Hah, this place is fun too.
  2. The first day or two I was face palming hard over all this. But I'm actually having fun with it now. This whole power consolidation, Gase running wild, no clues as to what the plan is or who's talk to who... It's actually kind of fun... I like a good shake up. That doesn't mean I'm expecting great things or that I'm all optimistic... But it's fun watching this unfold.
  3. Very quiet means they've cut out some leaks, not that they're not looking... Sounds good to me.
  4. I feel like the minority but I'm okay with the timing... Why fire Mac and others before the draft? You let the guys who have done the scouting and evaluating for a whole year go? You let guys that know your inner workings and plans out in the wild to be hired or at least talked to by anyone? Even if Mac had a sense that he was toast, it would still behoove him to have a good draft for his own future. He still wants to be able to say "I drafted ____ in the ___ round and he became a star, someone hire me." I also feel like maybe the Jets DID consider firing him before the draft, but they took a look at possible GM fill-ins at that time and didn't like their chances or options... So they waited until they maybe got a hint that there would be a few people to talk too post-draft.
  5. There are going to be a dozen more stories like this until they sign a GM... No one has any idea what's going on in that building.
  6. I think all of us, collectively, are roughly 6th on the list.
  7. The people responding positively aren't SOJF.... The SOJF are those of you finding the absolute worst parts of anything the team does. They're those of you that probably unconsciously find the cynical and negative side with every move the team makes... Hire someone? Find a fault and laugh... Fire someone? Find a fault and be cynical... To be the SOJF are the ones who are almost so used to the pain at this point that trying to put a positive or hopeful spin on something scares them. It's just easier to be negative.
  8. This got buried here, but it's a name to watch... Very weird timing...
  9. I keep going through all the emotions today. Mostly I've been hanging my head at how ridiculous of a circus this seems to be. Just dysfunction central, right? But then I swing back and remember that sometimes it takes chaos to bring out some clarity... Fixing things isn't always neat and tidy. So the optics look bad, people continue to roll their eyes at the Jets; but if this is done right it could really mean big things... I'm going to try and focus on the football side of things and try to keep an eye on who's in the running, instead of reading articles about internal strife or who went behind who's back... Onwards and upwards.
  10. Him, and a whole bunch of folks around here... If they complain and mock everyone else; and are proven right, they can pat themselves on the back later and feel all warm and fuzzy in thinking they know best... And if not, well hey it's not their fault their opinions were wrong. And who cares, go Jets. It's a very weak philosophy to live by, I think. It's choosing to be negative for the sake of hoping to be right. They'll call it a no lose mindset. Always be ready to be let down and always find the most negative angle you can, and you can't be surprised or upset... You get to throw out the "told ya so!"... But what they don't realize is if you always live that low, you can never come up as high. And often in life, even if you walk into something expecting a bad outcome, it stings just as much as it would if you came into it with some hope. But we fool ourselves. The need to be right is a powerful thing, unfortunately.
  11. Oh man, what a day this is going to be to look back on in a year, 5 years, 10 years... One way or another this is a big day in Jets history... Good or bad. This is a lot different than just your average GM canning or coach hire... This is a hell of a foundational shakeup all wrapped up in a ridiculous package.
  12. That's a good point I suppose... It sort of gives the new GM as 'pass' year in which he can evaluate and get to know the players and organization before having to really dive into reconstructing things... Depending on who the new guy is it gives him a whole year to scout and evaluate before he has to go into his first off-season. But it still feels disjointed right now... Maybe as more statements and reports come out this will make more sense? Eh...?

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