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  1. I mean... MM was a disaster of a GM, but I'm not going to get mad at him for not listening to Larry David... That's just silly.
  2. I've been pretty happy with just about everyone I've seen mocked to the Jets across the web... Granted, I know next to nothing about scouting or spotting a star player, but every time I see a pick and read a scouting report I feel pretty good about who they might end up with. There should be a really strong OT, WR, CB, or DE available at 11.
  3. This is a video from a Raiders fan breaking down some of the plays from last week... The first clip shows the opening play, where Williams tosses the center to force Jacbos to cut back where he's hit by a flood of Jets... And then the last clip at about 16:10, watch him drive the C back like he's on roller skates. The LG even tries to come over to help when he sees the C getting pushed on his back foot... Of course it's only a couple of plays... But I really think he's going to be just fine and a heck of a player.
  4. I don't think they'll resign him, unless he has a big game somehow. If he has a 2 sack game or something they can rationalize it with "well once he learned the system he looked a lot better..." or whatever... But without that, with all the heat the organization is getting about this season already, I don't think they keep him.
  5. I'm legit worried about this game. Once again I'm worried because of offensive lines... The Bengal's line isn't terrible. A starter or two has gotten healthy and they've been decent... With no pass rush, all they have to be is decent to give Dalton time to throw... He still has enough in the tank to pick a bad secondary apart... On the other side, the Bengals have at least 3 sacks in each of their last 3 games. They've also forced 4 turnovers in the last 3 games. They're just playing a lot better all the sudden on defense. I do think the Jets will win. I think the Jets improved secondary play will get another turnover at a really opportune time and we'll all exhale a little... But by no means is this a walk-in-the-park game.
  6. Listen I'm no coach or scout... But look at this kid's anticipation and reaction. He's watching the receiver and the QB and he's jumping the throws and routes. He's seeing the play before it actually unfolds. I feel like you can only teach that so much. A lot of it just instincts and split-second decision making... It's really awesome to watch.
  7. This is silly but if a 4-7 team can call something a trap game, this would be it. Big time trap game. Jets are feeling good today, soaking in all the media and fan praise and it's going to be easy for them to let their guard down. They can't get complacent... Again, silly, but this game is going to tell me a lot about Gase... If he can keep his guys focused on not let them lose this us-against-everybody mentality and energy, I think it's a really good sign for him going forward as a coach.
  8. These threads are getting old... Can't we just have one Williams thread?
  9. Beachum looked better to the eye to me then his rating shows here, but I'm no expert. He's a huge name to watch on the injury report this week... If he doesn't play that really cracks the line and the offensive plan.
  10. Here's a nice rule I've learned about commenting and such on the internet: Take 90 seconds to breathe before you reply or say something to someone... A lot of "fights" happen because people just blindly see red after the first few seconds of seeing something they disagree with. We're overcome with a sense of urgency to respond and defend... So next time you're ready to battle or attack someone (here or wherever else), just minimize the window, take your hands off the keyboard for 90 seconds and let your composure comeback. You might still disagree with the person but I think you'll find you can reply in a calmer and less combative tone. It works for me anyway, and I think it's worth a try.
  11. I think the Jets have a decent shot here for a couple reasons. - The Raiders have beat up on some teams because of their ability to run. Teams stack the box and that opens short passing lanes for Carr... I think the Jets can defend it with just their base upfront guys. I don't think they'll have to sit Adams or a LB up close every down to stop Jacobs and the run. - They're traveling across the country for the game, and they have a huge game next week against the Chiefs. They might not be "all there" Sunday... They're 1-3 on the road. Too much is probably made of "trap" games, but this is a classic one. Ultimately though I think this game comes down to a story of offensive lines. I'm worried about the pressure the Raiders will bring off the edge... Especially if Beachum can't play for the Jets. On the other side the Raiders line has been really good both in helping the run and keeping Carr upright... That spells trouble for the Jets unless Adams can play out of his mind again. Even then they'll need someone else to step up and create pressure to knock Carr off his game. Right now I think the Raiders will win, but we'll see how the week shapes up... Lets say 30-27 for now.
  12. I feel like there are two main camps here... He's either A) a disappointment, or B) he just needs time to develop... I mean can't it be both though? Can't both sides be right? I'm disappointed he hasn't been an impact player from day 1. It's disappointing that half a season has gone by without him being a game changer. But I also think he will develop just fine... I feel like it's not unheard of for a guy to take a season or two to get up to an NFL caliber level.. Again that's maybe disappointing, but I feel like writing him off completely as a bust is also premature.
  13. He's not big enough... I don't think he's going to be beating any big TEs or tackles if they know he's coming... He's uncanny at coming down from the safety spot and finding gaps and holes to get through... When he can surprise an OL by sprinting at it from a variety of spots and angles that's when he's at his best.
  14. Bears, Rams, Chargers, Browns would be my list. Atlanta maybe but I don't remember too many people setting their expectations as high as those other 4 teams. There's varying degrees of disappointment, but I think I feel the worst for the Bears. They have a awesome defense, what should be a solid run game, they invested in their OL, Robinson is a good WR... But then everything is halted by an inept QB... I think it reminds me of the Jet's Sanchez years..
  15. And like 1,000 other players over the years... Some figure it out, some don't. Just because a guy isn't a pro bowler year one doesn't always mean his career is toast.
  16. Eh I'm willing to give him some time... He's only 21! He needs to add some strength. He'll get there though... He has the natural talent and skill, he just needs to get bigger and figure out how to use it.
  17. Josh Jacobs is a really good RB... Heck of a find for the Raiders... But if the Jets can clamp him down and make Carr beat them I think they have a shot. The Raiders are the more talented team, but they're defense has holes. Their defense looked pretty good against the Bengals but the previous few weeks they've had to win shootouts... So the Jets should be able to score some points here. It's at home and the Raiders need to fly all the way across the country for it... Also after this Jets game they play the Chiefs in a big division game... Maybe they end up looking ahead to that one and we surprise them? Could be a classic "trap" game.
  18. Ya he's getting way ahead of himself here... If maybe a 7 year vet says this then it's cool, because he's probably earned the right to call out guys as a way of motivating or challenging them... But when a rookie does it, it's no good...He hasn't earned those stripes yet.
  19. Outside of McLendon (33) the DL is young too... Williams (21), Anderson (28), Shepard(26), and the breakout star of the group, Kyle Phillips(22)... Good things!
  20. Sam is going to be just fine. He's still building up his foundation and learning. Maybe that's not what everyone wanted. It's completely normal to want a QB who steps right out of college and lights up the world. Of course everyone wants that. But Sam is still getting there. He's shown so many positive traits and taken so many positive steps. It's just that the negative plays or games ALWAYS show up more than the things someone does well. He's going to keep getting better... Now it's on the front office and the rest of the organization to put the right pieces around (and in front) of him.
  21. Here's a nice story about Kyle Phillips. https://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/81543/jets-rookie-kyle-phillips-beats-the-odds-just-like-trailblazing-mother "He's second to the recently-traded Leonard Williamsin snaps played (375 to 338) and he leads the unit in total tackles (33), emerging as a bright light in a dark season for the Jets (2-7). Against long odds, he's fulfilling his childhood ambition, with a big assist from someone who has made a life of conquering barriers."
  22. The internet is where we to go to be over-dramatic, so let me go ahead and follow that rule... He could have killed him with that helmet... People have died from punches to the head that land in the wrong spot. That was extremely dangerous.
  23. I mean... It doesn't hurt to go watch the guy and see where he's at? What's the big deal?
  24. I loved Rex... It was fun having him here. Yes sometimes he was obnoxious and over the top, but damn it football was fun!
  25. For those of you who take deep (or even shallow) dives into the draft, prospect watching, evaluating, scouting, etc; What are some of your favorite places for info and scouting and all that fun stuff?
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