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  1. No half day but I'll certainly be taking an hour or two nap tonight... Going to bed at like midnight when the game ends and getting up at 5am for work is not a good recipe.
  2. I'm not great at evaluating coaches... It certainly seems like Quinn has lost his way. But man, their OL is awful... It's much worse than others. That team has a decent amount of talent but they can't do anything on offense with that line. I really think it's bringing down the entire team way more than people are talking about.
  3. The pass interference replays are really interesting... I think before this week something like 7 out of 40 calls had been successful. So around 17%. I think its two things... 1: There's still no clear definition of what the hell PI is. It changes game to game and ref to ref. They NFL hardly disputes that. There seems to be different rules to calling PI on a replay than if it was actually called on the field... If they don't call it it feels like they need to see something clearly blatant to call it off replay. Feels like there's at least 2 sets of rules. And 2: I think the refs hate being wrong. They don't want 'tick' marks on their end of the year review full of overturned or missed calls. So they can rebel against that by basically doing nothing and making up some nonsense explanation later... And no one outside of the media can question them on it.
  4. I just don't think Sam will have enough time... Robby can make a move or two and get free on occasion but I don't think he'll have enough time.
  5. I think it's going to be a good battle and people will be talking about how well the Jets played tonight. But I don't think they have the protection and extra firepower needed to beat that defense. I think they'll keep it close for a while though and maybe at least put a scare into them.
  6. He really has... He shouldn't have started so early for Arizona... Then they dump him to grab Murray. He lands into a Miami team in flux with a questionable coaching staff... And now he's back on the bench, and will likely get dumped again when Miami drafts a QB. I mean he hasn't helped himself by playing so poorly... But it does feel like he hasn't had a second to absorb and get comfortable before the rugs are pulled out from under him.
  7. It's probably my imagination but haven't the prices paid in trades seemed to be really high the last 16 months or so? Two first rounds for Ramsey... Minkah for a first... I mean the Vikings threw out a 5th rounder for our former kicker Vedvik... Maybe prices are a tick above what we're used to? I feel like maybe a few years ago a 4th and maybe a 6th rounder would have been pretty standard for this kind of trade? But it just feels like teams have been more apt to release higher picks in trades recently... But maybe that's just selective sight...
  8. Automatic 1st downs on plays that wouldn't have resulted in that need to go. Move them to the spot of the foul and replay the down, or max it at 15 yards.
  9. I've just been happy from close to the start when it became clear JD cared about the OL. That was the most important thing to me when we started the GM hunt. I wanted a GM who recognized the importance of the trenches. I mean of course I wanted someone who could evaluate talent and make smart roster decisions too... But MM made me nervous that maybe there are other potential-GMs out there who have the OL low on their priority list too.
  10. I don't know, I thought they looked better... Only 2 sacks and 6 official pressures. Kalil at C had the best win-block rate on the team for once, which is pretty much what you want for your center. They weren't perfect and of course Sam had to dance and move... But it was a noticeable difference from the last few weeks to me.
  11. It probably doesn't matter for the actual games... But it sure does feel like the defenses Mayfield goes up against have an extra gear because of all the jabbering he does... Defenses love to humble guys and his quotes and attitude must make for great locker room fuel for opponents in the week leading up to a game. Last year and in college we heard about how is attitude is a part of his game. It's a part of what makes him successful when it works... But it also puts an extra chip on the defenses shoulder.
  12. Yup, OL all the way... It should be ahead of DE, CB, WR on the ole' priority list.
  13. I'm with you but those two are going to be tied to each other for a bit... Any time they mention Mayfield you're going to hear "...but they also could have taken Sam Darnold". They're just going to be part of the same narrative for a while.
  14. Haven't seen the PFF grades or any of that stuff but yesterday sure felt like a better performance, no? I'm no coach or X's and O's expert but it felt like Dallas held off on rushing too many guys out of respect for what Sam could do... And the Jets started out by running a lot of pass plays over the middle of the field... Sort of wondering if that made the Dallas LBs stay back a little bit and out of Sams face. He was still on the move a lot but overall I thought the OL looked much better. I didn't see as many completely missed blocks or missed assignments this time around.
  15. I'm laughing a little at how CBS Sports and Bryan DeArdo are treating the spleen check like a new injury... And also what a click batey title "grim update on the quarterbacks health"... Come on guys... https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/sam-darnold-and-adam-gase-offer-grim-update-on-the-quarterbacks-health-ahead-of-eagles-game/ While Darnold didn't discuss the specifics of his new health situation, he did mention his spleen during a recent interview with SportsNet New York.
  16. https://www.tampabay.com/news/florida/2019/09/30/this-veteran-died-without-a-family-youre-invited-to-his-funeral/ The story of a Naples veteran who died with no close family went viral Sunday. You’re invited to celebrate his life on Tuesday. According to WFLA, Edward Pearson died last month at 80. He left no immediate survivors, so his funeral has been opened to the public. The political community rallied around the man’s story in a series of tweets. Former Democratic Congresswoman Gwen Graham urged the residents of Sarasota, where the funeral is being held, to show up for Pearson. “We can be his family,” Graham tweeted. Mr. Edward K. Pearson served our country. He has no family to attend his funeral. We can be his family. You are invited to his funeral at the SARASOTA NATIONAL CEMETERY, 9810 State Road 72, this Tuesday, October 1 at 12:30 p.m. Please go, if you can.https://t.co/QMnWC1P5ks — Gwen Graham (@GwenGraham) September 29, 2019 CNN political anchor Jake Tapper echoed Graham’s call Sunday, and his tweet quickly went viral. As of Sunday evening, it had been retweeted some 3,100 times ― including by Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz. SARASOTA, FLORIDA!!! Veteran Edward K. Pearson just passed away at age 80. He has NO immediate family to come to his funeral, so the public is invited to attend. Tuesday, Oct. 1 at 12:30 p.m. at the Sarasota National Cemetery, 9810 State Road 72 https://t.co/naEaWQEjgN — Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) September 29, 2019 The service for Pearson will take place Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. at the Sarasota National Cemetery, WFLA reported. That cemetery’s address is 9810 State Rd 72, Sarasota, FL 34241. I hope he gets a wonderful turn out.
  17. I mean... Let's be real. There's no need to rush him back... The Jets aren't a playoff team anyway. I don't think this one game was going to make or break the season... Give him another week and let him get to 100%. Same with C.J.
  18. It's also just an issue that there are SO many bad and mediocre/below average teams. You have maybe a top 1-3 teams... Then like 25 interchangeable teams in the middle that are just average or below average at best, then then the bottom 3,4,5. I mean we could discuss the actual numbers and who those teams are and switch a few categories... But the point is there's a huge group of teams in the middle with glaring enough weaknesses that they'll never beat one of the top teams... They still might finish the season with 7.8.9 wins because they each play all those other middling teams, but they're not good enough to take on a favorite. It's funny, there IS parity in the NFL... But it's all in the middle. There are a lot of 'meh' teams, but not a lot of contenders.
  19. Sam, Quinnen, Mosley, Herndon... Those are a pretty solid 4 to (hopefully) get back. Not sure if it's enough to win but it definitely changes the dynamic of the team. 14 feels like a lot of points... Doesn't help the offensive line and CB issues directly... But they'll help.
  20. True true... Still if Sam does play I might take that bet... 14 is still a lot. I mean if nothing else that's close to back-door cover territory. Also when I say "take that bet", I generally mean I'll be betting like $10, hah. So it's not like I'm taking a giant leap of confidence into them or anything. Just at least feels somewhat plausible that they can keep it within 2 TDs.
  21. I think most of us are past wondering why it has issues... We've seen that for a couple years now. At this point I think we're all trying to figure out what can be done to fix or improve it. Both right now and in the future... For the future it -seems- like Joe D. sees the OL as a high priority. His comments and his roster moves so far seem to at least point to that, so that leaves me a little optimistic... For the present, we just have to hope these guys get better at working together. The talent level isn't super high. So the ceiling isn't either... but a good percentage of their struggles have been misplays, missed blocks, miscommunications... In theory those can be worked out at least a LITTLE bit. But who knows?
  22. I'd be tempted to take that line bet... That's a lot of points. They must not think Sam is playing. I think you'll see that drop to maybe 7.5 or 8.5 if Sam plays.
  23. https://www.nj.com/jets/2019/09/whats-wrong-with-jets-pitiful-offensive-line-who-is-to-blame-can-it-be-fixed-former-nfl-players-analysts-weigh-in.html Can't argue with a single thing from this article... Uggh... I can't do anything but hope the bye week and more time to work together as a unit will have helped these guys. “The prior administration, they severely neglected the offensive line and you just can’t do that in today’s NFL," Woody said. “Any successful team ... usually they have good offensive lines. The Jets, unfortunately, have done a very poor job of drafting offensive linemen ... and developing guys. Now you’re paying the piper.” “Are these guys talking?" Woody, now with ESPN, said. "What is the coaching like? How are these guys being coached during the week? Because these things that you’re seeing on Sunday, there’s nothing crazy about what these teams are doing, but they’re beating them up front, which is alarming.” For his part, offensive line coach Frank Pollack did shoulder some of the blame when addressing reporters Tuesday." They don't have to be a top, elite unit! They just need to be average... Even below average would somehow be an improvement.
  24. Give a team a prime Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Michael Irvin, and Barry Sanders. Throw in Shannon Sharpe at TE. Give them a coaching staff of Lombardi, Landry, and Noll... They would all struggle behind this offensive line. I see the number of threads blaming Gase, or the playcalling, or the QBs, or the WRs, or the defense, or a lack of skill player talent... And of course they're not completely off the hook. Those are issues and we all know it... But their failures are symptoms of the bigger problem; and that's the OL. You can't get your best players involved and you can't come up with an interesting offensive play set if your QB only has a half second to throw, and your RB can't run it inside. You can't succeed when your opponent only needs to rush 3 to apply pressure or to blow up running plays. I'm actually scared for Darnold to come back and to try and play behind this line... I don't know what the solution is at this point. The line looks over-matched and/or lost on every play. Maybe they'll find some chemistry during the bye? Maybe JD finds a willing trade partner to help boost the line? I don't know, but I don't expect this team to succeed at all, even at full strength, if that line doesn't get decidedly better, fast.
  25. You have to worry about the spleen for months, depending on the case. Even without the extreme fatigue, chills, high fever... Your spleen can still be really enlarged. Even if he didn't/doesn't have the extreme outward symptoms, you have to be safe with the spleen...

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