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  1. Only thing worse than a 4:25 pm Sunday start is a Thursday night game.
  2. He was no worse than the coach who liked him coming here.
  3. No offense, but Draft Kings and Fan Duel are rip offs, IMO.
  4. I don't like, you don't like it. But, we still have to call him Coach Gase.
  5. Gase must step back from the play calling duties and let Jim Bob Cooter run the show.
  6. I hope they have to rename the company Copeland Chemical after this lawsuit. He did everything that he could.
  7. Edelman doesn't have a groin, the PED's shriveled that up too.
  8. Couldn't before it or after it. Just gives more excuses to keep the googly eyed one. Maybe he can get an eye transplant and see that his offense is a steaming turd sandwich.
  9. Can we fire the **** out of the strength and training group. WTF????

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