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  1. just ordered me one of those masks everyone has been clamoring for, Corona can't get me if it doesn't know me:
  2. We can agree to disagree, but the fact remains no one has any answers on this. Well, maybe the Chinese who invented it know more about it. Let's just watch it all crumble and tell ourselves we did all we could do. Stay safe all.
  3. https://www.webmd.com/cold-and-flu/immune-system-fight-infection How Your Immune System Fights Infection Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest Email Print IN THIS ARTICLE White Blood Cells to the Rescue Lymph Lends a Big Hand Taking Germs Down: How It Works Stuff happens. You nick your skin and bacteria get in. Or you rub your eyes, not realizing that the doorknob you touched had a cold virus on it. Or you ate something that maybe wasn’t cooked or cleaned as well as it should have been. And just like that, you’ve got an unwanted guest in your body. Your immune system steps in, like a bouncer who means business. It releases white blood cells and other chemicals that destroy these threats. Or it causes a reaction, like a sneeze, to boot out a virus in your nose. It’s an elite squad of agents that zap invaders -- like bacteria, viruses, and fungi -- ASAP. They zoom through your body and defend you.
  4. We really don't have any proof to back up this claim. We can only hope it is. The question is , in my opinion, are we doing more harm than good by our countermeasures. https://apnews.com/530e73d316a2c1180433f01236054451 We are not saving lives, we are endangering them on a bigger scale with this group think bs. Die of a disease or die of starvation. This is what it is coming to.
  5. Just tell me what we have accomplished?
  6. The patients, from the city of Daegu, South Korea, had all spent time in quarantine while recovering from the virus, but were diagnosed again within days of being released.
  7. Stark photos show miles-long row of cars waiting outside a Florida food bank as demand surges by 600 per cent and more than half-a-million residents file for unemployment Feeding South Florida, a nonprofit, distributed food to needy Floridian motorists on Monday A long line of vehicles was seen waiting at a distribution center in Sunrise, just outside of Fort Lauderdale Food banks have reported a 600 per cent spike in demand for produce amid coronavirus pandemic Recent figures showed that more than 500,000 Floridians filed for unemployment benefits Sorry, but the ruin everybody's lives strategy is not working.
  8. I truly feel sorry for the victims and their families. The aftereffects of our actions will ultimately define us. Right now, it is all going to hell in a hand basket.
  9. Sweden: 10 million people , 591 deaths NYC: 8.5 million, 3,485 deaths Facts, who knew?
  10. I would be in the way, I just know CPR. But hey, let's just hang out and hope for the best.
  11. Based on what? I'm saying no one knows what would happen.
  12. Tennessee, and everything is closed. It really is putting a burden on everyone. People that are laid off can't get through to the unemployment portals online to make a claim. People wearing masks and gloves to wash their cars and the shelves are bare in the supermarkets. Also, where I work we are deemed essential, but if one person gets a positive result then we shut down. So, if you get sick then you have that stigma following you of being the cause of a loss of the ability to provide for your family. Also tempers are up because some don't want to work even though they were offered voluntary layoff for 2 weeks and yet they are there. Neighboring states, like Kentucky, have been encouraging people not to go here even if you live on the border. Society has lost it's collective mind over this. Opposite day has to end soon. Everything we enjoy as Americans has been shuttered. When the internet folds from too much traffic as more people are furloughed then it will get really bad. The only groups of ten or more I have seen was at the Hunger First homeless shelter. There comes a point when you just have to face the issue instead of hoping it will go away. We can't maintain this.
  13. Sweden is doing fine with not making a police state and ruining everyone's livelihood.
  14. I totally get your point, but treating it like it is something new is as well. The social distancing is not allowing us to build an immunity and it is wrecking us financially and mentally. There is no easy solution. The second wave will be worse because we hid out.IMO.

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