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  1. Movies We've Seen Thread

    Glad to see RT was wrong on Justice League. It was a good movie. Flash was my favorite character.
  2. Chiefs sign Revis

    If not for the holdouts, malingering,loafing and playing for the pats, I would like him. He is however a colossal douche.
  3. Chiefs sign Revis

    Yes that way he actually has a reason to stand around and collect a paycheck for nothing like last year. If there were any justice he would be in jail for assault.
  4. Chiefs sign Revis

    I hope he tears his ACL
  5. Eagles Fletcher Cox Sued for Ruining Marriage.

    $25K will pay off that double wide.
  6. Coach Mike Leach

    Love it, have always liked this coach.
  7. Patriots to decide Jets fate

    The only thing I root for is Brady to have an injury. *&^% the pats. I always pull for the team that is playing them. Always.
  8. Bowles After the Bye

    Denver is ranked 6th in Time of Possession.
  9. Bowles After the Bye

    I stand corrected our offense is good: https://www.teamrankings.com/nfl/stat/points-per-game
  10. Talk about stupid play calling ...

    I loved it because every Seattle loss increases the value of the 2nd round pick we got from them until Mac pisses it away on another Safety.
  11. Bowles After the Bye

    Our offense is crap, and the defense wears out due to being on the field all day. It has been this way forever. It will continue to be this way as long as we draft defense in the first round every year.
  12. With the 12th Pick, the NY Jets Select…

    The only fly in the ointment is Mac. You send him to the local pizzeria to get a pizza, he comes back with a hamburger from McDonalds. He can't draft for @#$%.
  13. The defensive line knows that the offense can't score more than 20 pts. The DL also knows Buster is going to give up 45+ yds in penalties. Mo is just happy he got paid and is not going to injured trying to make plays for a team that can not score. Leo doesn't have a mentor on the DL. No penetration by the DL puts the spot light on our less than average LB's. Our secondary is getting better, but is still 2 CB's away from being good.\ Mac will draft two CB's in the first and second rounds.
  14. Baker Mayfield

    But, But everyone said next year was the '83 draft all over again. CB here we come back to back 1 and 2. Watson should have been our pick this year.