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  1. Hoping to see time of possession go up more.
  2. Well, I know CJ won't get hurt this year while setting on his a$$ at home.
  3. We no longer have Gase or Darnold. We are going to be lots better this year. I can't wait to see the football go past 5yds on a pass more 4 times a game. Baby steps....
  4. https://fansided.com/2020/12/04/michigan-politicians-ask-lions-hire-robert-saleh/ Remember this....
  5. He won't fumble, but you nailed the Int's, I'll take the over just like his career.........
  6. Born and raised, the sack exchange cemented my fandom.
  7. OMG, do all Jet fans live in the same area? It's the water!!!! Pre Titans and Panthers!!! It's my theory.
  8. Question, I bought tickets for ZZ Top and Def Leopard. The covid hit, and they cancelled. They wouldn't refund the money, so now I have the Maroon 5 tickets the following weekend in Charlotte after the game. How could I swap those for Jets game tickets?
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