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  1. I am very confident Mac will **** it up. He hasn't helped this team yet through the draft, why would he start now?
  2. Updated Roster Thu March 22 (w Pryor Signing)

    How is Jojo Natson still on this team?
  3. Tim Tebow, best punt blocker ever!!!!!!
  4. Dylan Donahue checks into rehab after 2nd DUI

    Maybe , we should get him an autographed Johnny Manziel football. It would cheer him up.
  5. Dez Bryant available ? 🤔

    TBH how would we know, our coaching staff is hot garbage.
  6. Buster will now have competition for the most penalties per game if we sign this POS.
  7. Jets Sign Pryor

    Now I like him.
  8. Hack could take Allen under his wing.
  9. Breer's Mock Draft

    Rosen is going to be that dude who retires after 3 years to avoid more concussions. Daddy is a surgeon. Give me Mayfield, he is a football player. example: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/only-23-another-nfl-player-is-retiring-early-because-of-concussions/ It's a California thing.
  10. Darnold #1 after pro day

    So glad Darnold looked good. Don't want Sanchez 2.0.
  11. A collective prayer that Mac gets it right for once??

    That is like rooting for the sun to come up.
  12. Jets Sign OLB Brandon Copeland

    Bridgewater, Johnson and Long have been the best signings so far.