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  1. Cleaning up the Macmess takes time. However, Gase should be shown the door now.
  2. There are not enough thumbs down to describe the feeling of disgust with Gase not being fired.
  3. I would have rather watched Tebow start over Sanchez. Both sucked, but at least Tebow cared.
  4. It got Sanchez out of there, he was a plague of turnovers. One of the best moves Rex made.
  5. I agree. And we get rid of Gase. Also, crazy eyes leaves. And, just a guess...... Coach Bieniemy would own coaching decisions both good and bad. I still hope there is a Jets fan that drives a public bus, and I hope he runs over Gase. The only one who throws players under a bus should be the one hit by one. Irony....
  6. How was Sanchez getting hurt a bad thing again?
  7. what? oh good. just watching Jets season reruns.

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