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  1. We got roasted by Bowles and MacCagnan. Can't judge a system when your two leaders are ****ing morons. I am excited for our future.
  2. Compromise: They can get rid of Hardknocks if they get rid of Thursday night football and games in London.
  3. Mac is gone, spending money he never earned. I hope Hackenberg is his Paper delivery guy because he will only find 1/4 of the newspapers he subscribes to.
  4. Oh my was not aware, I was wondering why there wasn't one.
  5. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/former-nfl-tight-end-kellen-winslow-ii-reportedly-convicted-of-rape-indecent-exposure-lewd-conduct/ Not a character guy.
  6. Ravens aren't making the playoffs again anytime soon, we signed their best player. It's about revenge. I like it.
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