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  1. Darron Lee fired his mom, and got his learner's permit? OMG, he is growing up!!!!
  2. Never got off that train. EFF Mac!!!
  3. Fantasy Island

    Live vs TV

    So by the responses of some, Thanos had the right idea.
  4. Fantasy Island

    What is the Jets biggest need in this Draft?

    Because Spencer Long is a turd.
  5. Fantasy Island

    Why can’t Mac get a 2nd for Leo?

    bang for buck
  6. Fantasy Island

    Why can’t Mac get a 2nd for Leo?

    Hey, that's not fair. Devito made plays.
  7. Ummm.... it's the owner of evil has a chance to be embarrassed. I think that is it.
  8. Fantasy Island

    NY Jets Schedule Announced

    @#$% Goodell right in his @$$. 3 days of vacation I have to burn for prime time games!!!!! Why????
  9. Fantasy Island

    All Jets fans do is complain

    Stopped reading at the bold. Mac is still here. Lipstick on the hog does not change the fact that is still a hog. Mac will $%^& this draft up just like the others, it is what he does.
  10. Fantasy Island

    GM related question

    Mac sucks, and D+ was generous.
  11. Fantasy Island

    Malick Jackson is a big baby.

    Who the **** is Malick Jackson?
  12. Rush Limbaugh was a sportscaster for MNF, let's have him cover the WNBA draft for Lifetime.
  13. Exactly, her experience in basketball will be a huge plus in the NFL draft. Who cares? Goodell ruined the draft like he has everything else.

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