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  1. Oh it will bounce, off players and the ground......
  2. My neighbors are fine. Their little dog yaps continuously until I blow the air horn. He stops barking or the owner comes and gets him. I mowed their yard for a while until they could afford to get a new mower.
  3. QW VS MB. Battle of the fat first rounders..... Both have shown promise, but neither is really durable. Neither are worth half of what the going rate is for DT and OT. Learn and move on, ie.... no extensions!!!!!
  4. Wasn't it weird though how all this comes out when he states he wants out of Houston. Was he in hot water there and wanted away from this quick, or did the team try to use their knowledge of the situation as leverage to keep him there? It's all too coincidental.
  5. My jets dart board. Just change out the GM bullseye every 3-5 years.
  6. I don't know, but I've been told Patriot woman ain't got no soul......
  7. Goose was awesome. So sad.
  8. Very sad. Report says questionable death per NFL.com
  9. Not disclosing the weight is, IMO, the same as admitting Mekhi is fat as f***.
  10. He looked 181.437 Kilos to me.
  11. Said pro bowler is taking the spot of AVT, who has to start learning a new position allover again. I would have kept AVT at LG and signed a RG. JMO
  12. Team Playoff drought New York Jets 11 seasons Denver Broncos 6 seasons Detroit Lions 5 seasons Miami Dolphins 5 seasons New York Giants 5 seasons Atlanta Falcons 4 seasons Carolina Panthers 4 seasons Jacksonville Jaguars 4 seasons Los Angeles Chargers 3 seasons This is embarrassing, and there should be a playoff mandate!!!!!! Almost double the second worse drought team .
  13. Happy fathers day all!!! and
  14. Just thinking about swapping problems. Both are that.
  15. He got to get away from fortnight and flaming Cheetos to do it, I'm in another area code with his big ticket bling before he gets off the couch.
  16. I'm 51 and do Keto. I will dine on his tears. You saw my calves pic, he would kill for those.
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