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  1. Zach and MW had the same number of great games last year: 1 Zach: Tennessee MW: Cincinnati So, the real question is do we have potential FQB in either one? Probably not because one gets all the reps and the other is 3rd string. One just gets paid more and is younger. Gardener Minschew would be good here and is young enough to build a consistency with the offense. Somebody has to eat crow and it won’t be JD.
  2. Zach looked like crap before the injury. Sugarcoat it all you want but he is not getting better. PVO, he does look he has more muscle.
  3. https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2022/08/15/us/lancaster-texas-youth-football-shooting-yaqub-talib/index.html They have way different fights in Texas
  4. Zach not throwing should help GW’s game.
  5. I want these cut Edoga Wesco Ashtyn Davis Zuniga Curry
  6. Brady doesn't make my Top 10: cheating, lax rules on hitting QB, lax rules on WR's , deflated balls, HGH He should be given the Barry Bonds treatment when being considered for the HOF. Nope!
  7. I like it!!! Sign this man to a contract. All a$$ no fakes!!!!
  8. That 2020 draft was a Sh!t show, and the 2nd overall pick in 2021 was a turd too.
  9. 10% of your pay, 90% of the coffee and BTA. Another failure.
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