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  1. 5 minutes ago, bla bla bla said:

    Idk, same could be said for James Robinson and Bam Knight

    Sometimes the optics are more important than the effect. IMO sending the message to the team that "we aren't giving up" for the cost of a throw away pick is more important than that player working out, especially when a home grown player shows out.

    That Robinson wasn't in the game is pure BS.  Shows we are not about what is best for the team. But we will save that 5th rounder do or die.

    JD, SMFH.

  2. 3 hours ago, MysticalJet2 said:

    If he continues to play well and somehow miraculously gets the Jets into playoffs, he will not be a Jet next year.  JD pride and ego is too big to walk from Zach and admit he was wrong with the #2 pick and pay Mike White with a longer term contract.  Besides if I’m MFW I’d be looking for a starting job, a longer contract, and more $.  He may have earned that already

    prediction: White leaves, Zach stays and we sign a JAG vet in the off season.

    That's the worst scenario that I can imagine.

  3. 2 hours ago, AL047 said:

    Almost everyone on this board are wanting that the Jets sign a QB through free agency, but the problem is who is available at QB???

    The Jets have two choices:

    1) Re-sign QB Mike White and make Zack Wilson the backup QB.

    2) Trade Zack Wilson and start over looking for a QB with that pick. But re-sign Mike White to have a starting QB in the meantime.

    The problem is there are no free agent QBs that you will want unless you settle for Jimmy Garoppolo to be your starter? The Jets have a decision this offseason of what to do at the QB position. Zack Wilson in two years has been given the chance to prove himself but he's making the same mistakes over and over again. He shows flashes but he can't continue doing it week by week and LaFleur can't keep simplifying the offense for him anymore because teams are getting to do their homework on him.

    We all know that there is going to be a QB competition to be the starter next season between White and Wilson!!! Wilson better be ready to win the competition the excuses are over!!!! If in the first two years you couldn't do it as the starter, then you will never be able to do it. 

    We can't all blame the oline for this teams problems but it has been a major factor. Another one is the WR's besides Wilson and the TE's where are the other or better yet when are they going to step up???

    Literally anyone but Zach Wilson or Josh Rosen

  4. 7 hours ago, JETS SB said:

    I am sure there will be another 10,000 references, in future topics, bringing up how Zach Wilson sucks, even when he is not on the team.

    This forum and fan base is pathetic. Why dont you wait at the end of a really bad game, in the rain, for hours, and tell him he is worse than Ryan Leaf? Sounds like something pathetic, a Jets "fan" might lie about doing so he can get sympathy and support from a bunch of pathetic middle aged Jets fan idiots in love with Chris Streveler. Oh wait, he actually said it to a GM that just had probably the greatest draft in Jets history. Wouldnt be surprised if it was the same a$$hole who messaged Zach's mom. Or maybe it was 1 of 100 of the other stupid pathetic idiots in this forum, jerking off to Mike White winking. Until he throws a couple of INTs in a game, and they run him out of town.

    Bottom line - We are terrible fan base who would turn on a player after a super bowl victory, if he wasnt perfect the following season. We retire players numbers and about 2,500 people stay in their seats, with about 20 people cheering. We dont support our great players. And no great player is going to want to play here and stay here, because they aren't perfect and we will attack them as soon as they aren't up to idiot Jets fans expectations.

    Zach Wilson does suck. DJ Reed and Garrett Wilson supporting the kid at the end of Thursday nights game. From what I heard from Garrett, after Zach was hit with his own rolled up, wet jersey, thrown from the stands, he said, "Just cancel it out. They don't mean sh*t. We all played bad. We got your back." 

    I guarantee. At the end of Garrett Wilson's & Sauce Gardner's rookie deals, they will sign elsewhere. No good football player would want to play in that terrible stadium, for this terrible organization, with a terrible fan base, who has no clue about sh*t. Tell me the last "decent" player, that has played here more than 3 years?  We might have 10, in the last 30 years.

    **** OFF JETS FANS


    Bless her heart

  5. 1 hour ago, VERMONT JET said:

    Really?  You think the offense is purposely playing poorly because Zack is playing QB?  They have to look the defense in the eye and tell them "sorry boys you guys are screwed and we are not going to give our all because of who is playing QB? "  Not buying it. 

    Zach is an albatross 

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