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  1. 15 hours ago, VJphillyfan said:

    He isn’t better than anyone. The other qbs are scrubs but Zach is King Scrub

    The Strev needs to get the start Sunday because everyone else got that chance to start.  MW is hurt, Zach is a joke, and Flacco could not care less.

    Won't happen and that why Saleh has to go.

  2. 17 minutes ago, Ex-Rex said:

    So my question is why didn't Saleh do everything he could to WIN THE GAME? He stuck with an obviously ineffective Mike White when he should have brought Streveler into the game in the fourth quarter when the game was still winnable. I think Saleh deserves to be fired for that. As the HC you owe it to your team to do whatever is necessary to get the win and he did NOTHING.

    That Mann is still on this team shows you the ineptitude of the FO.  ST's stink just as bad as the O. 

  3. 1 hour ago, RoadFan said:

    Justin Fields is not good either.  His release is too slow. 

    He threw for more that 200 yards two times.  Less than 150, six times…

    A quarterback has to be able to throw the ball.  Running for a 1000 yards is a cool story, but it is not a key to long-term success.  Especially, when the team has to play from behind.

    He beat NE, and if Fields was our pick we would be in the playoffs because running effectively opens up the pass.

  4. 8 minutes ago, jeremy2020 said:

    I'm hardly a Saleh fan, but timing is important. There's no great clear-cut candidate out there beyond Payton. If you're not going big.. go home and hope you can find a GM who can make a wise coaching hire. 

    I think people overlook that the Giants didn't just get Daboll, they also hired Schoen as GM. The coach and GM absolutely have to be on the same page and both be good at their jobs. 

    Hiring a new coach if your GM is gonna be on the hot seat doesn't make sense (See NY Jets, Miami Dolphins). 

    Fire Salad and Pretzel

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  5. 1 hour ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    DISCLAIMER:  No, this is not a thread about tanking THIS year.  The difference between 8-9 and 7-10 is negligible.  We're talking REAL, season-long-over kind of tanking here.  0-17 /  vs 2-15 kind of tanking.  


    I'd say that perhaps the most damaging aspect of the Woody Johnson era has been the policy (it would seem) to prefer 5 or 6-win seasons in a lost year over "bottoming out" for draft position purposes.  And we're paying for it with every regime. 

    A reminder of the history below (note:  You might quibble over how helpful tanking would have been in any given year, and whether we would have been interested in some of these players in the first place, but in totality, its hard to argue we haven't missed out on elite draft capital/talent over the years):



    • Sitting at 3-12, the Jets won their Week 17 game against the Chiefs to finish 4-12 and end up with the # 6 pick.  A loss would have vaulted the Jets into a top-3 pick slot
    • Selected:  DE Vernon Gholston
    • Missed out on:  QB Matt Ryan


    • The 2-11 Jets, with lame duck HC Rex Ryan, won 2 of their final 3, thus missing out on a top-2 pick
    • Selected:  DT Leonard Williams
    • Missed out on:  Large package of picks (Tennessee reportedly strongly considered moving out of # 2 before selecting Mariota)


    • The 4-8 Jets won 3 of their final 4 games of the season to finish 7-9, costing them a top-6 pick
    • Selected:  LT Mekhi Becton
    • Missed out on:  QB Justin Herbert; OT Jedrick Wills


    We also won 2 meaningless December games in 2005, but on this occasion we ended up getting a franchise LT out of the deal (Ferguson). 

    And a December win in 2018 cost the Jets Nick Bosa in the '19 draft, though Quinnen Williams has gained a lot of ground on Bosa from a career perspective this season.

    But the most egregious "failed tanking" effort was of course...


    • The 0-13 Jets won back-to-back games in Weeks 15 & 16 with lame duck HC Adam Gase, costing them the # 1 pick
    • Selected:  QB Zach Wilson
    • Missed out on:  QB Trevor Lawrence


    There's no getting around this one if you're in the "anti-tanking" group, unless you're simply stubborn and obtuse.  Lawrence looks like the real deal.  Since Week 9 this year, there's arguably been no better QB in the NFL.  The Year 2 leap has happened for him, despite entering a disastrous situation with Urban Meyer in his rookie year.

    This may well go down as a Peyton Manning/Ryan Leaf situation, and it all could have been avoided had the Jets done what Woody Johnson seemingly refuses to do time and again:  Fire a HC midseason and tank properly.  

    Trevor Lawerence would suck with this CS.

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