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  1. I hope we get a QB and a HC with a set of balls. Time to play Petty.
  2. Jamal Adams overrated. Watson would have been an awesome pick. Mac is such a moron.
  3. Let's make Tammy Brady cry today, Defense.
  4. Trying to get all that Ohio St. trash off the team. Lee is next.
  5. and this: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/mark-sanchez-shirtless-flashes-bare-backside-semi-nude-viral-video-article-1.1383042
  6. We have to pressure their QB. Their defense is bad, so we can score. Want to see Kerley catch the winning TD as time expires.
  7. Sanchez was the big Apple turnover. He wore 6 because he threw pick 6's. The butt fumble was entirely his fault. We used to play the fumble , INT, punt game when he was under center because that is what he gave you. Was in attendance in Nashville when he had 5 turnovers by by himself on a Monday night game when we still had a shot at the playoffs. I loved the Snoopy bowl because that finally led him to be gone because Rex was enamored with him. The tattoo on Rex's shoulder proved who Rex wanted at QB. SOOOOOOOOOOO GLAD when he was gone!!!!!!
  8. Tebow was better than Sanchez. Rex only preferred players who would run the train on Michelle. Tebow wouldn't do it so he stayed on the bench.
  9. If anything is consistent here it is our history with the draft. We draft defense in the first round. None of those top QB's were coming here anyway.
  10. Little known fact , Revis demands royalties from fans who are photographed or videoed wearing his jersey. Uncle Sean taught that malingering fool well.
  11. Mac is NOT picking a QB in the draft. He already has Hackenberg and that is just the way it is going to be. Sad but true.
  12. I hope we hurt Brady so bad that he has to have help putting his uggs on.
  13. Why they gotta interview him while he is trying to enjoy his fat blunt?
  14. Whatever Mac gets paid , it is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much.
  15. It will mean we are on our way to the playoffs.
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