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  1. We are going to beat Jacksonville tomorrow!!!!! And I hope Tom Brady gets caught using HGH.
  2. Fox is doing the right thing for business only. They need viewers. Viewership going down doesn't get you the sponsors you need to make a buck.
  3. We should beat the Jags today. Limiting their running attack will be the key. Maybe Mo makes some tackles today.
  4. Down goes Darnold . Watched the game last night and was NOT impressed. So we will pick him in the 2nd round and deja vu it all over again.
  5. http://boston.cbslocal.com/2017/09/28/patriots-fan-jersey-burning-parties-illegal/ patriot fans fire back
  6. All he has to do is kneel when he is being sworn in, he will be fine.
  7. You know what is worse? NE has been selling a lie about not cheating and their fans buy that too.
  8. Another whiff on a potential starting QB for us. Adams and Maye are looking good, but I would have drafted Watson then Cook in the 2nd.
  9. Henderson's Attorney: I would like to call my first witness: Darron Lee. Woody: Aw heck just give him the money, we got nothing.
  10. Always a great day when you beat the fins.
  11. Kearse has been a very good asset for us. Maybe we are on the upswing.
  12. Would you have tanked for this guy? Darnold could turn out to be another Marinovich. Let's just play to win.
  13. Tell me how long it has been since we drafted with a top 10 pick a great offensive player? thought so...
  14. Don't worry that overrated DB will still be there when we pick in the first round next year. It is all good. I hope we win out and go to the playoffs. @#$% tanking. especially for Sanchez 2.0
  15. Glad we got the win, we can beat Jacksonville after their long trip from London. They must be tired after scoring all those TD's on Baltimore.
  16. I had to hear Chris Christy talk about the opioid epidemic in Jersey on Siriusxm, please nothing is worse than having to hear that commercial
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