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  1. No, I wanted Watson to be drafted. I will however support Petty. Hackenburg was terrible before we got him and he still is. You can polish a turd, but when it is said and done it is still a turd.
  2. http://www.foxsports.com/nfl/gallery/nfl-draft-steals-2017-best-picks-grades-value-starters-immediate-impact-overall-cowboys-043017 Nice article about good value in the draft. Of course Mikey missed out on them.
  3. The draft was finished before it started when our FO sat down in the "war"room aka open bar employee break room.
  4. Pssst, Hackenberg was also thought of in this same light a couple years back.
  5. With the way we draft, the suck for Sam crowd are going to be greatly disappointed. We will draft LBs next year in Rds 1 and 2 and TE's in 3 and 5 as we trade our 4th for 6th and 7th rounders. This is not a rebuild it is a runaway train heading for disaster. Anybody impressed with this draft has the greenest of glasses on or you need professional help.
  6. I really feel for the season ticket holders that have to pay crazy money to watch the **** show that MacMoron is going to put on the field.
  7. Traded the 4th round pick. If you can't see what an idiot we have in the FO, then I can't help you.
  8. 1. Zane Gonzalez, Arizona State Make no mistake about it, Zane Gonzalez’s 2016 season was one of the most impressive ever put together by a college kicker. His booming leg makes him a candidate to come off the board by the end of Day 2. The only kicker in America to make more than Gonzalez’s seven 50-plus-yard field goals this past season was Baltimore Ravens’ star Justin Tucker (10). More than just a strong leg, Gonzalez is also incredibly accurate, connecting on 92.0 percent of his field-goal attempts; he was perfect from inside 50 yards, though he did miss one extra point in 2016. This will be the pick as he will be our only chance of scoring. And he may be open to playing Safety.
  9. So to recap: Mac didn't get any big FA's Mac passed on offense the first two rounds Mac cut Revis 1 out of 3 isn't that bad. Hopefully we draft 2 Kickers today.
  10. His dealer wants him to pay his tab.
  11. I'll say a prayer for this, and I am an Atheist. We are so ****ed!!!!
  12. There was also people who liked the Gholston, Milliner, Pryor, Lee picks as well. I'll wait.........................
  13. I love your optimism, but Todd still coaches our D.
  14. No you have made the best pick of the draft. Don't play humble now.
  15. Its exhaust from the U-haul in front of Mike's house.
  16. would be certain to be better than MacCagnan.
  17. Good to have a good draft pick this season. Welcome.
  18. So just for the sake of argument, if MacCagnan has a stroke tonight, who would make the picks?
  19. Dare they go for a 3rd Safety, you know just to be safe..........
  20. An F- is Mike MacCagnan GMing and Todd Bowles Coaching. That is what an F- is. By the way that is the grade I gave that moron.
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