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  1. She sucked calling college games, she will suck at this as well.
  2. How did we get ready for a 2018 QB draft pick exactly? I don't remember drafting OL heavily this year.
  3. My mom is a Titan fan, and she doesn't understand why I still follow the Jets.
  4. He cared more about posing for GQ than football. He was just another dud from USC like Darnold will be.
  5. Taking this into consideration, why is he not a starter today?
  6. Shouldn't there be something else near his gaping mouth?????
  7. Nope, Mark Sanchez is not here anymore.
  8. Tebow didn't get a fair shot because Rex was goo goo for Sanchez.
  9. Well since he likes kneeling so much, he should get a job at an adult movie theatre.
  10. Had to google Eddie Alvarez. He hugs his opponents until they give up?
  11. I hope he comes back as our starter since Moron McCagnan didn't address the the OL.
  12. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000208181/article/joe-namath-believes-mark-sanchez-best-qb-fit-for-ny-jets Hmmmmm............
  13. Relax Florida cops are jokes. A friend of mine and his wife were arrested after asking a drunk assistant D.A. to stop cursing around children at a UT-Florida football game. The cop arrested them instead of the belligerent drunk who threatened to hit his wife. A "florida lawyer" got it dropped for a fee. Sounds about the same, ******* cop making some cash on the side.
  14. No the RB in Buffalo hates waiters. http://www.khq.com/story/26500546/eagles-running-back-lesean-mccoy-leaves-020-tip-bad-tip-or-bad-service
  15. All the waiter has to do is keep my drink full, leave me dry I leave you dry. Tips are earned not a forgone conclusion.
  16. A man who picks 3 safeties when they need a QB would.
  17. If more than 50% of Hack's passes go past the line of scrimmage, then that is progress.
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