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  1. 18 minutes ago, NYJetsVets91 said:

    Hooker was the BPA... Besides I don't think either WR is worthy of #6 overall, same with Howard. I was thinking about going with Barnett, but he's kinda a tweener. Hooker will be a huge boost for our secondary. He's a ballhawking playmaker that we're lacking.

    I do believe your pick is accurate and will likely happen in the real draft.   He only has one year of experience.

  2. 4 minutes ago, JetFaninMI said:

    Signing McCown is a sure sign they will give Petty/Hack every chance to win the job in Training Camp. My money is on Hack but it would be a small bet because no one including the Jets know what they have in Hack until they see him in game situations.  I feel Petty is not an NFL starter even with the small sample size. He just doesn't  look like a guy who can sustain a level of play of the course of the season. I want them to draft OFFENSE at #6. Be it QB,RB or WR. Of course I would prefer Watson but they need to get some talent on the offensive side of the ball. I agree with the posters who support getting playmaker's on offense to support whom ever the QB will be. They need to start building a strong foundation so they can progress to a higher level. If they don't draft Watson and the top 2 wideouts are gone I hope they trade down to accumulate more picks. That would probably be my preference all things considered.

    I just feel our idiot GM will draft a CB or S at the #6 spot.  Defense doesn't mean crap in today's NFL.

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