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  1. NFL doesn’t have a leg to stand on because not one , but two grand juries refused to indict.
  2. Which game could he have played? The first one or the last?
  3. https://www.si.com/.amp/nfl/2021/09/12/deshaun-watson-texans-not-planning-to-play gotcha, but the Texans chose not to play him to and allegations were a bit of a factor
  4. Technically he lost a season and now a 1/3 due to the allegations. Good news is we don’t face him Week 2. 6 games this year is appropriate. Move on and let’s get back to football
  5. Hated the Celtics, but respected this legend. RIP to a great man on and off the court.
  6. I loved baseball until 2000, I honestly can't watch it. Maybe its the slow pace. Maybe its that every player looks like a cast off from Duck Dynasty.
  7. Ray Lewis should have went to prison in 2000. Therefore 13 seasons are negated. Deshaun has missed more games than Ray did. SMFH
  8. Maybe the heaviest team https://fanbuzz.com/nfl/heaviest-nfl-player/ 3 out of 11 of the heaviest ever were Jets
  9. Voted Defense because we got Lawson back, Ashtyn Davis will never start again, and we got the Sauce. Also QW might try to earn an extension.
  10. Becton is as soft as baby poop until he proves otherwise.
  11. Nick Mangold is the best Center!!!! Why wasn't he on there??????
  12. If I am Max Mitchell, I am the happiest rookie on earth!!!
  13. Hope he replaces Mosely. Good signing JD.
  14. Yep, the Zach Wilson threads!!! Waiting for the light to click on for Wilson. Waiting for Becton to turn off the light in the kitchen.
  15. I literally laughed out loud, thank you.
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