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  1. I'm giddy about seeing what he gets for Becton. OMG!!!!
  2. It just needs to appear that Becton is doing the right things and can be an asset, then we trade him ASAP. There will not be an extension.
  3. Mike White, our only legitimate FQB of the future Yes, it's that bad
  4. I have nothing upstairs to protect. However, I will avoid bringing in a bag of Doritos
  5. When he gives ZW more than 2.5 seconds I’ll give him credit, if he plays the entire game. The size of the p^55y doesn’t matter, it’s still a va6!na.
  6. Lol, that fat fu(/ couldn’t catch the clap in a whore house much less me. He would be playing video games with a John. #kidsnothis #golddiggerkanyewest
  7. Report what it says on the scale, or it is still a fail.
  8. I have heard worse @DefenseWinsChampionships85
  9. Most accurate, lol!!! Better than Zach, yep. Thank goodness for an athlete's best friend:
  10. I dread the day McCartney and Dylan go be cause that will mean I made it into my 70's. Those musical gods will live forever.
  11. Hopefully he can fill in for a Becton. Going to take a while to find a save point.
  12. Great thread title, Mahomes could have been a Jet. Mevi$ was what he was. Time to move on.
  13. Hoping that he beats this and goes on to have a great career.
  14. Get the Shoney's big boy here under weight and then we celebrate!!!!!
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