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  1. 17 hours ago, MR.GANGGREEN28 said:

    This was actually pretty fun..


    QB- Zach Wilson

    RB- Breece Hall/TJ/Leon Washington

    FB- T rich

    WR- GW/Braylon/Cotchery/Moore

    TE- Conklin

    LT- DBrick

    LG- Faneca

    C- Mangold 

    RG- B Moore

    RT- AVT


    Defense (let’s say it’s a hybrid but base is 4-3)

    RE- Carl Lawson

    DT- Quinnen/Jenkins

    LE- Shaun Ellis

    ROLB- Pace

    LOLB- Kwon 

    MLB- Scott/Harris

    CB- Revis/Sauce

    CB Nickel- MCII/Reed

    SS- Whitehead

    FS- Rhodes


    In 4-3.. Start Harris at MLB

    In 3-4.. Harris/Scott, Lawson at ROLB, Kwon at LOLB, Ellis/Q/Jenkins on the line


    K- Feely

    P- Weatherford

    KR- Leon

    PR- Berrios

    ST Specialist- Hardee

    Gadget- Brad Smith


    Head Coach- Robert Saleh

    OC- LaFleur

    DC -Rex Ryan


    Toughest decisions were QB, MLB, and RT. I took AVT over Woody because he’s one of our best players in years and he can be moved all over the line if needed. Wilson over Sanchez because of.. potential.. I guess. I’ve seen Sanchez already with one of the greatest OLs I’ve ever witnessed, I’d like to see Wilson get a crack at it. Leaving Mosley out was tough but that Harris/Scott combination at it’s peak was nasty. 

    Lastly I know it’s controversial and would be one hell of an interesting dynamic, but I’m letting Saleh coach this team and Rex run the defense. That would be fun as hell now wouldn’t it?

    ZW isn't an NFL QB, otherwise great list.

  2. On 11/9/2022 at 11:10 AM, #27TheDominator said:

    You are fighting against an argument that isn't being made.  I don't think anybody in this thread said WIlson cannot improve.  We said him being the "2nd youngest starting QB" in the NFL is not really relevant - in addition to not being true.  Basically, all it means is that the 2022 class blows.  We all knew that.  He's older than Lance and Lawrence.  Is he young and can improve?  Of course.  Is his age some disadvantage he is courageously overcoming?  Certainly no more than Lawrence, who is actually younger.


  3. 11 hours ago, doitny said:

    my vote is for Robert Saleh. if he doesnt change the communication problems after the Bengal game our defense might not be so good. and they have carried us most of this year. 

    When he benches Zach, I will concur.  

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  4. On 11/9/2022 at 7:56 AM, hmhertz said:

    Chris Streveler, because he taught the team how to take over

    and win the fourth quarter

    Just glad we didn't get rid of our best QB.

    Draft slot is the ONLY reason Zach is behind center.

  5. 17 hours ago, Lith said:

    I have a different perspective than most for this bye weekend.  I have been in Iowa for over two weeks waiting for my daughter in law to give birth to my granddaughter.  Her due date has already come and gone.  Still waiting.  I am rooting for my daughter in law to give birth to a healthy baby girl. 

    C'mon, Katie, Get r done.


    It's like waiting on Zach to throw a TD pass.  Hope all goes well.

  6. 19 hours ago, rangerous said:

    is the good wilson or the bad wilson going to show up?  the jets can win this game but not if wilson doesn't play well.  maybe that applies to all games but wilson was exceptionally bad when they played the patsies.  they have 2 weeks to prepare for this game.  the patsies don't do anything special beyond cheating and as long as they keep them off of short fields on offense they won't score many points.


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  7. There is a Bitcoin mining machine here in East Tennessee that is driving the whole surrounding community nuts with the noise.  Proposed new site for it is in an industrial park near a zoo.  The zoo will have to shut down because of the noise.

    Everyday that I see S***coin drop in "value" it makes me smile.

    The company that runs the mining is called Red Dog.  Like the old beer from the 90's.


    Can't wait for them to go belly up.

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  8. 6 hours ago, JETS SB said:

    My 9 year old son is better at rankings than CBS. Zach is easily better than 4 or 5 of the guys in that list ahead of him. Winning games means nothing, I guess.

    I think it's more so the level of contribution to the team being factored.

    Wins should weigh more though.

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