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  1. Does UFC = Fakery?

    That was ugly guys. Mayweather was 12 years older and 10 lbs lighter
  2. I know Woody is the Ambassador to the UK and they are busy trying to enact BREXIT but is his job really that difficult he has to ignore the cluster that Mac and Bowles have made of his only ever good investment?
  3. So who's our next GM?

    Cannot be worse than Mac and Idzik
  4. So who's our next GM?

    I give him a $100 million contract and the GM and HC job and leave him alone.
  5. So who's our next GM?

    Bowles is a terrible coach. No argument there. We hire nothing but defensive coordinators. Again, no argument. But Macagnan's personnel and inability to evaluate the qb position, the OL position etc. is the primary reason this will be the worst offense ever
  6. Send up a couple balloons holding the banner so it can be up above Florham Park all week
  7. It's the same snobs who thought Brian Schottenheimer was one of the best offensive coordinators in the NFL and are wrong about everything else
  8. So who's our next GM?

    You realize the offense sucks because primarily of the GM?
  9. So who's our next GM?

    yes pls
  10. Extend Macc and Bowles

    We did. They sucked.
  11. Is Petty The Guy?

    uh no
  12. Is Petty The Guy?

  13. Rate Hackenberg Preseason Week 3

    6 out of 10 Because I liked the multiple pick 6's
  14. Look, I know eventually I will be banned. Enough people who are baselessly assuming Macagnan and even Bowles are competent and know what they are doing will call me a troll. But, in the end, it changes NOTHING. This organization and its fans will continue to accept not even mediocrity, they will accept being laughed at by the entire world. For what reason? Made up excuses about Rex and Idzik? Made up excuses that our GM didn't have the GOAT QB land in his lap in the 6th round? Somehow I don't see the Giants making that excuse. I don't see the Steelers making that excuse. I don't even see the Raiders and the goofy Son of Al owner making that excuse. The Bidwells in AZ were considered terrible owners once upon a time now they win. Even the Cleveland Browns are getting their act together. Nor do I see James Dolan, the supposedly worse owner ever make that excuse when his Rangers make the NHL playoffs every year. Macagnan and Bowles probably both will survive this year. All you guys are right. And I will be banned at some point. But know this. YOU ARE ALL WRONG. I AM RIGHT. MAC AND BOWLES ARE A CLUSTER
  15. Edleman with the torn ACL is our 2nd best WR; AND OUR BEST QB
  16. He's going to run out of breath in the 10th round and get obliterated by Floyd Mayweather
  17. I wouldnt' be shocked if the chargers cut him. Clemens without even knowing the playbook is already better than Petty and Hack
  18. I say all of this is post is made up nonsense excuses apologizing for an insanely incompetent GM
  19. Theo knows how to evaluate young talent in his sport. Mac knows nothing. Exhibit A the abortion starting at qb tonight