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  1. 2 minutes ago, Scoop24 said:

    U realize defensive minded HC's have a tendency to be fine with burning every 1st RD pick on defense ? 

    Bowles is a terrible coach.  No argument there.  We hire nothing but defensive coordinators.  Again, no argument.


    But Macagnan's personnel and inability to evaluate the qb position, the OL position etc. is the primary reason this will be the worst offense ever

  2. 3 hours ago, Mogglez said:

    What's so funny you f*cking idiot?

    I didn't anoint him anything or say he's good.  I just said that's why he won't be given a chance/make it through any chances given to him/given the benefit of the doubt.  How does a human being struggle this much with reading comprehension?  If you stopped jerking yourself off for 2 seconds in this thread, maybe you'd be able to grasp simple things.

    No one here likes you. Not even the people who share your viewpoints. You're just a f*cking d*ckface.  Leave this forum.  Stop quoting me.  I don't like you.  At all.

    Look, I know eventually I will be banned.  Enough people who are baselessly assuming Macagnan and even Bowles are competent and know what they are doing will call me a troll.  But, in the end, it changes NOTHING.


    This organization and its fans will continue to accept not even mediocrity, they will accept being laughed at by the entire world.  For what reason? Made up excuses about Rex and Idzik?  Made up excuses that our GM didn't have the GOAT QB land in his lap in the 6th round?  Somehow I don't see the Giants making that excuse.  I don't see the Steelers making that excuse.


    I don't even see the Raiders and the goofy Son of Al owner making that excuse.  The Bidwells in AZ were considered terrible owners once upon a time now they win.  Even the Cleveland Browns are getting their act together.  Nor do I see James Dolan, the supposedly worse owner ever make that excuse when his Rangers make the NHL playoffs every year.


    Macagnan and Bowles probably both will survive this year.  All you guys are right.  And I will be banned at some point.  But know this.  YOU ARE ALL WRONG.  I AM RIGHT. MAC AND BOWLES ARE A CLUSTER

  3. 12 hours ago, varjet said:

    1-I think someone up top definitely tells them the direction to go in.  

    2-I think Mac has definitely taken positions and has been overruled.

    3-I think the coaches have a large say in who gets drafted-Macc is not drafting a team for a to-be-replaced coach.  He is drafting players for the team that Bowles wants to field.

    2 is most problematic.  

    I say all of this is post is made up nonsense excuses apologizing for an insanely incompetent GM

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  4. 14 hours ago, varjet said:

     I don't think that Mac was making these calls solo.  The Jets are where they are because the Braintrust as a whole made a lot of questionable decisions.

    I can see Hack being basically on Mac.  But trying to be competitive in 2015, signing Fitz in 2016, not trading SR, signing Wilkerson, signing Revis-Macc had a lot of help on those decisions.




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