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  1. They drafted Petty, who isn't good, and Hackenberg who looks worse and Fitzpatrick just stole $12 million from this franchise.
  2. That means you don't want anyone currently on the roster.
  3. I watched Dobbs today. Ok player but I think he'll be a backup in the NFL.
  4. http://www.buffalobills.com/news/article-1/Bills-relieve-Rex-Ryan-Rob-Ryan-of-coaching-duties/99727b25-0911-42e4-a933-d633ccf4e7a0 "It was a decision that was difficult, but one that Bills owners Terry Pegula and Kim Pegula felt they had to make.
  5. I agree I would not draft Trubisky at 5 but I can live with Kizer or Watson
  6. Because Kim Pegula is making the Bills football decisions.
  7. I would take Taylor over Glennon but I'd be happy with either qb. Both are way better than anything on our roster.
  8. Good qb. Not a franchise qb. We haven't even had a good qb since Namath.
  9. Winston was the consensus #1 pick. Every scout, every front office agreed the Bucs were absolutely right to take him at 1. Who should they have taken instead Dante Fowler?
  10. I'm not a Trubisky guy but is he really a worse prospect than either Hackenburg or Petty?
  11. Taylor has no WR's in Buffalo. Watkins was on IR most of this season.
  12. Glennon is behind Winston because Winston is the a great young qb. It's not a knock on Glennon I'd be happy with either Taylor or Glennon.
  13. I think Kizer goes 1 overall. Watson can really help himself with a big game tommorow.
  14. No thanks to Peppers. NO DEFENSIVE BACKS IN ROUND 1
  15. $100 million guaranteed and total control I'd do it
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