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  1. Bowles is horrible garbage but that is no excuse. What great qb's did Belichick ever develop as a DC before, or after Brady?
  2. Irrelevant Macagnan is the GM. He is the decision maker. You literally could have had a way better player in round 2 PLUS Dak Prescott later on WORST GM EVER
  3. Maybe only slightly better than the 10% approval rating Gov Christie who btw is no longer even in the running to host a show on WFAN!
  4. That was ugly guys. Mayweather was 12 years older and 10 lbs lighter
  5. The Wilpons gave all their money to Madoff because he was supposedly "respectable." Dolan at least wants to win and will spend the money he just doesn't know how to
  6. His "hobby" is literally the only decision he has ever made in his life he can gloat about
  7. Petty, Rat, Clemens, Ainge, Hack etc. -- all people who are not good at football
  8. I know Woody is the Ambassador to the UK and they are busy trying to enact BREXIT but is his job really that difficult he has to ignore the cluster that Mac and Bowles have made of his only ever good investment?
  9. Does Woody even care? I heard he's making Britain Great Again Total absentee idiot owner
  10. Bowles is a terrible head coach but he has by far the 3 worst QB's in the entire NFL. What is he supposed to do?
  11. So the two pick 6's in week 3 were superior to week 1 and 2 of preseason?
  12. This is literally the worst first and second round picks made by an NFL team ever.
  13. I'm actually for Hack starting all 16 games -- because it insures Mac and Bowles getting fired and us getting the #1 pick
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