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  1. Quincy Carter actually looked ok playing against actual NFL Defenses. How dare you.
  2. Hoepfully he can play in the regular season so we can get Sam Darnold
  3. With our luck Tyrod has a chronic concussion problem and we go 2-14 while the Bills go 1-15
  4. Petty can be a backup in the NFL. He is not even an average starting QB. Hack should not be in the NFL at all and McCown will be retired in 4 months, mercifully.
  5. Petty sucks. Give it up. He did ok facing 3rd stringers yay
  6. Look this ENTIRE REGIME needs to be unemployed in 4 months or CLEARLY our absentee owner does not give a F
  7. Comparing Petty to Hack is like comparing a totally mediocre NFL qb to pile of rocks
  8. The long term plan should absolutely not be on this roster or even on this org's payroll at the current moment
  9. Henry had a first round grade some idiots rated him lower because he got injured before the combine and couldn't run the 40 Thomas is about to be the WR version of Brady; played at Ohio State but we had to draft crappy Devin Smith
  10. Lee doesn't have a position and Mac drafted him over Hunter Henry and Michael Thomas
  11. Petty is playing against guys who will be collecting unemployment in 2 weeks literally. Give it a rest he stinks
  12. Our defense sucks Our offensive suckiness is overshawdowing
  13. Eli didnt play most of the first half. What do you think Brady or Carr in 4 quarters is going to do to this defense?
  14. Because Mike Macagnan is an idiot. Even worse at his job than Bowles is at his job
  15. This defense is really bad. Hack's horribility is overshadowing it but we don't have a good defense at all
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