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  1. Don't worry Mac will give him a mid-season $90 million extension
  2. Bowles will be a waterboy in Arizona next year. Hopefully Mac is getting coffee for the front office in Houston
  3. Can't make reads, locks onto his first read, holds the ball too long, slow release, inaccurate and 0 pocket awareness but other than that Hack looks great
  4. I hope Bowles starts Hack in the regular season. I have the Buffalo, Oakland and Miami defenses all on my fantasy team
  5. Well run franchises normally don't draft slow safeties with the 6th pick overall
  6. The 6th pick overall in the draft shouldn't be looking like a slow Safety. Preseason or Regular Season
  7. who i took, and I also got that kid Michael Thomas in NOLA he can ball
  8. You want to talk about wasted draft picks. Literally every pick Mac made his first two drafts is a wasted pick except Leo
  9. Collins was a second round pick. Adams was the 6th pick overall in the first round. Safeties are almost never taken that high for that place in the draft Adams should already be looking like Ed Reed
  10. Collins was way better as a rookie. Maye looks better than Adams and Maye hasn't been good
  11. My idiocy? You defend a GM who wasted three straight 2nd round picks on a WR who isn't even in the NFL now, a QB who does not deserve to be in the NFL now, and a totally mediocre Safety
  12. Do you really think Macagnan is better than Idzik? He might even be worse
  13. So all you Hackenberg lovers who wanted me banned -- enjoy this and take your beating and swallow your crow
  14. Christian Hackenberg is not an NFL QB. Mac should be fired just for using a 2nd on him
  15. Maybe not put all my eggs in the Christian Hackenberg basket and draft a thousand mediocre safeties and LBs
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