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  1. Kizer was there in round 2. Mac said we're good we have Hackenchise and he'd like yet another Safety
  2. Helen Keller would have seen Hack staring down the receiver on that pick 6
  3. Hack makes Geno and Sanchez look like Young and Montana
  4. Aren't you so glad we passed on Prescott, Kizer, Watson etc. for this guy?
  5. The more likely scenario if Luck physically could not play this season is the Colts would have the #1 pick and would ask the farm for it in a trade. I wouldn't do that trade if we had the #2 or #3 pick because I think Josh Allen can be as good or maybe even better
  6. The coaching is terrible. Todd Bowles is a joke.
  7. I loved Schitty's gameplan. "Hey guys, Nick Mangold is injured and we are playing against Haloti Ngata and Ray Lewis let's run the ball up the middle the entire game!"
  8. Everyone blames Rex but the real downfall causers were Schotty and Tanenbaum. Only reason Schotty barely still has the qb coach gig in Indy is because Irsay is drunk all the time and his father has connections. Worst offensive coordinator ever it goes to show execution of plays matters more than play selection because holy cow. Schotty will be fired from Indy after this season and you will never hear about him again. And Mike Tanenbaum. Holy cow. The drafts he had. The inability to evaluate the WR position and the cherry on top was trading for Tim Teblow
  9. It's going to look Montana-like compared to the sh_tshow you are about to see this season!
  10. Some cesspool I'm actually a succesful guy I'm not some loser. This franchise is an embarassment and I am ashamed to call myself a fan of this team
  11. There is nothing over the top about what I am saying. When Mac and Bowles are both fired in January - and they will be (unless Bowles quits during the season) - I will be bumping this thread and laughing in your face. This organization currently has no respect for itself or the fans.
  12. Snacks is the NFL's best run defender and was voted so by the entire league's players. Mo skips team meetings to go smoke weed with Sheldumb and half-tails it on Sunday. So yeah
  13. Wilk is the most overpaid player in the NFL BY FAR
  14. This is arguably the worst run organization in all of sports right now. The Browns are well-run compared to this horror show
  15. Mac would have been fired already had Brandon Marshall not landed in his lap because Chicago wanted to get rid of him. Marshall is the reason we went 10-6 in 2015
  16. We have one good player from our last 3 drafts. One friggin good player
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