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  1. Just now, HawkeyeJet said:

    I will say this about the Hack pick though, that is High School, "get rhythym" play calling right there.  Play action, go route clear to the flat.  That is predicable.  Hack makes it even worse by staring down the safety valve flat route.  That's terrible on numerous levels.

    Helen Keller would have seen Hack staring down the receiver on that pick 6

  2. The more likely scenario if Luck physically could not play this season is the Colts would have the #1 pick and would ask the farm for it in a trade.  I wouldn't do that trade if we had the #2 or #3 pick because I think Josh Allen can be as good or maybe even better

  3. On 8/23/2017 at 11:23 AM, rangerous said:

    yes and now we come full circle because you still need a team that is capable of growing and playing sound football.  i'm no bowles apologist but we did not see a very well coached team against detroit.  i can almost give hack a grade above d because of how handicapped he was because of the way the rest of the team played.  defense too.  ths team has little margin of error and that applies from the coaches on down.

    The coaching is terrible.  Todd Bowles is a joke.

  4. 23 hours ago, Dunnie said:


    i can remember the exact game that changed Mark Sanchez's career ... i think it was a night game vs the ravens where he was brutalized more than any player in the history of sports. He had a ton of upside till then.



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    Everyone blames Rex but the real downfall causers were Schotty and Tanenbaum.  Only reason Schotty barely still has the qb coach gig in Indy is because Irsay is drunk all the time and his father has connections.  Worst offensive coordinator ever it goes to show execution of plays matters more than play selection because holy cow.  Schotty will be fired from Indy after this season and you will never hear about him again.


    And Mike Tanenbaum.  Holy cow.  The drafts he had.  The inability to evaluate the WR position and the cherry on top was trading for Tim Teblow

  5. 5 minutes ago, 56mehl56 said:

    Hey you can think whatever you like, being over the top and bombastic certainly doesn't make you right and sure keeps proving that internet message boards are like cesspools. 

    There is nothing over the top about what I am saying.   When Mac and Bowles are both fired in January - and they will be (unless Bowles quits during the season) - I will be bumping this thread and laughing in your face.  This organization currently has no respect for itself or the fans.

  6. 20 hours ago, jetscrazey said:

    Am I allowed to believe that both Manish is an idiot and the Jets should have kept Snacks instead of Mo?

    Snacks is the NFL's best run defender and was voted so by the entire league's players.  Mo skips team meetings to go smoke weed with Sheldumb and half-tails it on Sunday.  So yeah

  7. 1 hour ago, Sperm Edwards said:

    Well let's see...

    • His draft picks are certainly nothing to brag about
    • He has no sense of which positions are more important than others
    • He has no feel for putting matching pieces together on a roster
    • His free agent pickups are the punchlines of jokes
    • His biggest move in 3 drafts was moving down 9 places in the 3rd round one time
    • He cannot complete a trade beyond the above, unless someone is dumping their unwanted player (i.e. B.Marshall)
    • He routinely gets his ass handed to him in negotiations with players he wants to retain

    ...and those are his good points lol.

    Your assessment of all his failed FA pickups having no lingering effects, or carrying with them some modicum of wisdom,  is demonstrably false. You'd think from comments like this that every other GM in the NFL signs every FA to 4+ guaranteed seasons the way you credit him for nothing. Not to mention, he's not even the one who structures these contracts, because he's incapable of doing that either, not that you seem to be aware of any of these obvious realities.

    I think to most, his calm demeanor just gives off the appearance of competence. The problem is that his body of work suggests he's a freaking boob who was way overpromoted, after a recommendation by his former boss/acquaintence whom Woody hired as a consultant.

    Mac would have been fired already had Brandon Marshall not landed in his lap because Chicago wanted to get rid of him.  Marshall is the reason we went 10-6 in 2015

  8. 5 hours ago, slats said:

    The all-time draft of 2006 included Kellen Clemens, Anthony Schlegel, and Eric Smith in the second and third rounds. The 2007 all-time draft had a total of four players, only one of which would be all-timey, while another was solid. That's it. 

    2008, 09, and 10 were all terrible drafts. Abysmal. 

    We have one good player from our last 3 drafts.  One friggin good player

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