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  1. Well the best way to rebuild is to have 3 straight horrific drafts in a row
  2. No there's being patient and then there's making excuses for a guy who drafts semi-retarded qb's in the second round and passes on umpteen good to great prospects for two mediocre safeties - just because you percieve him as being a good GM somehow
  3. It is amazing you guys actually still think that highly of Petty. What have you seen that makes you think is anything but a backup?
  4. It's ok. I might forget you defended this horrendous abortion of a first round pick
  5. He has had 3 straight putrid drafts -- great rebuild man
  6. Jamal Adams is about to the biggest fiasco 1st round pick we had since Gholston -- and I will laugh in your face
  8. After the second round pick from the same draft is already cut and the subsquent second round pick is a stinky qb yes
  9. Adams has played two preseason games so far and looked mediocre or worse in both.
  10. I actually think Bowles is going to quit at some point during the season.
  11. Yeah cuz Adams and those 5 missed tackles first two preseason games looks like Ed Reed, Troy Polumalu and John Lynch all wrapped up in one
  12. This thought process is so flawed its unreal -- Mac and Bowles clearly are the worst regime we have had since Kotite you don't let their stinkiness embarass us as a fanbase past next January
  13. Meanwhile Cam Robinson is wrecking it in Jax and will be their opening day Left Tackle. Thanks Mac for those safeties!
  14. Well hey Macagnan just used both the first and second round picks to get us two new Eric Smiths
  15. Do you actually trust Macagnan and Bowles in evaluating the qb position? I don't think either one could find a semi-decent qb if one fell on their laps
  16. Hey who was more valuable Eric Smith or Terrell Davis?
  17. So, did anything interesting happen in today's game?
  18. Kyrie plays no defense and has like a .380 winning percentage in games without Lebron James. The Celtics are still the second best team in the East after Cleveland and got the best player in the draft in Tatum but Irving isn't this incredible PG the media makes him out to be
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