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  1. Celtics got raped. Irving is overrated the nets pick is a lock for top 3 next year
  2. Sanchez played the best football of his life in those playoff games. His problem was he sucked in regular season
  3. So glad we passed on him for a safety
  4. Then Chapman needs to go on DL and rest
  5. We haven't had a good edge rusher since Abraham. The Giants seem to get one every year either in the draft or free agency
  6. I can see Rex eventually even getting a late night talk show on ESPN or replacing Kimmel when he is canceled in a couple years
  7. I'd love to see Kaepernick get destroyed in this offense
  8. They cut Cro and Kaepeenick can't get even a backup job Good players will never get cut. Nothing is happening to Michael Bennett
  9. Belichick will sign Vince Wilfork and have him start at qb just to punk us.
  10. Jet Nut would defend the pick and call everyone stupid for even asking why
  11. Josh McCown will start week 1 and then by the time McCown is injured and Hack and Petty both get benched Luke McCown will be our starter week 10
  12. They both suck but Hack I suppose. Some idiots in the media and Patsfantx actually thought Lynch would be good
  13. Blake Bortles - No His ex-gf - Yes
  14. Most overrated D-line EVER LB's a re terrible 0.0 Pass Rush Secondary stinks despite 2x High Draft Picks + Free Agent And Todd Bowles has no clue Yup this is a great defense that I so don't want to start a QB in fantasy against.
  15. Half the posters on this board were salivating over this clown. Coincidentaly they are the same people now talking about what a great GM Mike Macagnan is.
  16. That's ok we passed on Tim Williams for a mediocre safetty and Tim Williams only has a sack and almost had a second sack the other night and played only half the game.
  17. We have the worst GM in the history of the NFL. Worse than Idzik. Worse than anyone. Amazing that he is still employed and no we are not tanking on purpose And to top it off this head coach is pretty horrible too he is Rich Kotite-esque.
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