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  1. He fans, not sure if you've been watching Dan Orlavsky's commentary over the last year or two but every time I tune in he just nails it. His analysis is clear and concise, he speaks from experience and doesn't feel the need to pander to anyone or use any catch phrases or be bold for is own social media brand. Im not saying he is the next Tony Romo but he is very good. Glad he likes our boy too.
  2. you cant put lipstick on a pig. Never liked the Rams Unis. The horns thing is way too much.
  3. This cant happen for one reason. Our NY media. There will be three messages that will be a constant drag on the draft class, camp, and the season: - "Is Cam Healthy, how is Cam feeling?" "How does he feel about his role?", "Did the Panthers do right by Cam?" - "How does Sam feel about this", "What is their relationship? "I hear they didn't even speak today...." - "Could there be a QB competition?", "Cam got 3 more reps today that yesterday", "Sam tweaked his ankle, could this be Cams next shot?" I don't want any part of that circus.
  4. I dont get it. How is it this kid didn’t get drafted? Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  5. I see Sam hitting him on third down Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  6. Good points all. Here's my question - who would you put your best corner on?
  7. This is a great piece and feel about the player. He's smart, takes charge and I think he will be great for us. He has the physicality that Robby lacked.
  8. And those receivers can’t beat press coverage. We don’t need special teams fodder Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  9. I felt the same way. But if you start to peel the onion and take a look at this it makes sense. Number one. All New York Jets back ups have sucked over the years. Two. Trevor Siemian look like he didn’t belong in an NFL uniform last year. Three. Teams like the giants patriots Eagles ravens have won big games and Super Bowl’s with competent back up quarterbacks. This kid had a great combine and had a third round grade.
  10. The receivers later in the draft with the exception of a few, maybe fast or have a good hands but they can’t deal with press coverage. The only kid I would’ve liked to see us take was the receiver from liberty. He has a lot of skills and I’m not sure why he dropped so far
  11. Thanks very much for sharing this. I have to admit I was worried that we took Polites twin. Tough break the kid had a high ankle. Reminds me of the pash rushing linebacker the eagles have had for years. (Name escapes me) Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  12. Really excited about this. Douglas is on it.
  13. This Draft is breaking our way. It is loaded with talent, and with/at positions of need - all with viable options in round 2 and 3. We still need playmakers. Douglas spent the offseason filling some holes and adding depth. I think we should at people that can help us win games - receivers who have YAC, RBs who can catch and run back punts, a red zone threat.
  14. What type of draft picks do you think we can get for a safety that wants big money, when any competitive team he wants to go to has to pay their stars? We also need replace his energy and 6.5 sacks and how he disrupts defenses. IF we are talking 3 picks, one of them better be able to contribute tomorrow...

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