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  1. I know just a highlight but this one reminds me of The Waterboy lol.
  2. LOL and that brilliant trade freed us up to take a lousy Kicker (Nugent) with our second rounder.
  3. Thanks for reminding me and the cherry on the cake that year was taking a kicker Mike Nugent with the second round pick.
  4. All the trade back hope is fine and good but there has to be some club wanting to trade up into the Jets spot for it to happen.
  5. I have no idea about some of these fan bases but how are the Knicks not high on the list?
  6. "Not the worst" reminds me of that television commercial that runs now that goes "just ok is not ok". That's the most positive thing one can say about Mr. Coffee that his final draft might possibly turn out to be "not the worst".
  7. Somewhere Mr.Coffee is watching and drooling over this Herbert kid and thinking If only the Jets gave me one more draft.
  8. Maybe Q will make a tackle this afternoon and we will all get excited.
  9. Maybe Leo gets a couple of sacks and fools the Giants into giving him big bucks and the 5th we got for him gets upgraded. Or maybe Leo gets no sacks against the useless humps on our offensive line and it confirms that Douglas robbed the Giants. Either way it's all good with Leo.
  10. The Cowboys fans will make up 75% of whatever number show on Sunday.
  11. If by chance the Jets do pull off the upset It will come as a major bummer to all the Cowboys fans that are going to make a majority of the crowd on Sunday.
  12. Gase actually did the right thing by not giving this stiff Falk a lot of reps in practice last week. All the reps in the world wouldn't help Falk. Developing Swollen Sammy Spleen is priority number one.

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