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    Draft Wilson

    Never heard anybody talk about taking Wilson once until the Jets screwed up and beat the Rams and now all of a sudden he's the Mormon Mahomes who can "make all the throws". Trade back.
  2. If an offensive genius like Adam Gase couldn't help Sam Darnold with this All Pro cast around him on offense then of course no Coach or General Manager can help him.
  3. If Trevor Lawrence announced after tonight that he was retiring from football to travel to the Himalayas to seek enlightenment or less likely that he will return to Clemson -Justin Fields would still not be taken with the first pick.


    Arsenal isn't going to be relegated they're too big a club.


    Wouldn't shock me if Woody snaps up some mid level club In the English Championship League (the one below the Premiership). I could see Woody wanting to spend a lot of time in London now that his Ambassador days are drawing to an end. I can see Woody with a fake put on English accent like Madonna.


    The Jets would be in the third division by now playing Spokane and Wichita.
  7. Anyone who saw the Hard Knocks series with the Browns could see what an ego maniac that Greg Williams is. That coverage call that kept the tank rolling today was all about this sh*tbird wanting to have the game end on a sack so Greg Williams calling a blitz would be a story.
  8. No point in cutting him right now while we're on this amazing tank roll.
  9. Anyone could have selected Mims in the first round or early second because his talent was obvious. The real brilliance of Douglas is that he understood the draft and waited until the 59th selection to pounce.
  10. I seem to remember Lenny Randle, who later went to the Mets, attacking Manager Frank Lucchesi when they were both with the Texas Rangers. Also the Billy Martin Ed Whitson thing but that one may have started with the Manager being a nasty drunk.
  11. Of course it depends of how much of a haul but Douglas should have a lot of cap space and then there are the picks he has accumulated. Plus I'm not to sure what Sam will bring in a trade I wouldn't underestimate his value. Some GM's will look at the situation Sam has been put in and also there will be a comparison to Ryan Tannehill and the escape from Gase factor. A third rounder or low second is way too low an estimate of his trade value, someone will have hot nuts for Sam.
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