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  1. Of course it depends of how much of a haul but Douglas should have a lot of cap space and then there are the picks he has accumulated. Plus I'm not to sure what Sam will bring in a trade I wouldn't underestimate his value. Some GM's will look at the situation Sam has been put in and also there will be a comparison to Ryan Tannehill and the escape from Gase factor. A third rounder or low second is way too low an estimate of his trade value, someone will have hot nuts for Sam.
  2. Why would Rivera not like his chances in OT with the Giants? Against a good team where Washington somehow had a chance like this I could understand why he wouldn't want OT but the Giants? The Giants?
  3. At least he has a brain.
  4. Hey I want to hang on to this young punter too, if they trade him I'm done LOL.
  5. Lol from when I used to follow the NBA. 1980 the Celts traded the # one pick to the Warriors for Robert Parish and the #3 pick. The Warriors wind up with lazy Joe Barry Carroll and the Celts get Robert Parish and Kevin McHale at #3.
  6. Only the Jets would do something like that.
  7. At this point if you're all in for tanking then Adam Game is your man. He's become a useful idiot.
  8. I've got more of an idea about Wentz being a bust than Sam.
  9. Our dopey owners should definitely put the brakes on Gase using our few players with a future while they are banged up but at this point Gase is kind of a useful idiot. If you fire him now you run the risk of an interim coach coming in and actually winning two or even three games and blowing the draft pick. Let Gase go on and fire him at the end of the season, he's the best man for the Trevor Lawrence race to the bottom.
  10. I wouldn't get too crazy about Dolan being a brilliant hockey owner. He has little interest in the game and probably can't explain icing or offsides so he leaves the hockey decisions to J.D. and Jeff Gorton and this has worked out really well. Just look at the Knicks where Dolan believes he knows what he's doing and see the results.
  11. Complete lack of fire, no emotion at all. His mannerisms reminded me of Bud Grant only without the Super Bowl appearances. A real dud of a personality.
  12. A deal like this comes along and even if Jamal said Woody is a wonderful guy and like a dad to him the Jets would have dealt him.
  13. Doesn't matter that Jamal wanted out. Jamal could have just gotten a Jets tattoo on his forehead and the Jets would deal him for this haul.

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