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    Mo out for the season

    Just pay the man - lol
  2. Now we hear from Adams - I didn't hear his name too much during the game.

    Trade for Mack?

    Anyone even slightly concerned that he may have a case of the Mo Wilk just give me the money disease?
  4. It could happen let's not discount the Bowles factor.
  5. You're right my apology, I'm draft weary at this point and kind of half read the nonsense in these articles.
  6. Why would he show his draft board to a reporter at this point? This if true is probably a pathetic attempt to see if he can bait us into a trade.

    Schefter: Cousins to Vikings

    Ahhhhh, Sigh of relief.....
  8. Raymond was waived for making the Tanking mission a little too obvious.
  9. At least we're losing with a purpose..
  10. 8 or 9 wins may probably be enough for N.E. to win this division.
  11. JAFJET

    The real nightmare.

    Don't even worry about blowing the tank. i have great faith in Todd Bowles.
  12. Imagine if Hackenberg stayed at Penn State his senior year instead of coming out last year. Penn State won the Big Ten with vastly improved talent and a more QB friendly system. If Hack had stayed and Penn State still had the big year imagine the pundits leading up to the draft describing Hack as a "winner" who "overcame adversity" and all the rest of these intangible labels that people throw around.
  13. Where would Hackenburg gone in this years draft class? After seeing the ransoms paid by the Bears and the Chiefs this year I don't feel as bad about spending a second rounder on Hackenburg. Mind you I don't feel good about it as I still think we could have gotten him in a later round but I just don't feel as bad.
  14. JAFJET

    Perfect day 2

    Second round is to early for this but one thing the Jets need is a replacement for Snacks. He was sorely missed last year
  15. JAFJET

    All-time worst Jets draft pick?

    For me it was Lam Jones with the number 2 overall in 1980. I was living in the D.C. Area at the time and the Redskins were desperate to trade up to take him. We refuse and stand pat, the Redskins settle for future Hall of Famer (and local Westchester guy) Art Monk at number 18 in the first.

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