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  1. The Cowboys fans will make up 75% of whatever number show on Sunday.
  2. If by chance the Jets do pull off the upset It will come as a major bummer to all the Cowboys fans that are going to make a majority of the crowd on Sunday.
  3. Gase actually did the right thing by not giving this stiff Falk a lot of reps in practice last week. All the reps in the world wouldn't help Falk. Developing Swollen Sammy Spleen is priority number one.
  4. Meanwhile while we go on and on about Gase and McCarthy with Woody it's "Look at all the ****s I give:.
  5. Football is still won in the lines. Pats have a new left tackle playing his first game for them and their center is out - yet the Jets despite picking tackle after tackle in draft after draft can't get a bit of pressure on Brady. The O line is a bigger joke 4 stiffs and a has been.
  6. Maybe he's better off not getting banged up like Andrew Luck behind our collection of stiffs and the has been on our Offensive line.
  7. Maybe Sam is better off, he could wind up getting banged up like Andrew Luck playing behind this Offensive line.
  8. Another shrewd Mr. Coffee pick. Everyone at the combine seemed to know this guy is a bum but Mr. Coffee.
  9. Something tells me Pat Leahy can still at least make the extra point kicks.
  10. If Douglas isn't already well aware of what a sh*t show the Jets are then he's too stupid for the position.
  11. I remember the Redskins trying to trade up for Lam but when they couldn't get ahead of us they had to settle for Art Monk.
  12. If he slides it's probably because of the combine (if he shows up for it) or some issue that hasn't come to light yet. If he does slide to #3 though I would think some team would have hot nuts for him and we may get our second rounder back and be able to grab Williams.
  13. How can this happen on a slave plantation run by old white men?
  14. Totally agree on the lack of emotions. He's like the Black Bud Grant without the Super Bowl appearances.
  15. Overpay and better hope he doesn't come down with the "I got mine" Mo Wilk disease.
  16. It's a Jets tradition. Win a completely meaningless game at the end of the year to move down in the draft.
  17. This will give Lee time to help Santa and the other elves box all the toys up at the North Pole.
  18. I thought we had a safety in the first quarter but no such luck with the officials for us.

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